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I hope that the BURNS FAMILY DNA PROJECT will help solve some of your genealogy questions. It will definitely tell you if you're "barking up the wrong tree".

The 12 marker test is simple - just swab the inside of your cheek. The cost is $99. This test will tell you within 14 generations whether you are related to someone. There are more definitive tests but for our initial purposes the 12 marker test is all we need. If you want to upgrade later you can.

We need males with the BURNS last name for this study. Please ask your male BURNS relatives to join our study. Click on the BURNS DNA link above to join our study.<


ROBERT BURNS (JAMES ESQ; JOHN (1712); JOHN B; JOHN) was born about 1771 on his father's farm near Lewistown PA and was reared there learning the trade of millwright. He purchased a farm in Ferguson Valley, Mifflin County PA and after selling that property bought a farm and gristmill on Lost Creek below Lewistown PA.

In The History of Cumberland and Adams Co. p.91 says Robert Burns 2nd Lieutenent was promoted to Captain in Col. Hazen's regiment on 12/21/1776 (if same person birth date of 1771 doesn't work). He was also a 2nd Lieutenant in the second Battalion of Miles' Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, 16th March, 1776; transferred to 2nd Canadian (Hazen's) Regiment 21st December 1776; Captain, 8th April 1777; retired 1st January 1782. Your Family Tree Vol. 15 p. 7 says Capt Robert Burns has a letter of Administration in the estate of James Burns of Mifflin Co PA Oct 1796. Surities: Col. James Yourn of Franklin Co. A Robert Burns applied for a military pension, application #S4077B.

Later Robert Burns removed to Juniata County PA where he resumed millwrighting and he died suddenly in 1830. One morning on his way to work he just collasped. In 1796 he married SARAH TURNER and the following children were born to them:


2) SARAH CRAWFORD BURNS who died in 1847 was twice married first to THOMAS PLOWMAN, second to DANIEL CODER of Jefferson County. She was the mother of five children, namely:

i. CAPT D. R. CODER of Meadville PA
ii. JAMES CODER who lived near Brockwayville PA
iii. POLLY CODER m. THOMAS YOUMANS who died in 1842 (she had a daughter)

Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 11:09 PM

My wife g-g-grandmother was SARAH CRAWFORD BURNS CODER. Her G-grandfather was JAMES ROBERT CODER and grandfather was JOHN REED CODER and father was ALLEN CODER.

Polly is Polly Ann Coder

SARAH had sisters named MATILDA and HANNAH and also did DANIEL W CODER with his 2nd wife CATHERINE. SARAH and DANIEL had 10 children and CATHERINE and DANIEL had 11 children, 21 in all.

Robert Zelis
12676 National Dr.
Grafton, Oh. 44044
ph 440-748-2457

2) WILLIAM DOUGLAS, and had children, two by the first marriage, ROBERT COLLUM; AND SARAH COLLUM m. JAMES T FLEMING and moved to Missouri. Five children were born to the second marriage: SAMUEL DOUGLAS; JAMES DOUGLAS; WOODROW DOUGLAS; HANNAH DOUGLAS m. LEVI MILLS of Iowa; and MARY DOUGLAS m. BENJAMIN MCCLURE of Iowa.

3) PRISCILLA BURNS died young


5)ISABELLA BURNS married WILLIAM CARR and removed to West Virginia.

6) JAMES TURNER BURNS was a prominent resident of Clarion County PA and died at Clarion September 1, 1890.

7) LIBERTY BURNS was killed in the battle of the Wilderness. His granddaughter, EMMA BURNS is the wife of DR A. F. BALMER of Brookville PA.

8) ROBERT BURNS died young.

9) JOSEPH T BURNS was the father of OSCAR K BURNS.


DANIEL TURNER father of Mrs SARAH TURNER BURNS was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. After the war was over he settled on a farm in Westmoreland County PA which he later inherited from his friend who was killed in a fight with the Indians while serving in General St Clair's army. After the defeat of St Clair the increasing boldness of the Indians made it necessary for DANIEL TURNER to leave this land and he sought safety with his family in Carlisle PA. Later he removed to Center County PA where he built and operated a forge and gristmill at Spring Creek.

DANIEL'S wife's maiden name was Welch and their children were: JOHN DANIEL TURNER who married a SHOFE and JOSEPH TURNER at one time surveyor at Clearfield Co PA. JOSEPH TURNER m. TACY COLLUM of Meadville PA. They settled in Scott County, Iowa. Their children were: HANNAH TURNER m. JAMES GLASGOW of Huntingdon Co PA; POLLY TURNER m. a Mr. HOPKINS; and SARAH TURNER m. ROBERT BURNS.

JOSEPH T(URNER) BURNS was born in Clarion County PA. Like his father, ROBERT BURNS, he was a millwright by calling. He built the gristmill at West Sandy in Venango County. He operated the mill until his death. He died in his prime in 1853. He is buried at Corsica, Jefferson Co. PA. Four children were born to his marriage with PRISCILLA C ROBINSON. They were:

1) JAMES BURNS, who enlisted during the Civil War in Company K, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry. He was captured and was never heard from afterward;

2) SARAH BURNS, deceased;

3) EMMA BURNS m. MR PITTOCK of Neville Island, Allegheny Co PA. They had a large family.



OSCAR K BURNS (from "Vernango County PA - Her Pioneers & People Vol II" by J.H. Beers 1919 PG. 890 & 891 & 892) now living retired at Franklin PA was engaged in business at Venango County during most of his active career. The production of oil was one of his chief interests. He also carried on farming profitably while a resident of Sandy Creek Township. In fact he handled all of his undertakings successfully, attaining a measure of prosperity which enables him to enjoy his leisure years to the fullest.

A native of Clarion Co PA OSCAR K BURNS was born in 1849, the son of JOSEPH T BURNS & PRISCILLA ROBINSON, grandson of ROBERT BURNS & SARAH TURNER, and great-grandson of JAMES BURNS ESQ & ELIZABETH MCGILL. (For more on James Burns ESQ click on the link.)

OSCAR K BURNS was very young when his father died. Nevertheless he received average educational advantages which were augmented by his experience at the printer's trade. He learned this trade at Brookville PA. He spent four years as a printer. Later he spent some time in Titusville PA engaged in the real estate business. Next he started a store at Sandy Creek. He stayed with it for 18 months. After he married they lived at Smoky City three miles below Franklin, Venango Co. PA where they remained eleven years. He was in the oil business during this period.

Then he removed to a farm in Sandy Creek Township, Vernango Co PA and resided there for the next twenty years. He farmed during this period and also produced oil which he found upon his land in paying quantities. His tract of eighty-three acres yielded a fine income both in agriculture and oil operations also in Lawrence Co PA.

Upon his removal to the city of Franklin he built a fine home at No 810 1/2 Elk Street where he stayed until 1918. He then moved to 1212 Buffalo St.

OSCAR K BURNS although a busy man always enjoyed recreation. He especially liked fishing. He devoted many pleasant hours to this pasttime especially after withdrawing from active business cares. His life has been well spent in amply rewarded industry. His sterling qualities have been as apparent in his personal relations as in his business associations winning him the unqualified respect of all who know him.

In 1874 OSCAR K BURNS married EMMA LOUISE SHEASLEY daughter of JACOB SHEASLEY a prominent citizen of Franklin PA. They have reared a large family. Their children are:

1) SARAH L BURNS m. F. L. PERKINS and is now living at Lansdowne PA

2) LULU P BURNS m. WILLIAM FRAZIER of Perth Amboy, New Jersey.

3) JENNIE I BURNS m. WILLIAM D MCCURDY and is living in Chester PA

4) CHARLES OSCAR BURNS lives at home (in 1919)

5) MARGARET BURNS died when twelve years old

6) FREDERICK T BURNS now of Detroit, Michigan married HARRIET BANCROFT

7) OCELLA KITLEY BURNS is married to HAROLD ??(I can't read my xerox copy. You might need to find the original).

HAROLD ?? was an elder of the Presbyterian Church and a Democrat in political conviction.

HAROLD & OCELLA's children (?) are as follows:

i. MARY J who m. SMITH KELLY of Pleasantville;

ii. CAD C m. ISAIAH CORBITT of Franklin;

iii. MARY I m. JOHNSON ALEXANDER who died June 1852;

iv. WIllIAM K;

v. JOSEPH S who died in Davenport, Iowa in January 1853; and MC of Franklin PA.

WILLIAM K GILLILAND son of JOSEPH & NANCY (KERR) GILLILAND was born March 1828 in Penns Valley, Potter Township PA and was five years old when the family settled in Venango Co ......

Date: Tuesday, 25 January 2011 01:50:26 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: Re: Oscar K. Burns family
I am writing to you regarding updating the family tree of Oscar K. Burns. I just received the family bible from my mother and I am still going through all of the information and pictures. This Bible was kept by my Great Grand Aunt Ocella Kitley Burns Hayden Noel. One of Oscar Kitley Burns daughters. This Bible was given to my Grandmother at the onset Ocella's long illness and eventual death in 1980.

My Great Grandmother was Lulu Priscilla Burns who married William Fraser. (I can provide the exact date and place if needed) They had three surviving children Elizabeth Burns Fraser, b. 1908, William Burns Fraser b. 1910 and Robert Burns Fraser. The reason that little is known of Lulu Priscilla (Babe's) Burns Fraser is that she died in 1921 after a long illness in France where William Fraser was working. He was an engineer working for Standard Oil. For a year after Lulu's death the children were divided among the surviving sisters. Elizabethe lived with Ocella (Stell) Burns Hayden, William lived with aunt Sarah (Sally) and Robert lived with aunt Jenne.

My Grandmother Elizabeth Burns Fraser (b. Sept. 1908 Died Oct. 1980.) married Theodore Francis Goldmann (b. May 1910 - d.. July 1992) they wre formerly of Carroll Ave., Mamaroneck , N.Y. Theodore Goldman was a Dentist. Elizabeth worked as his hygienist for many years. They met at the University of Pennsylvania. They had two daughters; Florence Edith Goldmann (b. Feb. 14, 1942 - ) and Elizabeth Mary Goldman (b. 1943- )

My mother: Florence E. Goldmann married John Joseph McNamara, of Dorchester, MA (b. Apr 16, 1940- ) on June 5, 1965. They currently reside in Brockton, MA where my father is a retired Physician. They had five children. 1. Mona Rachel McNamara (b. June 2, 1966- ) married John Robert Burns (June 6, 1967), of Abington MA, on July 9, 1994. We have two children; John R. Burns, IV(b. Feb. 15, 1995) Virginia Bridget Burns (b. July 16, 1996)
2. Andrew Brenden McNamara *(b Sept 1967 - d. Dec. 1969)
3. Rebecca Ann McNamara (b. Aug. 22 1970- ) married Olaf Christian Schmidt (b. Sept. 1962), Hamberg, Gremany, on Sept. 3, 1994. They have three children;
4. Susan Leah McNamara (b. Oct. 30, 1974- ) married Joshua J. Wood of Yarmouth, MA (b. Oct. 1976). They have two children.
5. Katherine Mary McNamara (b. Dec. 1, 1976- ) married Bruce Anderson Feoderoff of Easton MA (b. Aug 1976). They have two children.
Elizabeth Mary Goldman (b. 1943- ) married Joseph McGowan, of Poukeepsie, NY. They have two children. Ann Elizabeth McGowan (b. Dec. 1969) and Sarah Katherine McGowan (b. Sept. 1976)
I have more detailed information on all of the above individuals, William Burns Fraser and his family , as well as Ocella Kitley Burns marriges and adopted children.
I hope that you have found this informative and helpful. Thank you, Mona McNamara Burns