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Pretty Boy Shane

11/15/90 - 07/09/06

“Bless you, my faithful friend, God’s gift;
your beautiful eyes can close knowing I love you
and will see you soon.”
(1st Timothy 4:4)

" who possessed beauty without vanity strength without insolence courage without ferocity and all the virtues of man without his vices..." Lord Byron

Shane says:


Don't Buy a Pet from a Pet Store!

Adopt from a Rescue Group or Shelter!

Hi - I'm Shane. I was born November 15, 1990. I am very friendly and never met a human or canine, I did not like. I am extremely active and love to chase my household furbuddies around the backyard. When they won't play with me - then I chase my tail. This really makes my humans laugh! Even though I am the oldest in our house, I am the most active and get all the girls to play with me. When I am especially good, my human takes me to the ALL DOGS GYM in Manchester, NH, where I get to run and play with all the other dogs and sniff new humans.

Most of the time I am a good dog. But sometimes I have relapses and will steal any food that is left unattended. Here I am trying the macaroni salad, lol. BTW - it was really good!

I am also very talkative and will woo woo you to sleep. My favorite conversations are with the fire trucks and ambulances that go by our house or when I hear them on TV. I also love to watch TV - especially the Animal Planet and the commercials with the Siberian Huskies in them, but my all time favorite is COPS, I love the pursuits and sing along with their sirens.

Shane and his girlfriend Lacey

NOVEMBER 15, 2002 - I just celebrated my 12th birthday - yea! I spent the day at doggie daycare at the ALL DOGS GYM AND INN in Manchester, NH - running and playing with all the other doggies. I had a ball. Got lots of treats and toys for my birthday, too.

DECEMBER 2002 - Went for my 6 month check-up - all my blood work is fine. I am feeling great. I am getting a little slower getting up and lying down - but I am taking cosequin for it. It seems to help a little. Went to see Santa the other day - he wanted his picture taken with me, LOL. Can't wait for Christmas!!!!!

JUNE 2003 - Went to the vets today for a check-up - Dr Rooney says that my eyesight is going (nuclear something) but that I will not go blind from it. I am also taking duralactin for the muscle athrophy in my rear legs -it seems to help out - I can get up easier than in the past.

NOVEMBER 15, 2003 - Today is my 13th birthday - yea!!! I got lots of presents and a hamburger for supper and a marrow bone for dessert - yum yum. There was no doggie play group today so tomorrow we are going to the lake for a walk in the woods. I wish everyday was my birthday!

This is Shane and his girlfriend Oreo.

NOVEMBER 14 2004 - 2004 has been a very good year for me. I feel great most of the time - a little weak sometimes in my back legs and my eyesight isn't what it used to be. Today we went out to Masabesic Lake and took a long walk in the woods. Tomorrow we will celebrate my 14th birthday - I love presents! Wish you all could come to my house and play with me.

JUNE 2005- brought Shane in for his checkup. Dr Rooney said that Shane has cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Its like alzheimers in a dog. I had noticed that sometimes he looked confused or would just stand in the middle of the floor and stare at nothing. Poor boy - but at least it is painless.

This is Shane and his girlfriend Katie on her 14th birthday.

AUGUST 2005 - brought Shane in for a grooming and his groomer Danielle found a lump on his side. Dr Hinkle at Tufts said it was mesenchymal neoplasm and she suggests it be removed. I haven't made up my mind yet on whether I want to put him through that.

This is Shane and his new girlfriend Misty. All the girls love him! He could care less, lol.


God has smiled down upon Shane and blessed us with another year of his wonderful presence.

NOVEMBER 21, 2005 - SHANE HAD SURGERY TO REMOVE A LUMP ON HIS RIGHT FLANK. All went well and he came home the next day. We will find out in a few days what the tumor was. We are praying it is benign.


This is Shane after his Thanksgiving dinner. Both he and Katie pigged out.


FEBRUARY 23, 2006 - SHANE HAS AN APPOINTMENT TODAY WITH A HOLISTIC VET. Hopefully, she can offer us some options.

UPDATE - After several trips to the holistic vet, it was apparent that Shane was not going to improve. He was starting to go downhill, he could not stand up for any length of time and he could barely walk. He was a proud dog all his life and I did not want him to lose his dignity.

At 4am on July 9th, 2006 - I brought Shane to the Emergency Clinic as he had been walking/pacing all day and could not get comfortable. Dr Pascoe helped Shane pass on and go to the Rainbow Bridge. On my way home from the emergency vets, I saw 3 beautiful deer on the side of the roadway. I had never seen deer by the roadway before. I was hoping this was a sign from Shane. How I miss my pretty boy Shane.

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