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The Appalachian Pagan Alliance

  • Based in Asheville, in the magical Appalachian Mountains of NC since 1999.We are not as active these days as the ole days, but the APA still have a facebook chat group and hold group lunches on the sabbats. We no longer keep up the newsletters but there are tons of spells and articles worth reading in the old newsletter archives below.
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LOL You Might be a Redneck Pagan If....
Ya'll HAVE to see this!

Newsletter Archives, GOING BACK TO 1999---lots of great book of shadows info!!!

APA News & Activism

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Walter Crane's Four Seasons Painting

Sybilsue, Harmony and Ginger's 'Witchling Circle' March 2014 EGYPT and GREECE trip is featured in the Spring 2014 newsletter

Amethyst, Sybilsue, Harmony, and Ginger's "Witchlings Circle" group trip to Chichen itza Mexico in Feb. 2012 is featured in the Winter 2012 newsletter

Beth and Ginger's APA Ladies Pilgrimage to Greece and Egypt is featured in the Autumn 2011 newsletter

Beth and Ginger's previous Oct. 2010 APA Ladies 'nights' out in Chichen itza, Mexico.

Amethyst, Sybilsue, Harmony and Ginger's 'Witchling Circle' Feb/March 2010 INDIA trip!!!!

Beth and Ginger Held the first overseas
APA's Ladies Night Out event in March 2005
~~~~IN EGYPT!~~~~

Wish y'all other APA ladies could have come with but HEY,
we were in EGYPT, so it's not like we REALLY missed ya! LOL
Ginger & Beth

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