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APA Witchlings' Circle

Welcome to the APA's Witchlings' Circle!


Vacation Witchcraft School information here!

What You'll Find in these pages:

  • Reports on Witchling Circles, Rituals, & Meetings
  • Dates & Locations for Upcoming Events
  • Links to APA's PaganKids Pages (Spells & Rituals written by and for children, Pagan Coloring Book)

By request, we're adding reports and info on activities for Witchlings. The concept began at an outdoor meeting at Lake Julian on Mabon 1999, when the children held a ritual of Blessing of the Ducks. Bread was blessed and fed to the ducks by the children.

Each Month, we'll post planned Circles for children, as well as reports on activities. Many of these will be held in the Apple Tree grove at Ginger's home. Contact Ginger for more info. If anyone has an idea for a Circle, or wants to host/sponsor an event, please let us know!

As always, thanks for your feedback and support. We hope to see you at an APA event soon!


Witchling Circle Reports

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