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Life Coaching with
Teresa Ann Foxworthy.

This program is the perfect way to empower women who want a more spiritual approach to their life's journey. Whatever your challenges or religious or spiritual orientation, this coaching program will nurture your sacred feminine with the most advanced and time-tested techniques to help you blossom like the sweetest rose. Coaching-by-phone is an easy and convenient approach to this profound work.

The journey into the sacred feminine is a path that nurtures every woman's heart. Breathing the light of love into her being, each woman can embrace the rose that she is, blossoming into the divine expression that she holds deep within her soul. Sharing this experience with other women can lift up an emerging goddess to her higher ground. Making choices in her life that align her with her highest good, the emerging goddess is a gift to the world. Her heart's love is the nectar, the fragrance that she shares with others.

Beginning with a complimentary consultation, we will see how we might work together. Then, our first session is a two-hour process to get us started on-track. Following this, we can speak every week or two, evaluating how the action plan is working as well as what needs more attention.


"Teresa is not licensed, but I feel she's the best therapist I've ever worked with. As a therapist myself, for the past 25 years, I am very impressed with her grasp of human nature and personal transformation techniques. I've reached a new level of self-awareness with her help and recognize a much deeper potential for my life."
M.B., Therapist, San Diego

"I don't know how would have found my true love without you, Teresa. You made it so fun to be a goddess and it was like coming home to myself. My boyfriend quickly became my husband, and I really can't thank you enough. You are invited to the wedding!"
Sarah, Psychiatrist, Napa

"You go girl! I am absolutely enthralled with your coaching program. I'm moving forward into my feminine power so easily and having the time of my life. You do such important work, and it is SO much fun! Can't wait till we chat again."
NK, School Principal, Seattle

"Teresa, everyone should know about you. You are absolutely wonderful. You helped me where therapists have failed for the past 8 years. Thanks to you I have a brand new understanding of myself and my ex-wife. I was amazed by your work. When are you coming back?"
Bill, Retired Executive, Mountain View

Meet Teresa

Teresa Ann Foxworthy began studying yoga at age 9, teaching it from age 17. She has since developed more than 200 personal growth programs over the last 20 years. Author of 365 WAYS to Be a GODDESS, and the GODDESS HANDBOOK, and director of the goddess show, RADIANCE thru DANCE MEDIATION, Ms. Foxworthy has been cultivating her feminine wisdom for many years. Developing her inner warrior has been equally powerful. Together, the integration has brought a deeper sense of personal fulfillment on her spiritual path of awakening. Her background in dance, technology, divinatory arts, and spiritual evolution is an unusual combination.

She is a Goddess, in that she opens her soul to the Divine Essence of Love to guide her. Having been on the journey of the emerging goddess since she was a young child, she is available to share her insights and wisdom with others. Channeling love and light, common sense and celestial influence, this goddess is adept at personal transformation and artistic vision.

Opening to Love brings radiance and rejuvenation on every level of your being. Having had her first spiritual awakening when she was five years old, Teresa's life path has unfolded with the grace and challenges that have shaped her into the intriguing creature she is today.

Encouraging to others, she offers the light of truth and love wherever she goes. Whether it is the tenderness of Quan Yin, or the wrath of Kali, a goddess knows how to surf any situation. In this way, Teresa is a Goddess-Emerging, learning every day, in every way, how to be of service as her soul's evolution progresses.

Available to those who need emotional and spiritual support, Teresa learns the value of dharma and offers angelic rays of hope to others. The divine dance of the universe is a magical journey for each of us... She’s lived in France, Switzerland, and both sides of the U.S. Having been a coach and consultant for individuals and organizations, both here and abroad, she is most successful working with people who are ready for personal growth. Currently accepting new clients, Ms. Foxworthy is also available for team trainings and speaking engagements.


Let's see if we'd like to work together...




East Coast: 410.347.1493 West Coast: 415.289.2213

... Namaste!

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