John Thomas was born in Queen Anne's County, Maryland on 16 Jun 1743. He came to North Carolina, where on 22 Sept 1766, he received a Grant for 200 acres in Anson County, situated east of the Pee Dee river on the drains of Solomon's Creek. Prior to 1769, he married to Molly Clark, a Quaker. As recorded at Camp Creek M. M., Virginia, dated 14 Oct 1746, Molly Clark was the daughter of Francis Clark and Christiana Stone. Moving to Bladen (later Anson, later Richmond) County, N. C., the Clarks attended one of the smaller preparatory Quaker meetings situated near the Pee Dee River. Early records for these Quaker meetings were kept as part of the parent Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in what is now Alamance County, N.C. On 3 June 1769, in the records of Cane Creek Monthly Meeting, Molly Thomas (formerly Clark) was reported for marrying out of unity. Though this was a serious infraction, there is no record of Molly being disowned.

When his father died in 1774, John was appointed administrator. In the final accounting of the Sale of the Estate, recorded 6 Aug 1774 in the Anson County Court of Pleas, John purchased his father's cooper's tools. On 13 Oct 1774, younger brothers Philemon, Benjamin, and James chose John as their guardian.

On 6 March 1775, (Anson K, 243), Francis Clark sold 213 acres of land along the Pee Dee to William Harrington. Including several stipulations, he reserved one fourth part of the fishery and sane for John Thomas. Of interest, was deed (Anson, K-234), dated 10 Apr 1775, which Benjamin Moorman sold two Acres to George Mathews, Thomas Moorman, and Francis Clark. The land located on what was Sandy Branch included "the Burying Ground and Meeting House of the Society of People called Quakers". This land was originally granted to William Stone (Bladen, 1758), who was Molly's grandfather.

John and Molly moved to Greensboro, N. C., where on 6 July 1782, Molly alone was granted certification to New Garden Monthly Meeting. Her husband John formally requested membership into the Quaker Faith on Sep 28 1782. The request was made for him and children Isacc, John, Betta, Elijah, Stephen, and Francis. The family lived on 148 acres purchased from Richard Haworth on 1 Aug 1785(Guilford, K-135). The land was located on the Brushy Creek of the Reedy Fork of the Haw River, adjoining the lands of Aaron Mendenhall.

As recorded on July 7, 1794, John Thomas and family were received on transfer of certificate from New Garden MM to Deep River MM. Since the Quaker meetings along the N.C. and S.C. boarder were at this time under the jurisdiction of Deep River MM., this record indicated a move south. They moved just over the state line to Marlborough County, S.C. where John and Molly were active at Piney Grove. He traveled to Quarterly meetings and was the first secretary of Piney Grove when it was set down as a Monthly Meeting on 16 Jan 1801. Dated 15 Aug 1802, son Francis witnessed the sale of four acres from Jonathan Marine and John Mendenhall to the overseers of Pine Grove Monthly Meeting.

Francis met Lydia Woodard, and was granted certificate to Contentnea for marriage on 18 April 1807. Francis and Lydia lived in Wayne County on a farm that adjoined the Great Swamp. As written in a Quaker Church informational bulletin, Francis's grandson at the Indiana Centennial Observance of the Quaker Migration related the following in Nov 1911. While living in Wayne County, N.C., Francis Thomas was visited by an Aged Quaker Minister, who stayed the night. "The next morning, the minister got up early, and took a walk over the farm. When he returned, he told his host he had an impression from the lord, that it would be right for him to sell the farm and move to the territory of Indiana." Driven by an utmost aversion to slavery, Francis Thomas acted on the advice and sold his farm (Wayne, N.C., T-478) on 11 Feb 1811. Hearing of their brother's decision, all of Francis's siblings also decided to move.

Beginning on 27 July 1811 with the arrival of Benjamin Thomas, one by one, the children of John Thomas were received at White Water M.M., in the town of Richmond, in newly formed Wayne County, Indiana. John and Molly also made the journey and were received at White Water M.M. on 30 Oct 1813. John Thomas died on the eleventh month of 1814, and was buried at New Garden Friends Cemetery in Indiana. Living a long life, his wife Molly would become an elder at New Garden before joining her husband in 1840. Of note is the bronze replacement marker pictured above that lists Isaac Clark as Molly's father. Isaac was not Molly's father.

From Young's Wayne County Indiana History, written in 1872, "Probably no other head of a family, with perhaps a single exception, ever came to this county, whose descendants outnumber those of John Thomas. ...and that this family has contributed largely to the population of another county of this state; and, we doubt not, to be the better class of its citizens." The following provides a sketch of the lives and accomplishments of the descendants of John and Molly Thomas.


Isaac Thomas was born on 26 Nov 1767, in Anson County , N.C. He married Rachel Knight on 3 Feb 1791 at Piney Grove Meetinghouse. Rachel Knight was born on 19 Oct 1771, the daughter of Solomon and Elizabeth Knight.

They requested membership to White water M.M., Indiana on 18 Sep 1813. Traveling with Brother Elijah, these combined families were the last of John and Molly's children to leave for Indiana. Isaac purchased land along Nolen's Fork beside his brothers. He farmed, and was active at New Garden. His children would play leading role in settling the area.

Isaac died on 7 Jan 1855 and is buried at New Garden Cemetery, Ind. The children of Isaac and Rachel were:

1.Solomon Thomas b. 25 Nov 1792 in Richmond Co., N.C., married on 23 Apr 1812 at Piney Grove, to Anna Morris b. 26 Aug 1794. They moved to Wayne Co., Indiana and attended New Garden M. M. The nearby town of Newport (later Fountain City) was laid off by Solomon Thomas and Reddon Chance on 15 Sep 1818. Solomon was the first merchant and cabinetmaker in Newport. He was the first Postmaster from 23 Aug 1824 until 1828. Solomon and Anna moved to Fairmont in nearby Grant Co. in 1830 where he operated a mill and Tannery. He laid out the Union Cemetery where many of his descendants would be buried. Anna died ca. 1855 and Solomon died in 1869. Both are buried at Back Creek Friends Cemetery in Grant Co., Ind. Their children were: (A)Mary Ann b. 29 June 1813 married on 8 Sep 1831 in Grant Co., to Caleb Smith, (B)Hannah b. 9 Sep 1815, married, (C)Edney b. 23 Jul 1817, (D)Isaac M. b. 10 Mar 1819, (E)Sophronia, (F)Martha, (G)Anna, (H)Soloman, Jr., (I)Nelson, (J)John, (K)Nathan, and (L)Rachel.
2. Betty Thomas b. 17 Dec 1794, married on 23 Dec 1819 at New Garden, Ind., to William Way b. 6 July 1795. William and Betty moved to Wisconsin . Their children were (A)Isaac T. b. 28 Apr 1820, (B) Achsahanna b. 29 Jan 1822, (C) Abigail b. 21 Mar 1827, (D)William b. 23 Oct 1829, and (E)Lydia b. 10 Nov 1833.
3. Molly Thomas b. 14 Dec 1797, married Eli Moorman.
4. Achsah Thomas b. 16 Jun 1800, married on 26 May 1831 at New Garden, Ind., to Henry Hill (his second wife), b. After his first wife died, Henry Hill brought Achsah to his home in Randolph County, Ind., where they attended the Jericho Friends Friend's Meetinghouse. Achsah died on 29 Sep 1835, and was buried at Jericho Friends Cemetery. She had no children.
4. Rachel Thomas b. 15 Aug. 1802, married on 23 Nov 1820 at New Garden, Ind., to Elijah Cox. They also removed to Randolph, Co., where they too attended Jericho Friends M.H.
5. John Thomas b. 15 Sep 1806
6. Sara Thomas b. 22 Aug 1809
7. Anna Thomas b. 21 Jun 1816 in Ind., married on 22 May 1839 at Newport M.H. to Asa Jessop.


John Thomas, Jr. was born on 28 Mar 1769 in Anson Co., N.C. As recorded in the minutes of New Garden M.M., John was disowned on 25 Aug 1792 for marring out of unity. A marriage bond for John and Lydia in Richmond County dated 27 Feb 1792 supports this. Lydia Snead was the daughter of Hendley and Mary Burfod Snead. On 28 Jan 1797, Lydia and John were granted certificate to Deep River M.M. Piney Grove Preparatory meeting was under the jurisdiction of Deep River M.M., so this is when John returned to Anson County. They lived at ???until hearing of his brother Francis's plan to move to Indiana. On 16 Feb 1811 John, Jr., and his younger brother Benjamin were granted certificate to a M. M. in Ohio. John was received at Fairmont M.M., Oh., on 25 May 1811, and his Certificate was forwarded to White Water M. M. in Indiana. Though their member ship was received at White water M.M. on 30 Nov 1811, John and his family remained in Ohio for a year or so, until the Indian wars were settled. He eventually settled near his family just east of Newport, Indiana, before requesting membership to White River M.M. in Grant Co., Ind. on 20 Mar1830. Near the town of Marion, he farmed on land bought from Silas Overman. John died on 27 Jan 1847, and Lydia died on 17 Mar 1855. Both were buried at Mississinewa-Marion Cemetery in Grant Co., Ind. Their children are:

1. Polly (Mary) Thomas b. 19 Dec 1792 married on 4 Nov 1812 at Whitewater M.H., to Eli Overman b. 16 Feb 1785. Their children were: (A)Stephen Overman b. 6 Sep 1814, married on 18 Aug 1836 to Polly Moorman, (B)John Overman b. 21 Mar 1816, married on 24 Dec 1836 to Ann McCracken b. 21 Feb 1820, (C)Jesse Overman b. 30 Nov 1817, married in Mar 1839 to Sally Clark, (D)Ephriam Overman b. 22 Sep 1819, married in Aug 1841 to Martha Ann Jones, (E)Joel Overman b. 11 May 1822, d. 9 Oct 1901, married on 20 Oct 1841 to Mary Smith, (F)Rachel Overman b. 13 Sep 1826, d. 26 Oct 1859, married Ephriam Smith.
2. James Thomas b.24 Aug 1794, d. 21 April 1807.
3. Jesse Thomas b.9 Sep 1796, d. 31 Mar 1859, married Hannah Cox b. 15 Aug 1798. There children were:(A) Jeremiah Thomas b. 19 Aug 1820 d. 24 Mar 1874, married on 20 May 1840 to Elizabeth Hollingsworth b. 25 Nov 1824, (B)Amy Thomas b. 22 Jun 1822 d. 22 Jan 1823, (C)Enoch Thomas b. 21 Oct 1823 d. 1912, married on 25 Sep 1843 at Chester M.H. to Jane Vowtaw b. 11 Jul 1820, (D)Eli Thomas b. 31 Aug 1825 d. 1918, married Millie Wilcutts b. 16 May 1825, (E)Huldah Thomas b. 15 Mar 1827 d. 30 Jul 1853, married on 19 Nov 1845 to Jacob Vowtaw, (F)Mary Thomas b. 11 Jan 1829 d. 30 Apr 1906, married to George Shugart, (G)John Thomas, b. 27 Mar 1831, married to Eunice Hollingsworth, (H)Nathan Thomas b. 23 Sep 1832 d. 2 Jun 1833, (I)Jesse b. 9 Oct 1835 d. 5 Mar 1836, (J)Robert Thomas b. 25 Apr 1837 d. 7 Aug 1880, married to Sarah Modlin, (K)Hannah Thomas b. 27 Aug 1839, married Samual Satterthwait, and (L)Noah b. 4 Feb 1842, married Palina Modlin.
4. Hannah Thomas b. 4 Nov 1798, reported for marrying out of unity at New Garden, Ind., on 15 Jul 1820. She married Richard Jones b. 20 Jul 1799. Their children were:(A)Ruth Jones b. 15 Feb 1821, (B)Lydia Jones b. 11Jun 1822, married on 23 Oct 1839 to John Hollingsworth, (C)Jimima Jones b. 19 Aug 1823, (D)Daniel Jones b. 18 Aug 1825, married on 18 Sep 1845 to Declvia Hutchins, (E)Hulda Jones b. 1 Nov 1826, married on 25 June 1845 to Eli Hollingsworth, (F)Ann Jones b. 28 Jan 1829, (G)Polly Jones b. 23 May 1830, (H)John Jones b. 14 Apr 1832, married on 25 Sep 1850 to Sarah Overman, Hannah Jones,Jr. b. 2 Jan 1835, married on 20 Mar 1850 to Enoch Overman, and Richard Jones,Jr. b.13 Nov 1835.
5. Nanney Thomas b. 27 Oct 1800, married on 25 Nov 1819 at New Garden, Ind. to Aaron Morris b. 4 Jan 1797. Their children were: (A)William Morris b. 31 Aug 1820, (B)John Morris b. 22 Nov 1821, (C)Anna Morris b. 19 Apr 1823, (D)Jesse Morris b. 13 Jan 1826, and Hannah Morris b. 18 Sep 1827.
6. Lydia Thomas b. 19 Mar 1803, married on 22 Nov 1821 at New Garden M.H., Ind., to John Pierson
7. Ruth Thomas b. 1 Apr 1805 d. 23 Apr 1806.
8. Hendley Thomas b. 22 May 1807, married Polly Hunt. Their children were: (A)Lydia Thomas b. 5 Jun 1835, (B)Hannah Thomas b. 28 Aug 1838, (C)John Thomas b. 13 Oct 1840, (D)William Thomas b. 13 Oct 1840, (E)Henley Thomas b. 22 Mar 1843, (F)Henry Thomas b. 13 Oct 1840, (G)Polly Thomas b. 1 Apr 1847, and (H)Zeri Thomas b. 22 Aug 1849.
9. Huldah Thomas b. 7 Apr 1809, married on 17 Oct 1825 at New Garden, Ind., to Levi Pearson.
10.William Thomas b. 10 May 1818, married first in Civil marriage about July 1839 to Martha Addington b. 2 Nov 1822 d. 28 July 1861. William married second on 12 Dec 1865 to Pharaba Wilson (no issue) at Back Creek M.H. The children of William and Martha were: (A)Henry Thomas b. 12 Jan 1840, married Elvira Lane, (B)John Thomas b. 26 Jun 1842 married Mary Beatty, (C)Jesse Thomas b. 17 Oct 1844, d. 9 Nov 1845, (D)Calvin Thomas b. 10 Jone 1847 d. 12 Jun 1847, (E)Lydia Thomas b. 2 Aug 1849, (F)Elizabeth Thomas b. 28 1851, Mary Thomas b. 27 Oct 1853, (G) Clarkson Thomas b. 15 Aug 1855, (H)Hannah Thomas b. 20 Mar 1856, and Lucy Ann Thomas b. 9 Jan 1859.
11. Noah Thomas b. 10 May 1818 d. 23 Dec 1892, married on 14 Dec 1836 to Elizabeth Overman b. 1 Jun 1820. Their children were: (A)Elwood Thomas b. 25 Jan 1841 d. 27 May 1841, (B)Emily Thomas b. 21 Apr 1843, married to Isaac Hollingsworth, (C)Ephriam C. Thomas b. 20 Jan 1846 d. 13 Jun 1913, married to Rose Snodgrass, (D)Huldah Thomas b. 21 Jun 1848 d. 22 Oct 1876, married William Yates, (E)Phaba Thomas b. 18 Jul 1850 d. 21 Apr 1881, married Jesse McCoy, (F)Robert Barclay Thomas b. 20 Dec 1852, (G)Clarkson Thomas b. 15 Aug 1855 d. 17 Jan 1857, and (H)William Thomas b. 15 Apr 1859 d. 18 Aor 1859.


Betty Thomas was born on 26 Dec 1770. While living in Guilford Co. with her parents Betty married Moses Mendenhall at New Garden M.H. on 13 Jan 1790. Moses was born on 18 Dec 1767, the son of Moses and Dinah Rudduck Mendenhall. They attended Springfield M.M. in Guilford Co. until Moses died on 28 Apr 1805. Betty and the children requested certificate to Piney Grove M.M. on 3 Jan 1807. Betty was received at Piney Grove(under her husband's name) on 19 Dec 1807. When Betty's daughter was married in 1811, the entry lists the parents as Dec'd. Though Betty never made it to Indiana, most of her children would. They are:

1. Francis Mendenhall b. 19 Nov 1790 d. Franklin Ind., married an Albertson.
2. Alice Mendenhall b. 15 Oct 1791, married on 21 Mar 1811 at Piney Grove M.H. to Elick Beauchamp. requesting certificate for White water M.M., Ind., on 21 Nov 1812, Ellick died before reaching Indiana. Alice remarried to Nathan Jessup and both died in Henry Co., Ind.
3. Mary Mendenhall b. 5 Mar 1793 died unmarried in North Carolina.
4. Rebecca Mendenhall b. 21 Jan 1797, married Mathew Beauchamp, lived in Grant Co., Ind.
5. Dinnah Mendenhall b. 21 Jan 1797, married a man named Spray , both died in Ohio.
6. Moses Menndenhall b. 7 Dec 1800, married Margery Buckingham and both died in Randolph Co., Ind.
7. Ziba Mendenhall b. 12 June 1804 d. 27 Apr 1806.


While living in or near Anson County , N.C., Mary was born in June of 1773 and died on 11 Jul 1775. Her sister Rebeckah was born on 21 Mar 1775 and is believed to have died young.


Elijah was born on 19 Jan 1777, probably in Anson County , N.C. Elijah married Sussanah Snead, the sister of his brother's wife. and like his brother, in the records of Deep River M.M., Elijah Thomas was disowned on 5 Nov 1798, for marrying out of unity. Since at this time, the Piney Grove preparatory Meeting was recorded at Deep River M. M., Elijah was probably married in the vacinity of Piney Grove. Elijah and family requested certificate to Whitewater M.M., Ind. on 19 Feb 1814, and were received on 28 May 1814. The birth of his son Henley probably delayed Elijah's removal to Indiana. By 1815 he had settled near Newport and was attending meetings with his brothers at New Garden M.M. Before 1830 he built a sawmill just north of Newport. The mill was in operation long after he left in 1837 for Mississinewa M.M. in Grant Co., Ind. Their children were:

1. Daniel Thomas b. 3 Jul 1798 in Richmond Co., N.C. d. 13 Feb 1883 in Grant Co., Ind. On 23 May 1822 he married at Cherry Grove M.H. in Randolph Co. Ind., to Rachil Way b. 22 Oct 1804. In 1847 Daniel and Rachil were disowned for being out of unity. There are no further Quaker records of this family. Their children were:(A) Sarah Thomas b. 28 May 1823, (B)Tamer Thomas b. 12 Jan 1825, (C)Orpha Thomas b. 9 May 1827, (D)Charlotte Thomas b. 12 June 1829, (E)Amos Thomas, b. 14 Aug 1831, (F) Mary Thomas b. 3 Nov 1833, and (G)Joseph Thomas b. 28 12 1835
2. Mary Thomnas b. 13 Nov 1799, married on 16 Oct 1845 at Mississinewa M.H. to Reuben Edgerton.
3. Enos Thomas b. 6 Jul 1801 d. Oct 1801. He was buried at Piney Grove M.H., S.C.
4. Simeon Thomas b. 29 Jul 1803 , married first on 17 Sep 1825 at Milford M.H., to Olive Elliott b. 10 Apr 1806. Their chidden were:(A)Ruth Thomas b. 14 Oct 1826, married on 20 May 1846 to Exum Elliot, (B)Henry Thomas b. 30 Apr 1828, married on 23 Sep 1846 to Lydia Elliott, (C)Susannah Thomas b. 16 Jul 1830, married Benjamin B, Lamb, (D)Elwood Thomas b. 26 Feb 1834 d. 21 Aug 1835, bur. Duck Creek M.H., (E)Melinda b. 2 Dec 1835. After Olive died in Henry Co. before 1837, Simeon married Esther Coats and moved to Grant Co. Their children were:(A)Nathan Thomas b. 18 Mar 1841, (B)Ezra Thomas b. 20 Jan 1843, and (C)Wilson Thomas b, 5 Aug 18 d. 25 Sep 1844. In 1854, Daniel removed to Birch Creek M.M. in Michigan.
5. Arza Thomas b. 5 Apr 1805 d. Jul 1805. She was buried at Piney Grove M.H. in S. C.
6. Samual Thomas b. 27 April 1807, married on 26 Jun 1828 at New Garden M.H., Sarah Bogue. they lived in the Mississinewa community of Grant Co., before removing in 1842 to Birch Lake M.M., Michigan.
7. Elijah Thomas, Jr. b. 19 Feb 1809 d. 22 Jan 1849 bur. at Mississinewa M.H. He married on 6 Dec 1832 at Duck Creek M.H. in Henry County, to Christina Presnall b. 30 Dec 1812. Their children were: (A)Elvy Thomas b. 9 Feb 1834, (B)Alfred Thomas b. 21 Aug 1836 d. 16 Nov 1838, (C)James Thomas b. 19 Feb 1839 d. 16 Jul 1838, (D)Ezra Thomas b. 18 Dec 1840, (E)Henry Thomas b. 21 Oct 1843, and (F)Reuben Thomas b. 12 Nov 1846.
8. Milton Thomas b. 6 Jul 1811. On 19 Mar 1838 he was condemned at Mississinewa M.M., for marrying contrary to Discipline. No Further records.
9. Henley Thomas b. 18 May 1813 was the last of Elijah's children to be born in the Piney Grove community of S.C. He must have been the wild one of the family as he was reprimanded several times. On 13 Sep 1832 in the minutes of New Garden M.M, he was disowned for drinking spirituous liquor and for attending places of diversion. He removed to Iowa.
10. Snead Thomas b. 16 May 1815 in Wayne Co., Ind., married on 18 Jan 1836 at Mississinewa M.H. to Miriam Lamb. Requested Westfield MM. After her death he married Sarah Arnold and lived in Howard Co.
11. Isaac Thomas b. 16 Apr 1817, married on 22 Dec 1841 at Mississinewa M.H. to Eliza Jones. removed to Mill creek MM.
12. Susannah Thomas b. 27 May 1819, On 19 May 1843 she was disowned for joining the splinter anti- slavery friends meeting. No further record.
13. John Thomas b. 6 Feb 1821, married contrary to discipline and removed to Iowa.


Named after his grandfather, Stephen Thomas was born on 23 Feb 1779, in the Piney Grove community on the N.C. and S.C. border. He and his family removed to Guilford Co., N.C., from 1782 to 1794, before returning to the Piney Grove Community. Stephen journeyed back to Guilford Co., where at Deep River M.H., he married Hannah Mendenhall on 9 Feb 1804. Hannah was born on 26 Jul 1780, the daughter of Elijah and Mary Mendenhall. The last of John and Molly's children to request certificate, dated 19 Mar 1814, to White Water M.M., Ind. Along with brothers Elijah and Isaac, Stephen was received at White Water M.M. on 28 May 1814. Stephen and his family settled in New Garden Township where he was a farmer, tinner, mechanic and cabinetmaker. He was an active member at New Garden MeetingHouse where on 4 Dec 1844 he was buried. His wife Hannah was buried beside him on 6 Feb 1871. Their children were:

1. Mary Thomas b. 20 Dec 1804 in N.C., married on 28 May 1829 an New Garden M.H. to Thomas Hobson. They removed to Grant Co. where he died. Mary was bitten by a rattlesnake and died on 8 Aug 1834.
2. Sarah Thomasb. 3 Jan 1807 d. 3 Mar 1868, married on 24 May 1827 at New Garden M.H. to Lewis Moorman b. 29 Jan 1805. They lived in Grant Co.
3. Selah (Celia) Thomas b. 21 Nov 1808, requested marriage on the same day as her sister Sarah. Celia married Isaac Schooly they removed to Grant Co.
4. Charles Thomas b. 15 Oct 1810 d. 22 Oct 1886 Madison Co., Iowa, married first on 14 Jul 1831 at Cherry Grove M.H. to Nancy Moorman. Their children were: (A)Jesse Thomas b. 8 Jul 1832 d. 13 Jul 1833, (B)Sidney Thomas b. 228 Nov 1833, (C)Levi Thomas b. 29 Mar 1835 d. 4 Oct 1836, (D)Peter Thomas b. 27 Feb 1837 d. 4 Mar 1884, married to Pricilla E. contrary to discipline as reported 18 Apr 1862, (E) Stephen Thomas b. 22 Nov 1839, married contrary to discipline on 16 Feb 1859 to Anna Horn, (F)Mark Thomas (G)Mary Thomas, (H)Daniel Thomas, and (I)Amanda. After the death of Nancy , Charles married on 20 Jan 1872 at New Garden M.H. to Isabel Maxwell. Charles was an n abolitionist and member of "The Underground Railroad." About 1872 the family removed to North Branch M.M. in Iowa, where he and his son Mark founded the Exchange Bank of Earlham, Iowa.
5. Nancy Thomas b. 12 Nov 1812 was the last of Stephen's children to be married in N.C. She married David Little and died in Randolph Co.
6. Lydia Thomas b. 25 Dec 1814 d. 21 May 1899, married in 1833 to Thomas Baldwin. She and her husband were buried at the I.O.O.F. cemetery in Marion County, Indiana.
7. Daniel Thomas b. 29 Jul 1819 d. 1 Nov 1880, married on 25 Jul 1844 at Back Creek M.H. to Eleanor Newby b. 2 Nov 1825. Their children were: (A)Mary Thomas b. 12 Jul 1845 d. 9 Sep 1851 bur. Back Creek MH, (B)Charles Thomas b. 25 Aug 1847, (C)Nancy Thomas b. 14 Nov 1849, (D)Stephen Thomas b. 26 Aug 1852 d. 19 Feb 1854 bur, Back Creek MH, (E)William Thomas b. 11 Feb 1855, and (F)Emily Thomas b. 16 Sep 1858.
8. Camm Thomas b. 13 Mar 1823, married on 26 Sep 1842 at Chester MH to Priscilla Crampton. During the gold rush of 1849 they headed west and finally settled in Elwood in Gasper County, Nebraska. /He died 2 Dec 1901.



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