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I hope that the BURNS FAMILY DNA PROJECT will help solve some of your genealogy questions. It will definitely tell you if you're "barking up the wrong tree".

The 12 marker test is simple - just swab the inside of your cheek. The cost is $99. This test will tell you within 14 generations whether you are related to someone. There are more definitive tests but for our initial purposes however more sophisticated tests are now recommended. We need males with the BURNS last name for this study. Please ask your male BURNS relatives to join our study. Click on the BURNS DNA link above to join our study or or (Paul). wrote:
I am surprised that Norma has not been in touch. Have you queried her directly? I suggest you info everyone in this group on every message, rather than just reply to sender. I often find that effective. As for Irish vs. Scots, Lowell took a deep ancestry test and is R1b1b2a1a, a haplogroup found mostly in northern England and lowland Scotland. I therefore assume the others in the group also are. But whether they migrated directly from that area to America, or went in two steps via Ireland (Scots - Irish) I do not know. If the latter, they could have picked up Irish-sounding names in the process, or maybe even in America.

No, the test you describe would not work because the Y-DNA cannot be passed through a female. Does the stubborn gentleman you describe have any male relatives named Burns? I assume he has no sons, but perhaps his father had a brother who did? Or even his grandfather? That is your only hope.

JAMES BURNS, ESQUIRE (JOHN (1712), JOHN, JOHN "B", James Burn) was born in Cumberland County PA in 1740. He died in Lewistown, Mifflin Co. PA in 1814 (perhaps 10/23/1814). His parents are JOHN BURNS & RACHEL. JAMES BURNS ESQ. married ELIZABETH MCGILL on December 27, 1766 in Carlisle PA (on the internet this entry says she m. JOHN BURNS). ELIZABETH MCGILL/MAGILL died 10/23/1814 in Lewistown PA. Her parents were (LT) CHARLES MCGILL/MAGILL (JR?)(CHARLES, SR) & JANE BUCHANAN (ARTHUR & DORCAS ARMSTRONG).(more at bottom of page).

The children of JAMES BURNS, ESQ. and ELIZABETH MCGILL are:


2) MAGILL BURNS b. 1769 Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA d. 3/31/1814 or 1829 Lewistown, Mifflin, PA m. to MARGARET DIXON (JAMES DIXON & MARY CLARK).

3) ROBERT BURNS b. 1771 in Cumberland Co,PA d. 1830 Juniata Co PA m. 1796 to SARAH TURNER (DANIEL TURNER & HANNAH WELCH) See more on this family below.

4) JAMES BURNS (Parents of General JAMES BURNS) b. 21 May 1772 in Cumberland Co,PA m. MARY DIXON (JAMES & MARY CLARK)

5) HUGH BURNS b. 12 Oct 1780 in Lewistown, Mifflin, PA d. 7/26/1843 m. ELIZABETH TURNER (JAMES & MARY)

6) WASHINGTON BURNS b. 1788 in Lewistown,PA d. 1831 m. ELEANOR "ELLEN" TURNER (JAMES H & MARY BEATTY, JOHN, JOHANNES) b. 12/6/1784 d. 3/23/1827 Derry Twp, Mifflin, PA


8) MARY BURNS d. 1823 m. 1811 to MICHAEL M MONAHAN


JAMES BURNS ESQ and his wife ELIZABETH MCGILL lived in Derry, Mifflin Co. Pennsylvania. They acquired much property there. Their main property seems to be that which is willed to his children on the Kishacoquillas Creek in Derry Township (Deed Bk P pages 488-489 dated 4/21/1824).

JAMES BURNS ESQUIRE, Justice of Peace, erected a Loan Office for the sum of $500,000 (Deed Bk B pg 152 dated September 2, 1793). Interestingly this deed was witnessed by JOHN CULBERTSON who seems to be a connecting link to the mystery of whether or not our branch of the family is related to ROBERT BURNS, the great Scottish Poet.


JAMES BURNS ESQUIRE & his first wife ELIZABETH MCGILL (CHARLES) sold Lot No. 120 (Patent dated May 30, 1774) in the Town of Chambersburgh in Cumberland Co, Pennsylvania (Deed Bk 1-G pp.30-31 Cumberland Co.) Grantee was Dr. JOHN COLHOON of Chambersburgh. HUGH MAGILL & JAMES CHAMBERS witnessed this deed that COLONEL BENJAMIN CHAMBERS & wife JANE had originally sold to JAMES ESQ & ELIZABETH BURNS by their patent of May 30, 1774 & a prior deed made unto JAMES BURNS (Cumberland Co PA deed 1-C-45 by DAVID HOGG Esq. Deed 1-G pp 30-31 was notarized by HENRY TAYLOR, Justice of Peace on 8/15/1783.

Also in Cumberland Co. JAMES BURNS of Derry was the grantee of land from JOHN BURNS Senior (no wife mentioned) of Hamilton Twp, Cumberland Co PA (Deed Bk 1-D pp. 454-456 Cumberland Co dated December 1, 1775). This land was originally warranted to JOHN BURNS (no wife mentioned). This land in Hamilton Twp is ajoining the property of SAMUEL LIGOT, ROBERT JACK, WILLIAM SWAN, Mrs. PETER, GEORGE BROWN, & JOHN RUSSELL. It's in excess of 300 acres.

JAMES BURNS ESQ and his wife ELIZABETH MCGILL later deeded 1/2 of this land to their son SAMUEL BURNS (Franklin Co Deed Bk 3-377). This same land was originally deeded to JAMES BURNS by his father JOHN BURNS and wife, JENNETT, of Frankland Twp, Fayette Co (Franklin Co Deed Bk No 1, pp 389-390). It also says in this deed that this was land that he, JOHN BURNS, got from JOHN BURNS, deceased.

JAMES BURNS, SR sells land to JAMES BURNS, JR that was willed to him by JAMES BURNS ESQ (Mifflin Co PA Deed Bk P pp488-489). This property is on Kishacoquillas Creek, Derry Township. I'm thinking that the James Burns, Jr is probably The General.

There are Articles of Agreement between SAMUEL E. BURNS and the heirs of JAMES BURNS, ESQ. (WASHINGTON BURNS, HUGH BURNS, JAMES BURNS, SR., JAMES BURNS, JR., JOHN BURNS & JAMES D BURNS, the sons of MAGILL BURNS, deceased dated May 1, 1835).


(CAPT.)ROBERT BURNS (See Link), 2d Lieutenant 2d Battalion of MILES' Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, 3/16/1776; transferred to 2d Canadian (HAZEN'S) Regiment, 12/21/1776; Captain, 4/8/1777; retired 1/1/1782.

Other family members serving were JAMES BURNS; JAMES BURNS,Jr.; JAMES BURNS, Sr.; JOHN BURNS; & SAMUEL BURNS. JAMES BURNS, Jr. the grandson of JAMES BURNS, ESQ. is referred to as "THE GENERAL"(see link).


1) ROBERT BURNS, CAPT. (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN, John "B" James Burn)b. 1771 in Cumberland Co PA at the family farm near Lewistown PA in Derry Twp. d. 1830 in Juniata Co PA buried in Corsica PA m. SARAH TURNER 1796. SARAH TURNER is the daughter of DANIEL TURNER & HANNAH WELCH.
ROBERT & SARAH (TURNER) BURNS' children are:
iv. CARLINE or Caroline BURNS
vi. JAMES TURNER BURNS d. 9/1/1890 in Clarion Co PA
vii. LIBERTY BURNS b. 1816 PA d. at the battle of the Wilderness
viii. ROBERT BURNS d. young
ix. JOSEPH T BURNS b. Clarion Co PA d. 1853

From: Katherine Vaughan Date: Sunday, 11 March 2012 14:50:27 -0700
Here is my dad's (Robert Milton Burns) pedigree:
Robert Milton Burns, b. 1921, Ohio
Father: David A Burns, b. 1884, Ohio
Grandfather: Lorenzo Dow Burns, b. 1859, PA
Great-Grandfather: Liberty Burns, b. 1816. PA
Great-Great-Grandfather: Robert Burns, b. 1771, Derry Twp near Lewistown, Mifflin, PA
Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: James Burns, Esq., b. 1740, Cumberland Co PA
Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: John Burns, b. ?, Scotland, Ireland, PA?
Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandfather: John "B" Burns, b. 1681?, Scotland?
Thank you, Katherine Burns Vaughan

James Cross, On:Aug 08/18/14 12:13 PM To: To Cc: Cc Farmilo, Norma "James Cross" + Add to Address Book MessageHi Norma.
I am a descendant of Samuel E Burns, who is presumably the son of John (James) Burns Esquire and Elizabeth McGill. I have nothing from my end to tie them together, except it is pretty strong that since Samuel E had a son named Liberty McGill Burns, James and Elizabeth are most likely my Samuel E Burns' parents.

I am further descended from Samuel E's son Samuel W Burns, who married Susannah Belle Thompson.

A note for you, here, all of Samuel and Susannah's descendants up to about the year 1979 are given in the book: Sylvester Thompson, Ohio Pioneer, and Descendants, by Harold Thompson and Glenda Thompson, Gateway Press, 1979. The book includes a picture of Samuel W Burns and some of the family.

I have some questions and comments for you. First question is about the DNA project. Has it confirmed James Burns Esquire's lines forward? That is, are descendants from different expected lines proven to be related? Note that the cost of the 37 marker test, which is the minimum they recommend now, is now $169.00.

The second set of questions and comments involves some of the dates and lineages and timing given on the JAMES BURNS, ESQ. and ELIZABETH MCGILL page. As the marriage year of James Burns Esq and Elizabeth McGill, 1766, seems pretty firm, then Elizabeth was probably born between 1740 and 1750, maybe as late as 1752.

Elizabeth's parents are given as Charles McGill and Jane Buchanan, then Arthur Buchanan and Dorcas Armstrong as Jane's parents. I do not see how Jane Buchanan can be Elizabeth McGill's mother. Arthur and Dorcas Holt (nee Armstrong) were married in 1738. The book with the marriage record, "Stewart'sGenealogical and Historical Miscellany, No 1", is available for free online, and the date is confirmed (page 24). Jane Buchanan is then supposed to have been born in 1741 per one source or about 1745 per another source ("Pioneers of Mifflin County"). Pioneers of Mifflin County says Jane married Charles McGill, but Jane would have to have been at most about 11 years old when Elizabeth was born for any of this timing to work. And Elizabeth would, in turn, have to have married at about 12 years of age. Is there any proof of Elizabeth's lineage? (I don't know the answer, Jim. Please do more research on this and let me know. - Norma)
Jim Cross

2) JAMES BURNS, SR. (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN "B") b. 5/21/1772 in Cumberland Co PA, d. 1824 in Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA, m. before 1800 to MARY DIXON. Children of JAMES BURNS, SR. & MARY DIXON are:
i. MARTHA BURNS b. 5/3/1800;
ii. GENERAL JAMES BURNS b. 7/4/1802;
iii. MARY BURNS b. 6/13/1804;
iv. ELEANOR BURNS b. 12/17/1806;
v. WASHINGTON BURNS b. 3/2/1808;
vi. ROBERT BURNS b. 5/3/1810;
vii. SARAH BURNS b. 12/23/1813;
viii. DIXON BURNS b. 8/12/1815.

3) MAGILL BURNS (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN B., JOHN) b. 1769 in Derry Twp near Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA, d. 3/31/1814 in Lewistown PA, m. MARGARET DIXON (JAMES DIXON & MARY CLARK). Their children are:
i. MARY BURNS b. 1792;
ii. JOHN BURNS b. 1794;
iii. NANCY BURNS b. 1796;
iv. FRANCIS BURNS b. 1800;
v. SARAH BURNS b. 1800;
vi. LIBERTY BURNS b. 1800;
vii. JANE BURNS b. 1802;
viii. JAMES DIXON BURNS b. 1808; (See Link)
ix. MARGARET BURNS b. 1813.

4) WASHINGTON BURNS, SR.(JAMES ESQ., JOHN, JOHN B., JOHN) b. 1780 or 1788 in Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA, d. 1831 in Lewistown PA, m. ELEANOR "ELLEN" TURNER (JAMES H.(MARY BEATTY), JOHN) b. 12/6/1784 in Lewistown PA.(See Link)

5) HUGH BURNS (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN "B", James Burn) b. 10/12/1780 in Derry Twp, near Lewistown, Mifflin Co PA, d. 7/26/1843 in Monticello, White Co Indiana, m. ELIZABETH TURNER 4/27/1809 in Lewistown PA d. 1852 Monticello IN. ELIZABETH TURNER is the daughter of JAMES H. TURNER b. abt 1765 & MARY BEATTY b. abt 1760 & the granddaughter of JOHN TURNER b. 1739. HUGH BURNS & ELIZABETH (TURNER) BURNS' children are:

Their son JAMES BURNS (History of White County p. 442) was one of the early settlers of White County, Indiana. He was born in Derry Twp. near Lewistown, Mifflin, Pennsylvania 11/10/1825. He died at his home South of Monticello 9/1/1905 at the advanced age on nearly eighty years.

JAMES BURNS m. 1865 to MISS MARY JANE BURNS d. 1877 the daughter of JOHN BURNS. 3 children:
iii. BERT BURNS. m. 1880 Miss SUSAN FERRY Their children: 1) MAE BURNS; 2) PEARL BURNS; 3) EARL BURNS; 4) SADIE BURNS.

JAMES BURNS' father moved to Montgomery County, Ohio in 1835. Some three years later, 9/1838, he moved to Springfield, Illinois with his family. On leaving Lafayette they missed their way and drove northward to Monticello. They were so pleased with the country that they located about two miles South of town on what they called Edge Hill Farm. Their log house stands on the hill on the West side of the road a short distance South of the MCKAIN stone barn.


7) MARY BURNS (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN "B", James Burn) d. 1823 in Lewistown PA, m. MICHAEL M MONAHON 1811.

8) SAMUEL BURNS (JAMES ESQ, JOHN, JOHN, JOHN "B", James Burn) b. 1774 in Cumberland Co PA, m. MARY ANN EVANS in Mifflin Co PA. Their children are:
i. EVELINE MARBLE BURNS;(See Link for James Dixon)

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1999 19:52:53 EST

I took a lot of notes at the library today. You probably have some of them, but I'm passing it all along just in case. By the way, I figured out part of the problem - there were two JAMES BURNS' in Mifflin Co PA, one in Lewistown & the other in Reedsville. I'm looking for the latter. And I need your website URL again. My bookmark isn't working.

Mifflin County Wills:

JAMES BURNS d. 1879, Will Book 6, page 120
G. W. BURNS d. 1906, Will Book 9, page 26

Mifflin County Orphans Court Records:

J. RITZ BURNS d. 1875, guardian papers Book 13, page 117 & Book 15, page 277. Petition Book 14, page 401

From "Will Abstracts, Mifflin County" by DANIEL MCCLENAHEN, Reedsville PA 1983:

7/26/1805 - Will of MATTHEW CRUNK, Armagh Twp, mentions daughters PHEBIS BURNS & MARY BARNHILL.
Probate either 1814 or 1822 (names are the same in both records) - JAMES BURNS of Derry Twp. Will mentions wife ELIZABETH MCGILL & children SAMUEL BURNS, MAGILL BURNS, JAMES BURNS, ROBERT BURNS, HUGH BURNS, WASHINGTON BURNS & MARY SARAH BURNS wife of CHARLES MAGILL.

From "Marriages in Mifflin County 1822-1885" by DANIEL MCCLENAHEN, 1981:


From "Former Residents of Mifflin County 1832-1883" by DAN'L MCCENAHEN, 1986 (The dates refer to newspapers on film at the Mifflin Co Historical Society).

p. 51 ROBERT W. BURNS has gone to Renovo to learn the drug business 5/25/1881
p. 23 JOHN ZEIGLER & WILLIAM J BURNS, formerly of Reedsville, now live in Altoona 7/25/1877.

From " Obituaries of Mifflin County 1822-1880" by DAN'L MCCLENAHEN, 1982:

p. 1 MARY (DIXON?) BURNS wife of JAMES BURNS SR of Derry Twp d. 7/25/1824
p. 3 ANN BROWN BURNS 2-6-14 d/o JAMES BURNS d. 2/1/1836
p. 7 JOHN BURNS 43, d. 5/6/1842
SARAH E BURNS 9 mos, d/o WILLIAM T & ANNA M d. 1/7/1848
p.22 P B D GRAY 30, son-in-law of JAMES BURNS of Lewistown d. Council Bluffs Iowa 11/28/1856
p. 28 DICKSON A BURNS 43, brother of JAMES BURNS, ESQUIRE (The GENERAL took the ESQUIRE also) d. 8/27/1858
SAMUEL BURNS 3 mos, s/o WILLIAM T(TURNER) & ANNA M d. 6/20/1858
p. 56 W (WILLIAM) TURNER BURNS 50, d. 4/9/1869
p. 62 ANGELINE MAJOR BURNS 40, widow of ROBERT BURNS of Granville Twp d. 9/19/1870
p. 64 JAMES BURNS 4, s/o ALBERT BURNS of Granville Twp d. 2/16/1871
p. 70 CORTIE BURNS 1, d/o J RITZ BURNS d. 4/20/1871
p. 89 J RITZ BURNS 28-3-13 killed while hunting, s/o GENERAL JAMES BURNS of Lewistown 11/15/1875
p. 99 SARAH ROTHROCK 87, widow of VALENTINE ROTHROCK who d. 26 years before, sister of GENERAL JAMES BURNS d. Monticello Indiana 5/29/1877
p. 112 MAJOR LIBERTY M BURNS 68-9-17 b. Mifflin Co. d. Monticello IN 3/27/1879
p 116 GENERAL JAMES BURNS 77-3-22 d. 10/26/1879

From "People in the News of Mifflin County 1822-1886, by DAN'L MCCLENAHEN, 1986: (The dates refer to papers on film at the Mifflin Co Historical Society).

p. 22 JAMES BURNS 15, s/o GEORGE BURNS hurt in farm accident in Brown Twp 7/29/1874
p. 36 JOE STRUNK has attacked JAMES BURNS with a shot gun in Reedsville 7/24/1878
p. 49 PETER & MARY BURNS, both about 85, who live near the ore bank in Greenwood have article about them 1/4/1882

Because these are from my handwritten notes, I suggest checking the original sources for verification.

DANIEL MCCLENAHEN has done a fantastic job making these records available at the library!


Sent: Thursday, July 24, 2003 2:17 PM
Subject: Washington Burns

The proof of LIBERTY BURNS being WASHINGTON BURNS SR'S son & also WASHINGTON ALEXANDER BURNS' brother is in LIBERTY BURNS' obituary. 29 Mar 1879 - The Monticello Herald Journal in White Co IN.

Peggy Altman

ID: I50
Name: Dorcas Armstrong
Surname: Armstrong
Given Name: Dorcas
_AKA: Dorcas Buchanan
_MARNM: Dorcas Holt
Sex: F
Birth: 1711/1712 in Co Monaghan, Ireland
Death: 22 Jan 1804 in Lewistown, Pennsylvania of Old Age
Burial: 22 Jan 1804 Old Cemetery, Lewistown, Mifflin Co, Pennsylvania
DSCR: Described as very energetic and vivacious
_UID: 6205A5840A2CD5118CDF9D013A546D2BDB81
MARC: c1730 Co Monaghan, Ireland ?
MARC: 22 Jul 1738 Gloucester County, New Jersey
! Came from County Monaghan Ireland with Husband and her parents according to her obituary, neither husband or parents were named, however.

!MARRIAGE: Oracle of Dauphine, Saturday, March 24, 1804; Dorcas Obituary 1804: Married Henry Holt, County Monaghan, Ireland, c 1730; Copy of Obituary in files of Robert E Holt.

!Birth: RESIDENCE?: 1733; Records of Christ Church, Philadelphia as reported in "A Register of Persons Baptised, Married and Buried within the City Of Philadelphia, by Archibald Cummings from Sept 1726. Baptised, September 27, 1733, Thomas, Son of Henry & Dorcas Holt, aged one month.; copy of notation from reference and copy of original church notation in the files of Robert E Holt.
!RESIDENCE: COURT APPEARENCE: 4 May, 1735: Lancaster county, Pennsylvania Quarter Sessions Abstracts, (1729-1742) Book 1, edited by Gary T. Hawbaker; Pg 47. copy of Title page and citation in files of Robert E Holt.
!MARRIAGE:1738; Gloucester County, New Jersey Marriage records, Compiled by H. stanley Craig, Published by Gloucester, Co. Historical Society, 1936, H. Stanley Craig, Publisher, Merchantville, N.J. : After Henry Holt's. death in 1735, she married, in 1738, Arthur Buchanan, also a native of Ireland, and a merchantof Lancaster Pa. married by John Ladd, Gloucester, New Jersey. Also shown in "Stewart Genealogical and Historical Miscellany, No 1, 1918, Gloster Historical Society, Woodbury, New Jersey, by L.R. Sterret" Photocopis of title pages and citations in files of Robert E Holt.


!WIDOWED:RESIDENCE:Sept. 1760, East High Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Copy of Arthur Buchanan's death report in files of Robert E Holt.

!RESIDENCE: LAND AQUISITION: 5 July, 1762, Cumberland, County, Pennsylvania (now site of Lewistown,) Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Location Map and Citation in files of Robert E Holt.

!RESIDENCES: 1777; Met George Washington 30, Sept 1794: In the latter years of her life she lived with her son,Arthur Buchanan, in 2 story log house, 30x28, 11 windows with 147 lights. 12 Oct 1794 George Washington visited Arthur Buchanan, according to Arthur's daughter Polly--House on Walnut Bottom Road at Pine Grove Furnace near Jacksonville.

!DEATH-Burial: :Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.13; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, Pa.; Note: At her death at 93 , 22 January, 1804, in Lewistown, Pa, She had 118 living descendants, including great-great-grandchildren. Buried in Lewistown Cemetery, corner of Water and Brown Streets. The cemetery is dedicated to her. Her son Arthur Buchanan is buried along side of her.

!COMMENT: Reportedly went blind at age 57 and regained her eyesight at age 78.

!Lived in Carlisle, Pa. until 1753, went to Juniata River and Kishakoquillas Creek, returned to Carlisle begining Braddock's War, back to Juniata 1762

!PROBATE: Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.8; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, Pa.; Note; Cumberland Co, Pa, Orphan's Court document No. 2, p. 155, Petition by Dorcas Buchanan for permission to sell property of her deceased husband, Arthur Buchanan.

!LAND: Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.8; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, PA; Note: 2 July, 1762, Dorcas warranted two hundred acres on the Juniata river, north of Kishacoquillas creek, Cumberland Co, Pa, land now embraced in the heart of Lewistown, Pa.

!Land:Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.9; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, Pa.; Note: 3 Sept 1788, Sold above land to son Arthur Buchanan for two thousand pounds, Cumberland Co Deed Book H, Volume I, Page 556

!Land: Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.8; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, Pa.; Note: Dorcas evidently could not write so she signed with her mark, she was consistent in useing a particular mark, see page 11, but when the land was sold to Arthur, an altogether different mark was used, see page 9. This entire transaction, in documentation and dates, is strange.

!LAND: :Stackpole, George F., The Thomas Holt Family of Pennsylvania and Branches; 1700-1900; 1 Apr 1900, Lewistown, Pa; p.8; Mifflin Co Genealogical Society, Lewistown, Pa.; Note: 1767 taxed on 100 acres, one horse, one cow, two sheep, Fermanaugh Twp, Cumberland Co, (Now part of Mifflin Co) Pa., 1768 and 1769, taxed on One horse, two cows, 300 acres, Derry Twp, (formed from Fermanaugh twp) Cumberland Co Pa., 1770, same number livestock but 200 acres.

!Parents? Source, Extracted marriage record for Clones, County Monaghan, Ireland, LDS records, Batch M700681, dates, 1682-1704, Source call, 897416, Film, printout, 0883850: Lists the marriage of a William Armstrong and Jane Wilson 5 Jun 1704; Names of children of Dorcas and Arthur Buchanan, her second marriage, are interesting in this regard, oldest son named Armstrong, second son, Arthur after his father, third son, William after Dorcases father?, first daughter, Jane after Dorcases mother?, Coincidence? I don't know. They also had a son, Robert, whom I believe was named for Arthur's father or brother.
Change Date: 4 Jun 2002 at 07:14:21

Marriage 1 Henry Holt b: 1710 in Thame, Oxfordshire, England
Married: 1730 in Co Monaghan ?, Ireland
Henry Holt b: 1731 in Pennsylvania
Thomas Holt Sr. b: Aug 1733 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania c: 27 Sep 1733 in Christ Church, Episcopalian, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Marriage 2 Arthur Buchanan b: 1711 in Rathmelton, County Tyrone, Ireland
Married: 22 Jul 1738 in Philadelphia ?
Armstrong Buchanan b: 1739
Jane Buchanan b: 1741
William Buchanan b: 1743
Arthur Buchanan II b: 1745
Robert Buchanan b: 21 Jan 1749 in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Arthur Buchanan The first settler at Lewistown was Arthur Buchanan who put up a cabin about 1754. He had come from Carlisle, where he was assessed in 1753, although the Buchanans originally came from Little Britain Township, Lancaster County. The French and Indian War forced Arthur Buchanan to return to Carlisle, where he died September 23. 1760. Arthur and Dorcas Holt Buchanan had four children. His widow returned to Lewistown in 1765 and was one of the pioneer women of Mifflin County. She died in Lewistown, January 20, 1804, aged 93 years and is buried in the old cemetery on South Brown Street. The children: 1. Arthur Buchanan Jr. born about 1740; married about 1773 Margery ; died 1811 at Lewistown, no issue. Arthur Jr. was colonel in the Revolution and one of the leading citizens in the early days of Miffin County. 2. William Buchanan, born 1742; married 1763 Margaret ; died December 22, 1767, at Lewistown. Children: a. Arthur Buchanan, born 1764, married Isabella ; died 1792. b. John Buchanan, born 1766; married Rebecca 3. Jane Buchanan, born about 1745; married Charles Magill. 4. Robert Buchanan, born June 21, 1749, died July 10, 1819, at Lewistown; married 1774 Lucinda Landrum, born July 24, 1755. a. Andrew Landrum Buchanan, born August 16, 1775, died February 28, 1841, East Bradford, Pa.; married February 26, 1801,

Rebecca Jones. b. Jane Buchanan, born September 2, 1777. c. Arthur Buchanan, born September 23, 1779. d. William Buchanan, born January 11, 1782. e. Mary Buchanan, born October 12, 1785, died March 15, 1822; married - Skinner. f. Dorcas Buchanan, born December 24, 1787. g. Robert Buchanan, born on March 17, 1791, died March 1, 1826; married Mary Tannehill. h. James Buchanan, born on September 16, 1792. i. Thomas Buchanan, born on February 2, 1796.

Wow, what a wonderful website you have on the BURNS family!! I saw that you show your line as the BURNS family from Mifflin County, Pa and was hoping you could help me. My ggrandfather was GEORGE BURNS of Mifflin County. According to his daughter who is still living, GEORGE took his mother's maiden name instead of his biological father's name, as his parents were not married. GEORGE'S mother was NANCY BURNS, daughter of GEORGE WASHINGTON BURNS. Can you please help me fit my family in? This has been a most frustrating journey! Here are some dates that you might find helpful:

GEORGE WASHINGTON BURNS 1830-1906 (he was married to MARY A. and is buried in Lewistown, Pa) NANCY J BURNS born 1863, no death date.

GEORGE BOYD BURNS, my ggrandfather, was born 2-9-1893 and died 8-2-1964. There is a lot of proud family history with this gentleman, and I would love to link him to the lines that deserve to claim him.

Thanks, TERRI HARBST HAZZARD 413-323-6880

From Genealogy Trails Mifflin Co PA Date: Saturday, 08 August 2009 13:48:18 -0400 To: "Norma Farmilo" From: Subject: Re: DNA

Hi Norma,
Believe me when I tell you the fact that my DNA matches with so many people named Burns including yours at the 37 marker and no one named Long is a real mystery but, there may be an explanation. Maybe. My grandfather's name was Franklin Pierce Long. He was born in Shickshinny PA on Dec 20, 1874. We are unable to identify his parents. The first he shows up is on the 1880 census. He is listed in the home of Isaac Bunker Titus as "grandson". He was raised by Isaac's daughter Rose Titus but she was not his mother. Family history, or legend, has it that his father was named "Peter". That is all we know. Isaac Bunker Titus had another daughter, named Mary. She seems to disappear prior to the 1880 census and some think she may have been Franklin's actual mother. However, that still would not explain the name. A persistent story within the family is that Franklin was, in fact, adopted. It goes on to say that he was also a Native American and if you see his pic you could easily believe that. So, did some man named Burns impregnate an Indian girl and the child was then adopted out? It's a mystery.

My name is Larry E Long and I have lived most of my life in the Allentown PA area. (Larry has a picture Franklin Pierce Long which he could send you if you're interested).

From: "Katherine Vaughan" Subject: Burns - Mifflin County
Dear Norma – I came across your name as the “keeper” of the Burns surname registry for Mifflin County 1681 to date. I am looking for any Burns names from the period up to 1830. My 4 x great-grandfather was James Burns, Esq., of Derry (b. 1740), my 3 x great-grandfather was Robert Burns (b. 1771, d. 1830), my great-great-grandfather was Liberty Burns (b. 1816, but I don’t know where – either Derry, Juniata, or Jefferson County). Robert Burns married Sarah Turner, also of Mifflin in 1796, but all the kids ended up in Jefferson County, as did the widow Sarah in 1830, and the Family Search site of LDS shows Robert and Sarah’s marriage was recorded in Jefferson County in 1820. Robert Burns is buried in Corsica, over near Jefferson County. Thanks so much for any help or advice you can give me!
Katherine Burns Vaughan

MORE ON DNA --- Katherine Vaughan On:Aug 08/17/14 1:01 PM To: To Farmilo, Norma Cc: Cc Lynda Minter; Cc; Cc pabloburns; Cc; Cc Richard Lee Burns; Cc Burns, Dale; Cc Lowell Burns; Cc Hi, All --

We all seem to be descendants of James Burns, Esquire, and the issue that keeps cropping up is whether we can prove descent from old John B Burns via John Burns, Senior. At the same time, our group does not appear to be a DNA match for some folks who claim descent from Laird (mentioned as a son in old John B's will). So competing lines DNA-wise both want to trace their ancestry back to old John B. Katherine Vaughan On:Aug 08/17/14 1:01 PM To: To Farmilo, Norma Cc: Cc Lynda Minter; Cc; Cc pabloburns; Cc; Cc Richard Lee Burns; Cc Burns, Dale; Cc Lowell Burns; Cc

Hi, All --

We all seem to be descendants of James Burns, Esquire, and the issue that keeps cropping up is whether we can prove descent from old John B Burns via John Burns, Senior. At the same time, our group does not appear to be a DNA match for some folks who claim descent from Laird (mentioned as a son in old John B's will). So competing lines DNA-wise both want to trace their ancestry back to old John B.

My dad Robert Burns (David, Lorenzo, Liberty, Robert, James, Esq) is a FTDNA Family Finder match for descendants of a John Burns from western PA that I believe (based on new documentary evidence I came across in June on my PA trip) is almost certainly John Burns Junior. I plan to write up my findings from this summer and also from a previous consultation with the Historical Society of PA (HSP), but the newly unearthed documentary connection from James Burns Esquire to John Burns Junior is compelling, as is the documentary evidence, reviewed by the HSP, that James descends from John B via John Burns Senior. The Family Finder DNA connection between descendants of John Junior and James Esquire means that their father, John Burns Senior we believe, "belongs" to us DNA-wise too -- which might mean we are only one link away from proving descent from old John B (whose grave I saw this summer, and whose beautiful land I stood upon on Back Creek near Chambersburg (see photo). Does this make sense, or am I stretching?

Right now I am in Maine, and very caught up in a family reunion. Will not really be free to compile and report my findings until the fall. But it's tops on my to do list when I get back to Seattle! We will figure this out eventually!

Take care, all, Katherine

On Sat, Jul 19, 2014 at 10:04 AM, wrote: It seems that everyone in our DNA group (U106/L48) goes thru James Burns, Esq. I've added John Crow's email (non-working email but on my site)because I think he goes thru Laird. If we are close in DNA we would know for sure we are related to John "B" who I am very sure of but with no proof. John please write to us.

Also I don't see proof of the connection of John "B" and James Burn and Agnes Watt of Falkirk. I've added their info to my website and the bottom of John "B"'s link but where is the proof?


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Hello All, Lots of very nice reply's, need to hit the "reply all" button to send your info back to the group. I don't have time to re-send your messages. I've added in my brother, Jerry, so that he can lurk and read the messages. Pablo/Paul is also on this list. We also have Norma, and Katherine, and Linda, who are helping their folks with the DNA and genealogy. Did i miss anyone?

It seems that several of you have your pedigree charts on Ancestry. If you can give us that info, or invite us to see, we can look at your lineage. I do not put my info on Ancestry, but it's always interesting to look for clues, and then pursue the facts and proof.

Being mid-summer, and all the busyness of vacations, etc. i will try to keep up with this. I certainly need the nudge to dig in further. I'm a retired dancer, a genealogist, gardener, grandmother and book worm. I'm excited to learn more, and lets do it!

Lynda Williams Minter Snohomish, Wa.

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