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Dodging Bullets

Released in 2002 on Leap Recordings, this is The Brooklyn Cowboys' most recent album.

Walter shares lead singing duties with Brian Waldshlager, and songwriting duties with Waldshlager and Fredro Perry. Joy Lynn White returns to provide backing vocals on a few of the tracks as well, but has not rejoined the band.

Once again, though technically considered country rock, this is pure country. And I'm not talking about modern country music- this is nothing like the Shania Twains, Dixie Chicks, and Kenny Chesneys of today's country. This is like old-time country and I honestly don't like it (and for the record, I don't like modern country either). So why then do I keep buying The Brooklyn Cowboys' albums? Because the Walter Egan completist in me won't let me ignore them.

But don't take my words the wrong way, I'm not saying that it's bad music. I'm just really not a country fan and those who are fans of this genre may very well enjoy this album. That being said, I suggest country fans read the reviews of people who do appreciate that genre.

I Was Wrong
2. Trick Ponies
3. Dodging Bullets
4. Hey Juanica
5. Trouble With A Capital "T"
6. The City is Different (Without You In It)
7. My Heart's In Denial (The 12-Step 2-Step) - Listen to a sample! (sample approx. 1 min long, 588K)
8. Rita
9. Someone You Can Live With
10. I Stand Accused
11.The Gift
12.You Never Quit On Me
13.Waycross Stables
14.What You Call Love

Album Details:

Leaps Records, 2002

Recorded October 2001 at Masterlink Studio, Nashville, TN by Chad Hailey, assisted by Chris Scerbak
Pre-production in the Cave @ 'Stick'lamabad, Nashville.
Additional recording at The Cove, Nashville & Danger Studio, New York.

Produced by The Brooklyn Cowboys
Executive Producer: Fred Perry
Engineers at The Cove: Michael Hopkins and Michael Webb
Engineers at Danger: Dave Thomas and John Fitzwater
Mixed at The Cove, Nashville, by The Brooklyn Cowboys
Mastered at Masterphonics, Nashville, by Jonathon Russell

Front cover from a painting by Tim Hooper
Photography: Raeanne Rubenstein
Photograph of Fredro by Walter Egan
"Los Dos Amigos" painting by Walter Egan
Graphic design: RJ Malmad

All tracks (C) 2002, Cow'sMilk American Moosic (ASCAP), except tracks 2, 8, and 11 (C) 2002 Acuff-Rose (BMI)

The Brooklyn Cowboys are:

Buddy Cage: pedal steel guitar
Fredro Perry: drums
Brian Waldschlager: vocals, guitar
Michael Webb: keyboards, mandolin, vocals
Walter Egan: vocals, guitars
Jeff "Stick" Davis: bass guitar


Lona Heins: vocals on "Dodging Bullets" and "Waycross Stables"
Hoot Hester: fiddle on "Dodging Bullets" and "Hey Juanica
Kenny Sears: fiddle on "Hey Juanica"
Van Manakas: acoustic lead guitar on "Hey Juanica," lead guitar on "My Heart's in Denial," "I Stand Accused," and "You Never Quit On Me," and Dobro Pump Organ recorded at Elizabeth Webb's, Adair County, Kentucky
Joy Lynn White: vocals on "The City Is Different" and "Someone You Can Live With"
Michael Webb: baritone guitar on "My Heart's in Denial"
The Brooklynaires: background vocals on "My Heart's in Denial" and "The Gift"
The Countrypolitan Clappers: clap track on "My Heart's in Denial"
Dave Roe: upright bass on "Rita" and doghouse stand-up bass on "You Never Quit On Me"
Jim Hoke: clarinet on "The Gift"

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