Lewis Thomas was born in Queen Anne's County, Maryland on 10 May 1750. After his mother died, Lewis moved to North Carolina with family in the 1760's. When his father died in 1774, Lewis purchased three yards of linen from the Sale of the Estate. He was soon married to Agness Breedon, as their first child was born in Nov 1775. Together, Lewis and Agnes would have thirteen children. Agnes was born on 6 Oct 1752.

Lewis received a land grant, dated 13 Jan 1773, for 200 acres on the head of William's Branch situated on the West Side of the Pee Dee River. On 11 Apr 1774 he purchased land on Jones Creek (Anson K, 98) from William Pratt. He later sold the land on Jones Creek to Robert Phillips on 22 Jun 1779, after receiving a grant for 200 acres, dated 30 Jan 1779. This land was situated west of the Gum Swamp along Bear Creek. It was near Piney Grove meeting house and adjoined lands of his older brother John, and later, that of brothers James and Benjamin.

Lewis Thomas moved his family to Guilford County, N.C. where he purchased on 16 Aug 1783 from Peter King, Jr., 172 acres on the Reedy Fork of the Haw River. The family attended Deep River Preparatory Meeting until on 27 Dec 1787, Lewis and wife Agnes sold the land in Guilford County to Henry Smith.

On 25 Jan 1791, Lewis Thomas, carpenter of Marlborough Co., S.C., purchased 200 acres east of The Great Pee Dee River and adjoining Hog Pen Pond. On 3 Jun 1792, he sold "the land and plantation to Zachariah Moorman, where "said Moorman now liveth". Lewis's daughter, Mary, had probably just married Zachariah's son Edward.

On 3 Jan 1815, Lewis Thomas of Richmond Co., N.C. sold to Daniel Evans 210 acres in northeast Marlborough Co., S.C. This land was situated very near Piney Grove MH and was bounded by the N.C. State Line and the channel of Panther Creek.

Dated 18 Feb 1815 in the minutes of Piney Grove MM, the families of Lewis Thomas, Sr., and sons Tilden and Stephen were granted certificate to Lick Creek MM in Washington County, Indiana. On 4 Mar 1815, Lewis sold a remaining tract on Joe's creek to Nelson Gibson. The family would journey to a hilly land situated in the southern tier of the newly formed State of Indiana.

In Washington County, Indiana, the inhabitants of the Lick creek Quaker community lived peaceably with a rather large population of Indians and French immigrants. Due to the influx of Quakers, Washington County was divided. The Quakers named the new county after Orange Co. N.C., in which the parent Cane Creek MM was located. And, in he mid 1800's this community became a southern gateway for the famed "Underground Railroad". In Quaker tradition, Lewis wrote his
Last Will in Testament on "the third day of the fourth month 1826". It was probated on 7 Dec 1826. Though no markers remain from this early date, it is believed that Lewis Thomas was buried at Lick Creek MH. From the inventory made by son Tilden and others; Lewis owned an "18 gallon Kittle, four brew stands, two tight barrels, and one mash tub". It was acceptable for a Quaker to make small amounts of "spirituous Liquor" for medicinal purposes.


She was born 21 Nov 1775 in the part of Anson County that is now Richmond County. Dated 4 Sep 1794 in the minutes of Deep River MM, Mary Thomas received membership into the Quaker Church at Piney Grove preparatory meeting. On 8 May 1800, she became the second wife of Edward Moorman. He was born on 19 Mar 1768, the son of Zachariah and Mary Moorman. Edward died 4 Mar 1810, leaving Mary with five children from their own marriage. They were:

1. Agnes Moorman b. 6 Mar 1801, married on 23 Oct 1828 at Beech Grove MH to Jonathan Frazier.
2. Zachariah Moorman b. 19 Jul 11803,
3. Lewis Moorman b. 29 Jan 1805,
4. John Moorman b. 4 Apr 1807 d. 25 Dec 1810.
5. Mary Moorman b. 29 Jan 1809 d. 25 May 1813.

Mary Moorman and children Agnes, Zachariah, and Lewis were received on 27 May 1815 at Lick Creek MM in Indiana. On 4 Jun 1817, at Lick Creek MH, she remarried to William Trueblood, Sr. b. 21 Nov 1760. William Trueblood had at least nine children from two previous wives, and was active in the Quaker Church. There is no further record of children born by Mary. William died in 1830 and Mary's death date is unknown.


Anne was born on 16 May 1779 in Richmond County, N. C. She moved with her parents to Guilford County, and then back to Richmond County. She married Daniel Lambdin. I have found no record of their marriage or involvement in the N.C. Quaker Church. Daniel Lambdin did purchase from Thomas Willcutts in Sep 1795, ninety acres on Panther Creek. Dated 16 Oct 1807, Daniel Lambden sold to Lewis Thomas 120 acres comprising of two tracts on Joe's Creek. This land was on the N. C. and S. C. border in a part of Richmond County that would later become Scotland County. The deed was witnessed by Lewis's sons Joseph an Tilden. Daniel and Anne(Anna) next show up in the birth and marriage records of Lick Creek MM. The birth record for Anna Lambdin matches that from Piney Grove MM in N.C. Anna died on 29 Aug 1829, and was buried at Beech Grove Friends Cemetery, along with many of her descendants. Daniel joined Anna on May 1839. Their children were:

1. Trustrum Lambdin b. 1796
2. Sarah Lambdin b. 1797
3. Mary Lambdin b. 1800
4. Daniel Lambdin, Jr. b. 2 Mar 1802 d. 3 Jan 1887 bur Providence Cemetery in Paoli Indiana, married Rhonda Stone b. 1810. Their children were: (A)Ransom Lambdin b. 1828; (B)Silas Calvin Lambdin b. 1 Apr 1835; (C)Amos M. Lambdin b. 1836; (D)Winford b. 1838; and (E)Kelton Lambdin.
5. David Lambdin b. 1803 d 1869 bur Abedell, In. married to Rosanna Pinnick b. 1802 d. 1865. Their children were; (A)Robert N. Lambdin b. 1831; (B)Lucindah b. 1834; (C)Daniel S. Lambdin b. 1835; (D)Isiah Lambdin b. 1836.
6. Lewis Lambdin b. 1805;
7. Robert Lambdin b. 1807;
8. Silas Lambdin b. 25 May 1810 d. Marengo, In., ,married to Rebecca Sloan b. 1815 d. 1845. Their children were: (A)Jane Lambdin; (B)Ben Franklin Lambdin b. 1833; (C)Mary E. Lambdin b. 1839; (D)Henry Clay Lambdin b. 4 Oct 1842.
9. Agnes Lambdin b. 1812
10. William Lambdin b. 28 May 1814 d. 6 Apr 1881 bur Crawford City , Indiana.
11. James Runson Lambdin b. 1819.
12. Isiah Lambdin b. 1819.
13. Annie Lambdin b. 1821


Agnes was born on 26 Sep 1778 in Guilford County. After returning to the piney Grove community with her parents, Agnes, Jr. had a child without being married. She died on 27 Oct 1799, either giving birth or shortly after. Her son Lewis Huckeby was received into the Quaker church at the request of his grandfather, Lewis Thomas.

1. Lewis Huckeby married Margaret ca. 1823. He was granted certificate to Honey Creek in 1823 and returned with his wife Margaret.


Joseph Thomas was born 20 Jan 1780 in Richmond County. He moved to Guilford County with his parents and returned with them to Richmond County after 1787. From the minutes of Deep River MM dated 4 Feb 1802, Joseph married Hannah Wheeler in Guilford County. A month later, with Hannah requesting membership to Piney Grove MM, they returned south to the Thomas lands. On 26 Jan 1807, Joseph purchased 150 acres from his father, and 50 adjoining acres from Luke Robinson. The land was situated on the banks of Panther Creek near the State line in Marlborough County, S.C. On 1 Oct 1810, Joseph and family moved back to Guilford County, and was received into Deep River MM. He purchased from James Mendenhall and Caleb Garrett, dated 14 Feb 1811, land on the East Side of the South Fork of the Deep River. Joseph and wife Hannah sold land on McCurry's Creek on 17 Nov 1832 to Nathan Guyer. On 6 Aug 1835, they were granted certificate to White Lick MM in Morgan County, Indiana. He sold remaining land on Deep river to Job S. Elliot on 16 May 1835. Their children were:

1. Anna Thomas b. 20 Nov 1802 received with parents on 7 Apr 1838 at Vermillion MM.
2. Manlove W. Thomas b. 22 Oct 1804 d. 1894 bur Arba Cem., married out of unity in 1825 to Polly and journeyed to Indiana in 1836. Polly [Mary] was a minister. Mainly in Wayne County, Indiana, this family frequently moved. Their children were: (A)William Penn Thomas b. about 1827, married on 30 Aug 1854 at White Water MH to Phebe Ann Jenkins, disowned for joining an Anti Slavery Society; (B)Elihu Thomas; (C)Joushua C. Thomas b. 17 Nov 1830 d. 17 Aug 1884 bur Arba Cem., Wayne Co., married in 1855 to Mary B. Fulghum b. 11 Dec 1834 d. 22 Mar 1876; (D)Cyrus Thomas.
3. Stephen Thomas b. 9 Jun 1807 d. 3 Sep 1839 bur New Garden Cem, married on 18 Nov 1830 at Deep River MH in Guilford Co., N.C. to Sarah Morrow. They left for New Garden MM in Indiana in 1836. Their children were: (A)Martha H. Thomas b. 2 Sep 1831 N.C., married on 4 Aug 1866 to Daniel Jones as in records of Pipe Creek, Miami Co., Ind ; (B)Henry Thomas b. 21 Oct 1833(C)John Franklin Thomas b. 17 Apr 1837.
4. Lewis Thomas b.7 Mar 1818 received with father on 7 Apr 1838 at Vermillion MM
5. Agga [Agnes]Thomas b. 1 Sep 1819 received w parents on 7 Apr 1838 at Vernillion MM.



The Last Will and Testament of Lewis Thomas


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