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He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings

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Although some people say he's just a crazy guy
To me he means a million other things
For he's the one who taught this happy heart of mine to fly
He wears a pair of silver wings 

And though it's pretty tough, the job he does above
I wouldn't have him change it for a king
An ordinary fellow in a uniform I love
He wears a pair of silver wings

 Why, I'm so full of pride when we go walking
Every time he's home on leave
He with those wings on his tunic
And me with my heart on my sleeve

 But when I'm left alone and we are far apart
I sometimes wonder what tomorrow brings
For I adore that crazy guy who taught my happy heart
To wear a pair of silver wings


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-Artist: Kay Kyser as sung on "The Best Years Of Our Lives"
-peak Billboard position # 1 for 4 weeks in 1942
-competing version by Dinah Shore charted at # 16
-Words by Eric Maschwitz and Music by Michael Carr

"The Girl He Left Behind"

Eddie's Fiancee'

Eddie asked Sada to marry him at the train station upon leaving for active war duty --- destination Kimbolton, UK.  Eddie promised they would
marry on his return.