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Real Stories of Real Gliders who have Fought to Live.....

If we can save the life of just one glider, by people telling their stories, then this page is well worth it. So many times we take things for granted, our gliders, their diets, pets, the safety in the home....The people writing these stories are real, they are people just like you and me, nothing fabulous, or special about them, they are not famous, they were not necessarily neglectful, many times it is because a person loves their glider so much, that they just want them to be happy. Some of these stories will touch you, right at home. You will be able to relate to many of them. I know I did. I know what they were feeling, and how much they loved, and still do, their pets. How the owners fight so hard to keep their babies alive. The anger, the frustrations. This page is UPDATED often.

Last update 02/07/2001
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Please understand, The people that do send their stories in, are doing it in hopes of helping to save other gliders. Under no condition, condemn them for their stories. If you wish to email them regarding helping you or your vet with a similar problem, you may do so. But it takes a lot sometimes to admit you have made a mistake, but then to come back and repeat their story, is even harder. To all the people that have submitted their story in hopes to save another.. WE ALL  THANK YOU....

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  • Undiagnosed problems - these are common, as sad as it is. With gliders being so new to the veterinarians and so few knowing how to diagnosed let alone treat the problems, many times the glider dies. With that we have the adding, of people not wanting to let go after their death for necropsy's, so we all could learn more. Gliders have a tendency to hide their illnesses, in the wild, an ill glider is a dead one. So many times the window between symptoms and death is very small, as little as only a few hours. Seemingly healthy gliders, up playing , gliding, and running, and only a few hours later finding them dead on the bottom of the cage. We all can not stress enough how important it is to have a vet you can call at any time day or night. Since gliders are nocturnal, you may only see the onset of symptoms in the middle of the night when they are up playing. If you notice a weight loss of any kind, please get them to a vet..any signs of "not normal" have it checked out..
  • Godae - this is a story of a rescue glider who was showing signs of HLP
  • Tinkerbelle - unknown causes
  • Ouija - fluid in the chest cavity
  • 2males-undiagnosed in a colony situation
  • Lil Gremlin- undiagnosed possibly stress related
  • Beau-undiagnosed
  • Unnamed 4- Glider put down for rabies testing

  • Hind Leg Paralysis - HLP this is a devastating illness that is generally caused by diet, a calcium deficiency. There are , however; other problems that may show the same symptoms.. Vit E deficiency, protein deficiency, too much calcium, vitamins.. etc.. Please do not self diagnose this illness, as it may very well make things worse.

  • Gizmo - Hind leg Paralysis
  • Sasha - Hind leg Paralysis
  • Slater & Patrick - Hind leg Paralysis
  • Rocky - Hind leg Paralysis
  • Sug - Hind leg Paralysis
  • Natasha 2 - Metobolic Bone Disease/Ligament Injury
  • Gizmogal - Hind Leg Paralysis
  • Nero & Nuba - bones hollowed, and broken leg

  • Other Animals - other animals and gliders do not get along as a general rule. Those animals that are not hunted by gliders, are out to eat them. As careful as you can be, accidents will happen, it only takes a second to have a pet turn it's head. Gliders are great escape artist as well. Many times inadvertently leaving the cage unlocked, kids playing around with the cage.. just so many things..

  • BonBon - Bonbon the cat
  • Dizzy - Dog Play
  • GC - Ferrets and Gliders
  • Gizmo 3 - Dog bit leg and broke it
  • Gadget - Cat
  • Jordan - Dog

  • Self Mutilation - This is a very deadly problem, the glider will literally chew themselves to death. Although there has not been a single cause for this problem, it is deadly. There are several reasons for this, For both males and females, it could be stress, urinary tract infection, parasites or a fungus, for females we can add a possible yeast infection, for males we can add sexual frustration, over masturbation. Suggestions for single male gliders is neutering before sexual maturity. These causes are not the only findings, but at least it is a start. By the time a vet gets to see them, much damage has already been done. A vet exam immediately is necessary, if possible an E- collar made of x-ray film with a double layer of moleskin, to protect the edges around the neck, and make it tight enough that they can't get out, but not too tight as to choke them. I suggest staying in the vets office for an hour, to be sure the glider keeps it's collar on. Many times the collar is off by the time the people reach their home. We are currently working with a few vets to find a med. that will keep them from chewing on it.

  • Petey - Self Mutilation
  • Chi Chi - Self Mutilation
  • Wicket - Self Mutilation
  • Critter - Self Mutilation
  • Wicket 2 - Self Mutilation
  • Beemer - Self Mutilation
  • Kaya - Self Mutilation
  • UN-named2 - Self Mutilation

  • Rejected and or Orphaned Joeys - These are Joey's stories that have been rejected, orphaned or sold too early. To hand feed a little joey is NOT suggested, but in some cases, it may be necessary.

  • 3 Joeys - story of 3 joeys rejected by parents
  • Buddy and Belle - tale of 2 rejected joeys and their fight for life
  • Sammy - an orphaned joey after mom hung herself
  • Quinn and Cherise - a pair of orphaned joeys
  • Casper - tale of a joey pulled too early
  • Joey - rejected joey
  • UN-named3 - Rejected Joeys
    Various Injuries - sometimes the owners find things wrong with their gliders for instance, broken bones, tail injuries, cuts, abrasions, dehydration, seizures etc.

    Lumps, Abacuses and growths under the skin - these "bumps" should be treated by a vet. Always have anything that looks suspicious, checked out by a glider knowledgeable vet.

    • Sydney - Lump on back the size of an advil
    • Roseanne - Abscess in jaw area
    • Lucky - pea sized bump under chin
    • Bear - swollen face
    • Dan - swelling on his face
    • Wolve - lump on back the size of a marble that moved
    • Emmy - swelling under eye
    • Boy - Abcess in jaw

    Hazards in and around the home - these are problems that owners have encountered either during play time, or in the cage, Many of these is through unsupervised playtime. Most of these could have been avoided, but the people has chosen to submit their stories in order to save another glider. Some of these gliders have made it. Others were not as fortunate..
    Toilets & Water  Socks, Strings & Chains Bed Buddies Doors & Windows Cars and Trucks
    Houdini Rooey - Sock Charlie - Sleeping Partner Flea - Glider shut in door RM - Under the dash  Smudge - Frost bit Tongue
    Natasha Pumba - Pillow Emily - Sleeping Partner UN-named1 - Glider was shut in a door Salem - Burnt Paws Unnamed 4- Glider put down for rabies testing
    Dunder Champ - Socks Meeko - Sleeping Partner Sookie - Glider gone through Open door Spaz - Under the dash Stud -  Fly Strips
    Stud Patrick - Tail caught in chain Gizmo 2 - Missing Glider Syd - Under the dash Jojo - Hampster Ball
    Sage - String Willow - Lost in a recliner Kiwi - Broken leg
    Toby - Burned on a reptile rock
    Skyler - Forgotten and Burned
    Sugar - Unlocked Cage Door