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DLP and LCD Projection Lamps.

We now stock most common DLP and LCD Projection Bulbs, Lamps, & Assemblies for your set.
Some lamps may have to be ordered.

We are not a lamp distributor.
"We order lamps for prompt repairs, so you do not have to wait"

We only sell high quality Osram replacement lamps.

Lamps and/or lamp housings range between $165 - $185!
Lamps vary in cost, please call or email us for current price!
Quality does make a difference.

Projection Lamps available after hours by special request!
Please Text, or Email us after hours!

You can reach us after hours by email at:
Email us the model number of your TV, or lamp part number, we will email you back within a few minutes with price and in stock status.

All our lamps come with a (exchange only)1 year Mfr warranty.
We only issue a replacment lamp, if defective, or fails under normal use within the warranty period.
Warranty does not cover damage caused from, over-heating, cooling failure.
Warranty does not cover physical damage, or misuse.
We do not issue any refunds on lamps, unless the set has been checked by us, and the lamp installed in the set by us.

Free lamp installation labor with approved service call.
We check the unit out prior to lamp installation for problems, or issues.
We check the unit for any lamp errors & check the lamp elapsed time.
We vacuum the lamp assy, track, & cooling fans.
After lamp installation, we clear any error codes & reset the lamp timer.
We check the operation, brightness, and color purity.
We make final adjustments if needed.

We stock most major brand lamps, some may have to ordered.

Maintain your good image with quality OSRAM brand projection lamps.

By using OSRAM replacement projection lamps, your good image will be protected and maintained for a long time.
OSRAM is one of the original manuffacturers of projection lamps, with over 100 years of lighting experience. The OSRAM brand is your assurance of longer lamp life with high output and uniform light distribution.
The result is a long-lasting image that is crisp, with consistent brightness and true colors.
Due to their excellent quality and superior reliability, OSRAM lamps provide trouble free operation throughout the life of the lamp, leaving you with no worries and no hassles.

This is the same lamp used by the manufacturer in your television. It comes from the same factory and is the same model and specification as the lamp currently in your television. It is not a generic reproduction often referred to as an "OEM Compatible" lamp.

Generic lamps come with a high price tag, including:
Reduced light output, short lamp life, uneven light distribution, inferior quality, poor reliability, high defective rates and safety issues.
Generic lamps may have lower upfront costs, but they simply aren't backed by the manufacturing or design expertise required to ensure the quality needed for rear projection TV's or office projectors.
Often referred to as an "OEM Compatible" lamp.

Call, or email us with your model to see if we have what you need.

Replacing the lamp is a simple procedure. In most cases all that is required is a Phillips screwdriver and about 10 minutes of your time. Instructions are available and we are happy to assist in any way.

If you are not sure that the lamp is the problem, or bad, we recommend you call us to schedule a service call to troubleshoot your set, to verify the lamp is the problem.

The initial startup goes through a procedure of several circuits that have to function correctly before the lamp ballast fires the lamp, any failure in the startup circuit can still indicate a faulty lamp, but not be bad.

We can schedule a service call to diagnose, install a lamp, reset the lamp timer, and adjust your unit for a service fee, or bring in your lamp housing and we will install a new lamp in your assy. at no charge.

Just a few of the lamps & assemblies we stock.

We do not stock Projector type lamps, but we can order them!

About Projection Lamps

Learn about bare lamps vs. housings In your television, there is a plastic housing with a lamp inside. You can either replace the lamp inside your existing housing or you can replace the entire housing unit with the lamp already preinstalled in the unit. Both options will give you the same performance - the housing allows for ease and simplicity of installation.

What is the housing? The housing is the plastic cage or cartridge that surrounds the lamp and holds it in place in your TV. When replacing your lamp you will first remove the housing unit from your TV then remove the lamp from the housing and replace it with the new lamp. The housing may slide out of the front or rear of your TV depending on the make and model. See your owner's manual for directions on removing the lamp housing unit.

Is it difficult to replace the lamp? Replacing the lamp is a simple procedure. In most cases all that is required is a Phillips screwdriver and a small adjustable

How long should my lamp last? Television lamps are rated for 4,000-6,000 hours of usage which is roughly 1 to 4 years depending on usage patterns.

How can I extend the life of my lamp? Prevent damaging voltage spikes by plugging your TV into a quality surge protector. After turning off your TV let it remain off for at least 30 minutes before turning it on again. This allows the lamp to cool to room temperature. A cool lamp is more resilient to the large voltage burst required to ignite the lamp when the TV is turned on again. Clean any screens on lamp housing, or cooling vents near the lamp. Extend the life of your lamp by keeping the area surrounding your TV well ventilated and dust free.

Are there any precautions I should take with the lamp? (Do not touch the glass surface of the new lamp). Touching the glass will deposit skin oils onto the lamp surface. When the lamp heats to its operating temperature the oil will cause a temperature difference on the lamp surface that will distort the picture and likely cause the lamp to break. Use a plastic glove or other protection when handling the lamp.

(Take care not to over tighten any of the screws when replacing the lamp). Finger-tight is sufficient. Be sure the lamp wires are secured in the wire connector on the housing and are not touching the lamp itself. Prior to turning the TV back on please ensure the housing is situated properly and all TV panels (lamp door) are closed and secured properly. Many TV have a sensor that will keep the TV from turning on if the panels are not replaced.

TV and projection lamps contain a small amount of mercury which is known to be hazardous to the environment. Proper disposal is essential, so please do not throw any lamps away with your regular trash.

We stock the hard to find Toshiba Lamps made by Phoenix.

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