Discography - The Brooklyn Cowboys

The Brooklyn Cowboys are a country-rock band that I believe are based out of Nashville, Tennessee (although they had to seek a record contract elsewhere. Their music was deemed "too country" by Nashville record execs).

The original line-up - Walter Egan, Buddy Cage, Michael "Supe" Granda, Joy Lynn White, Michael Webb, and Fredrough Perry - formed in the late 1990's. Their first album, Doin' Time on Planet Earth, was released in 1999. Two years later, following a lineup change that saw the departures of Joy Lynn White and Michael "Supe" Granda and the additions of Jeff "Stick" Davis and Brian Waldschlager, a six track cd entitled The Other Man in Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt) was released. The most recent Brooklyn Cowboys release is 2002's Dodging Bullets.


Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1999)

The Other Man in Black (The Ballad of Dale Earnhardt) (2001)

Dodging Bullets (2002)

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