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Doin' Time On Planet Earth

Released in 1999 on Leap Records, this is The Brooklyn Cowboys'debut album and the only one to include the original lineup.

Although considered "country rock" this album is defintely more country than rock. I'm talking fiddles, steel guitars, twangy voices, the whole thing.

I've never been a fan of country music and were it not for Walter Egan's involvement in this band, I would not have bought this cd. To be honest, the first few times I listened to this disc, I didn't like it at all. I am starting to appreciate it more now but I still rarely listen to it.

That being said, this album, and certainly The Brooklyn Cowboys as a whole, is really much more for fans of country music than for fans of Walter Egan's solo work (though Egan does dual duty as both lead vocalist and main songwriter for the band).

You and I and the July Moon
2. Jukebox Girl
3. Boundless Love
4. Californ' - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 624K)
5. Reachin' For the Sky
6. Wishful Drinkin'
7. Hearts On Fire
8. Carolina Calypso
9. Learn How to Love Me
10. Exquisite Torture
11.(I'm A) Burning Bridge
12.Headin' For Home
13.What the...??!!!

Album Details:

Leaps Records, 1999

Recorded at Masterlink Studios, Nashville, Tennessee September 24, 25, and 26, 1998 and January 15 and 16 1999
Recorded by Chad Hailey, assisted by H. David Henson and Bobby Morse
Mixed at Masterlink by Walter Egan, Fredro Perry, and Chad Hailey, assisted by H. David Henson and Bobby Morse, except
      "Jukebox Girl" mixed at Masterlink by Al Perkins, Walter Egan, Fredro Perry, and Chad Hailey, assisted by H. David Henson
      "Exquisite Torture" mixed at Seventeen Grand, Nashville, by Al Perkins, Walter Egan, Fredro Perry, and Chad Hailey,
      assisted by Bobby Morse
Mastered by Denny Purcell at Georgetown Masters, assisted by Jonathon Russell
Digitally Edited by Eric Conn

Photography: John Lee, Emanuel, Jr.
Art Direction and Design: Jo Obarowski, Gary Kroman

Tracks 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, and 11 produced by Al Perkins with Walter Egan and Fredro Perry
All other tracks produced by Walter Egan and Fredro Perry
Executive Producer: Fredro Perry

All songs (C) 1999 Cow'sMilk American Moosic (ASCAP), except
      "Wishful Drinking" (C) 1999 Cow'sMilk American Moosic (ASCAP)
      and Lucky Jill Music (ASCAP)
      "Hearts On Fire" (C) Wait and See Music and Len Friedman (BMI)

The Brooklyn Cowboys are:

Walter Egan: vocals, electric guitar
Buddy Cage: pedal steel guitar
Michael "Supe" Granda: bass guitar
Joy Lynn White: acoustic guitar, vocals
Michael Webb: keyboards
Fredrough Perry: drums

Guest Musicians:

Vassar Clements: fiddle
Brian Waldschlager: background vocals, lead vocal on "Learn How to Love Me"
Redd Volkaert: lead guitar on "Jukebox Girl" and "(I'm a) Burning Bridge"

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