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Wellknown Malmöprofiles

Pegasus with Kronprinsen behind The story of the bewinged horse Pegasus, who was lent to Bellerofon to fight against a horrible monster, has been reproduced by Carl Milles in the lift of victory, when Bellerofon steers Pegasus right up in the sky. A sculpture where colours of the sky and space are background. Pegasus is a symbol for freedom of the thought, with its flight away to the unknown. The statue is located in Slottsparken. Another copy is found in  Iowa where an indian chief once asked Milles of the target for the trip of the winged horse. He got the answer: "Pegasus flies to the great God to ask for advice. We should all fly there some time, if we obey him we are wise." A third copy is on Millesgården in Stockholm.
The crane of Kockum is with its 140 m the highest building in Malmö. For 25 years it has been seen from half of Skåne. For twelve years it was on duty by Kockum lifting parts of ships, and now it´s more like a homage to all the thousands of people who daily cycled to the ship-yard. Today it´s there year by year, of no use, rusty and hardly of any  function  - a dying crane. But, take your hand to heart - it would feel rather empty the day the crane would be carried away.
The watertower of Hyllie The water tower of Hyllie, a water cistern in town, and for many years a wellknown silhoette to the ctizens of Malmö. It piles itself up, 62 m high, towards the sky, and can in certain angels be mistaken for a flying saucer. At the very top there is today a "Science Center" focusing on watertasks in society. The group target for the work are the schools of the region. When visiting here, you can  experience a water scenario  about the secrets and mysticism of water, with lots of effects, a dizzying lifttrip, a progression of  eperiments among others...
Kronprinsen Kronprinsen (The crownprince)  raises majestical over Pegasus and is, with its 26 stores, the highest dwelling-house in Malmö. The façade is tesselated in five shades of blue, which indiscernibly makes it disappear up in endlessness. The builder was Hugo Åberg. It was here that once Kronprinsens Husarregemente(K7) (The Crownprince hussarregiment) was situated, from this its name. K7 was formed 1758 at Rügen and was then after a couple of years transfered to Sweden.
S:t Petri Church S:t Petri Church is the oldest building in town, and a beautiful medieval cathedral, which was built in the beginning of the 14th cetury, during the Hansa period, in baltic gotic style with Mariachurch in Lübeck as a prototype. Surely the German tradesmen have been helping to pay for and plan it. Very remuneratively for the church were the sell of the places for graves inside S:t Petri, which however very soon became booked up. Then the older graves were opened and sold again to intending purchasers. Even the old gravestones were reused. The relics from the former users were thrown in the bonehouse (right beside the church) in a huge bonestack. This building was pulled down in 1784.
The Öresund bridge The Öresund bridge, is the latest of the profiles of Malmö. With its highbridge we have a new and higher silhouette created with 203,5m. Maybe it will be exceeded by a 274 m high hotel, which is planed to be built in Brostaden. The bridge is just ready and has been dedicated this year. So now you can reach Copenhagen in 35 minutes. The discussions have been loud whether it will be a "bridge" between two people and two countries. Will it lead to development or will it just create more problems?