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Written by Karen

     Charlie was my first glider.  From the minute I first held him, we seemed to have an exceptional bond.  There was no working at the bonding process.  It was just there and saying we were inseparable is an understatement.
     Charlie went everywhere with me - except church - shopping, movies, playing bridge, friends houses and especially school (I work at a private school). The children were fascinated that Charlie would sleep in a little basket on my desk or in my pocket and not have to have a cage.  In fact, the only time
Charlie went in his cage was to use the bathroom. He would play in the bedroom at night and I would find him curled in my neck in the morning.
     One night, however, I couldn't sleep (for the second night) so I took something to help.  I was horrified the next morning to find that Charlie had eventually crawled underneath me, and I had rolled over on him during the night.  It was obvious looking at him that he had not made any sort of a
struggle to free himself.
     The guilt from this is still very much with me. I now have 4 other gliders but they are never allowed to roam unsupervised. Protecting your  beloved SG's from all hazards is so very important.  There
is still a very large hole in my heart for this wonderful little fellow.  I am so sorry Charlie and I still miss you so very much.