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Tips for Microwave Use and --- Safety

Follow the microwave oven instructions before attempting to cook. Don't forget the oven is a high-voltage and high-current appliance. Extreme care must be taken at all times. This does not mean you have to be afraid to operate the microwave oven.

Make sure the oven is installed properly. Most ovens include a three prong plug. Do not under any circumstance cut or remove the third ground prong from the power plug.

Do not use an ordinary two-wire extension cord to operate the oven.

Don't install the oven where the side or top opening may be blocked. The hot cooking air must escape and fresh air must be pulled into the oven for normal operation.

Be careful of sealed glass or plastic containers, they may build up pressure and explode.
Don't use metallic cooking containers.

Keep oven cavity clean. In time grease can collect behind plastic shelf supports and on the inside top of the oven causing excessive arching and damage.

Do not remove the back cover of the microwave oven for any reason unless you know what you are doing.
Keep the power cord pulled when the back cover is off.

NOTE: ShockImage

It's possible to receive a dangerous shook or possibly be injured in trying to just change the 15 amp fuse. The highly charged capacitor must first be discharged before touching any electrical or electronic component.

Do not operate the oven with nothing in it.

We hope this will help you in the use of your microwave oven.
If you have any questions, let us know.


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