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Tribute to Dogs with Cancer - Page 15

Bone Cancer
Went to the Rainbow Bridge 12/30/02
"He is now in heaven. I love him and miss him."

Lovingly remembered by Kathy and Family

(Would Storm's owner please contact
me, I'm sorry I lost your info)

Our Beloved Max
English Mastiff
01/11/94 02/10/03
Sadly missed by
Steve, Tina, Stephen

"Mommy's pretty babygirl"
5/9/95 - 2/6/03
Diagnosed 10/00
Lovingly submitted by Sherri

08/1991 - 12/11/2002
Lymphoma and Bone Cancer
Diagnosed November 12, 2002
Lovingly submitted by Noni

Star (Puppy)
Diagnosed 3/20/03 with Stomach Cancer
A best friend a boy and family could ever ask for.
The Murphy family

Toby Evans
Liver Cancer
02/23/1989 - 04/05/2003

Toby was born into my life on 2/23/1989, And I have loved him every since. He was absolutely the most magnificent little creature to have ever touched my life. He was my little soul - mate dog. I never imagined that we would only have 14 years together, because he had always had the best medical attention, and I always tried to be so careful so that nothing harmful ever happened to him. But some things happen that we have no control over, and it's hard to understand why.

On 12/26/2002, Toby's doctors diagnosed him with a mass in his abdomen. Exploratory surgery on 12/27/2002 confirmed a large mass on his spleen (which they removed), but also several masses throughout his liver. A biopsy gave us an idea of which chemotherapy drug to use for the best results. He could have received a total of five treatments given every three weeks apart, but we only made it through three. An ultrasound showed that the shape & condition of the liver had gotten much worse. So the decision to stop the chemotherapy treatments was made. Toby was such a fighter, he never complained with pain or anything. He just keep letting us keep doing - medicines, bloodwork, blood transfusions, you name it. I really don't think that he wanted to leave me any more than I wanted to loose him.

Because Toby had never been a complainer, I had to really watch for signs that he wasn't doing so well anymore. I decided that my clue from him would be when he stopped wagging his tail, because even though he felt bad he would always do that. It is so easy to be a selfish person & want to keep them no matter what, but it's not fair to them. They give us so much, & they don't deserve to suffer for our sake.

So on April 5, 2003, when he just couldn't wag his tail for me any more, I had to make the hardest decision of my life. I think he would have passed away on his own that night or by the next day, but I was afraid of what that would be like, & I just couldn't add any more bad images to what we had already been through. My 2 sisters went with me to take him to the hospital one last time, and he peacefully closed his little brown eyes and was finally able to be at peace. Toby really was my little angel on earth. He touched so many peoples lives, everyone that met him loved him. I never really thought of Toby as being a dog - maybe because we always seemed to be so connected to each other. Fourteen years seems like a long time until you get to the end of it, & then it seems like nothing at all. Right now I have a hole in my heart & soul that nothing can fill, but I have a really supportive husband & family - so that helps. Some days I do pretty well, & then others are pretty bad. I think that the pain we feel when they leave us is equal to the love that we feel for them while they are here, & I loved him more than anything. I also believe that we will be with them again one day, & that will be great day.

Sadly & greatly missed by Barbie & Cory Evans, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncle, & Many Friends.

My angel here on earth for just a little while,
Has spread his wings and flown away to live up in the sky.
Your stars will be much brighter, Your days will be clear blue,
And one day in the future, I know I'll be with you.
Love with all my heart & soul. Barbie

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