APA Vacation Witchcraft School 2001

The 2001 VWS was held on July 15th at the APA's Apple tree Circle Panatheon. The event was listed right along with the many vacation Bible Schools in the area, in the Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper's religions calendar. The VWS was also filmed by a WLOS TV news crew though the story was not aired, it may be used as file footage in the future.

The event was a great success for the first ever APA VWS. We had about 50 people attending. The children made magic candles, soap Goddesses, and Soap flowers. They also colored in a APA VWS coloring book, and made various other crafts. There was a bon fire with marshmallow roasting, and a cake cutting opening ritual, where the children chanted 'we all come form the Goddess.'

The adults made the vws logo shirts for the kids, and had as much fun as the children enjoying the fellowshipping amoung fellow Pagans.

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