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You can now buy Shannon's new album! It's only going to be available on his official website, or at his live shows. "This album embodies the sound that my acoustic trio produces. To me, it was important to catch the raw energy of a live show and not have all the bells and whistles. This is as real as it gets. I recut three tunes from "chase..." so to give the audience a feel for what I heard when I wrote them as well as re-recorded two songs from my old band, The Galoots. The rest of the 15 tracks are all new. Im working out a record contract with a new label and expect to do a release with them next year, but before that was done, I wanted to do somthing that was important to me personaly". To purchase his new CD, click HERE

The fan club party held on June 6th was a huge success in spite of the rain pour! Fan club members can log in and view the photo's from Shannon's first fan club party. Many thanks to those who were able to attend and make it so successful!