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Websites on alchemy

Triad Publishing (ex-PON website)

Rebis' Website (German)

Alchemy Website (80+ megs of archived alchemical info)

Rubellus Petrinus (Portugese guy interested in alchemy)

Anthony Houses site (messy but has some interesting info)

Stavish's website (few links to info at the bottom) 

Richard and Isabella Ingalese (some answers to an old mystery) 


The 'Have no idea' Category

Luis Lightborne (A good example of the increasing corruption of the tradition by chemists who like having weird hobbies)

ORMES site (Another excellent example of a confused understanding of what alchemy is.)

AlchemyLab (the 'put it in a box and sell it' category)



Springfield Scientific Supplies (USA)

Lab-x (To find lab gear)

Hot Glass (Glassblowing/lampworking)

Alchemical Related Information Resources

Kessinger Publishing (Excellent source for rare alchemical literature)

The Watchers Chemistry Works

The Art of Distillation (original copy of the book)
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