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Following the Paper trail . . .
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Note:  The family only knew that the plane disappeared into the clouds ... we are trying to find out " what happened," if anyone knows anything please contact us with any information you may have, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you

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Our initial search was posting a message on the 8th AF Message Board where we were directed to contact "Maxwell AF Base" to get the MACR Report and  to contact an outfit called "Accident Reports".

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Keith E. Collier, Capt. USAF/Chief, Missing Persons Team where my request for information was forwarded to the Army Total Army Personnel.

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A "break".  A response from the message board.  However the information is wrong.  He stated that the plane (2nd line) was from the 524BS then to the 526th Bomb Sq.  which cannot be . . . the plane was ditched and never recovered so it could not have gone to 526th.  Will have to contact this person to see where he received his information.

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Response from the message board

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Message from Aviation Archives

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A response concerning plane recovery.   Note:  Plane & Crew never recovered.

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An eyewitness response.  A crew member who flew on the same mission as Crew 118.

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More information from the eyewitness.

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Another name and address to follow up on.