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APA Witchlings' Circle

Welcome to KidSpells!
Written by and for Witchlings!

Welcome to a very special part of the APA
PaganKids pages---the section devoted to spells,
rituals, and other activities that have been
written especially for and by our
little Witchlings!

Please make use of these for your own
children, and please do share spells and other
magickal activities done with the little ones.
There are many spells that can be done on a
child's behalf, such as Naming/Wiccaning,
blessings, healings; plus others that the
Witchlings may create themselves, such as the
Drawing Down the Moon spell featured on our
first KidSpell Page. As we add more material,
this index can be used to access each
spell/ritual or activity.

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KidSpells, Page 1
Drawing Down the Moon
by Ginger and Amethyst Strivelli

Page 2
Witchlings' Sandcasting Spell by Ginger Strivelli

Page 3
Earth Creatures Blessing Incantation by Ginger Strivelli

Page 4
Nightmare Spell by Shannon

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