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The Alchemists Garret

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Purpose of this Site I have, for one reason or another, over the years, had cause to put my thoughts in paper concerning various matters connected with the western hermetic tradition. Most of this material focused on laboratory alchemy, esoteric psychology, and hermetic initiation, as these have been in the past, and still are, the areas I am most active in. Some of the writings I produced before coming online formed the basis of my first website (the garret mark 1), and I added to that base over the years, and continue to, when necessity or the mood move me. So a good amount of the material here is mine, that which comes from other authors is labelled as so.

Disclaimer: I make no apologies for my view of hermeticism, and have no interest in hearing from individuals who strongly oppose my opinions.

Notices: Things that might be of interest to you.

My Masonic Website (Under reconstruction too)  

A bullshit detector How do you find the truth amongst all the garbage in alchemy?

A full outline of alchemical training A list of subject matter to be covered in a full length training course in traditional alchemy.

Outline of Jungian Analysis A very comprehensive overview of Jungian Psychology - a must for any serious occultist.
Levi's paths Levi's attributes of magickal powers to the paths of the Tree of Life.
Esoteric Grade systems A look at the concept of Grading Occult development.
What makes a good student? A quick look at the difficulties of occult learning.
The Alchemical Code (Humor).
Tradition vs Pop occultism A look at the mediocrity of popular occultism as compared with the true hidden tradition.
Fulcanelli A few comments on the identity of Fulcanelli by Joseph Caezza.
Multimedia Gallery Small avi's of lab materials and process, photo's and graphics
The Mages Ethic A copy of the Alchemist Guilds Ethical approach to magick and alchemy.
An Alchemical Lexicon For a greater understanding of specific terminology.
The Ancient Gods A look at psychological archetypes and subpersonalities.
Astral projection Also the astral body and the doctrine of the 4 elements.
Occult Fraternities Some remarks for beginners.
How Does Ritual Work? Some remarks for beginners.
Introduction To Qabala A basic consideration of the subject.
Alchemy and Alchemists What are they?
What is Alchemy? Another paper describing the nature of alchemy is a spiritual discipline.
Looking for a Tutor Some remarks for new seekers.
History of Western Mysteries Rough notes on important dates/events/persons.
Attitude Some remarks about the correct attitude towards occult study.
The Gender Issue in Occult Training A look at the differences in training men and woman.
Success in Alchemy? Has anyone ever succeeded in making the Philosophers Stone? Some quotes and notes on historic and contemporary claims.
Some of the documents below are webpages and some are books (etext) in zipped adobe acrobat reader format.
rosicrucian secrets (Book on R+C Lab Alchemy supposedly by Dee)
triumphal chariot of antimony (Valentines famous work)
philosophers stone - regardie
great art - joseph pernety (An Excellent work on Hermetic Physics)
probatur temporis (Alchemist guild NZ Probation Study Course)
prima alchemae (Alchemist guild NZ Lab Prima)
discipulus inceptor (Alchemist guild NZ Apprentice Study Course)
catena homerii (The Golden Chain Book 1 and 2)
catena homerii (The Golden Chain Book 3)
alchemy ancient and modern (Modern Commentary)
secret wisdom of the qabala  (An excellent book on Qabala by JFC Fuller)
the kybalion  (Probably the only book written describing the basic principles of Hermetic Philosophy)
the great work - intro - chpI - chpII - chpIII - chpIV (by Parush)
Chemical Experiments (By Karl von Eckharthausen) Part I - Part II

Finding a Lab Tutor Some advice.
The Process of the Vegetable Tincture The 'Prima', or first practice, in alchemy
The Primum Ens Melissae An interesting look at an important herbal preparation.
A Book on Long Life A short book by Paracelsus.
The Kerckringer Menstrum (KM) As per the Triumphal Chariot.
Oil of Calcium A simple process for extracting Oil of Calcium
The Kermes of Antimony Philosophic Sulphur from Antimony by alkali.
Elixir of Iron The basics from an old Manuscript.
Elixir of Copper The basics from an old Manuscript.
The Fire Stone From an old Manuscript.
The Philosophic Salt From an old Manuscript.
The Mineral Spirit From an old Manuscript.
The Milk of Sulphur A preparation from Mineral Sulfur.
RoseCroix Great Work The Alchemical Secret of the 29th Degree of the Masonic Rose Croix.
   Wet (acetate) work specific documents
A Stone from Saturn A hint to the wise.

A Work with Saturn (anon) From 'The Rosicrucian Secrets'.
Hollandus on Saturn (His approach to the acetate work)

Das Acetone - Pages: 0-19 - 20-39 - 40-59 - 60-79 (Graphics Scans)
(Possible) The Key to Weidenfeld A few words on the Philosophers Chaos from "The Rosicrucian Secrets"
Weidenfeld 'Secrets of the Adepts' A snippet of an important book I am converting into e-format, which I will post here in full once its finished.

liber secretissimus (George Ripley)
Ripley On Philosophic Mercury 5 Preparations of Philosophic Mercury (graphics scans in a zip file -  339kb)
Ripley on acetates Detail of the acetate process from one of its Masters.
The Philosophers Stone An excerpt from Collecteana Chemica.

Multimedia Gallery Small avi's of lab materials and process, photo's and graphics

   Copyright Parush 1997
   All rights reserved - last update 4th Jan 2002

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