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On June 4, 2002 Shannon released his first label album called Chase The Sun. Shannon wrote 9 songs of the 10 tracks. His first single off the new album was released to radio stations nationwide in January 2002. The single Goodbye On A Bad Day had great reviews. His second single, (Which Shannon jokes as his "half a single") "Dream Your Way To Me" became a casuality of a corporate merger and stalled at #51.

Goodbye On A Bad Day was inspired by a fear of Shannon's. Shannon moved to Nashville with his wife Mandy the day after they returned from their honeymoon. "We were in a new town, starting a life with the new dynamics of being married, and I thought 'What would I feel life if this person left me?' I would feel like I was in hell, literally. It would ruin everything". Shannon and Mandy are still married and it now appears that Shannon's inspiration for Goodbye On A Bad Day may lead him into the stardom that he has aspired for.

Read what the industry is saying about Goodbye On A Bad Day.

One of the songs on Chase The Sun is Bad Bad Bad. Although the song can be heard in the movie Joshua during a pool hall scene, it is not on the Joshua soundtrack.
Tony Goldwyn (Ghost, The Pelican Brief) stars in this movie, based on the first novel of Joseph Girzone's multi-million selling Joshua series. This film explores the ramifications-spiritual, dramatic and comedic-of a mysterious and seemingly selfless stranger's arrival on a community in Smalltown, America.

Click the links below for the lyrics of each song featured on Chase The Sun.

This Old Heart
Chase The Sun
Dream Your Way To Me
Bad Bad Bad
Where Would I Go
Who's Your Daddy
Slow Down Sunrise
Are You Happy Now
Let's Get It On

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The Galoots

Before signing with MCA Nashville, Shannon founded a group called The Galoots. They have released three CDs, Ham Days (now out of print), Yee Haw, covering a variety of Bluegrass standards and Record, containing all original compositions.


Banjo Queen - Shannon Lawson
Sing You a Song - Shannon Lawson
On the Mountain - Steve Cooley
D' Breakdown - Steve Cooley
Keep on Rollon' - Shannon Lawson, Mandy Snider
Saturday Night Dance - Mike Schroeder
Lonesome - Mike Schroeder
Fragile Kisses - Shannon Lawson
Fairy Tale - Shannon Lawson, Mandy Snider
Blakemore - Shannon Lawson
Flower - Shannon Lawson
Heaven Hill's on Fire - Shannon Lawson

Yee Haw

Georgia Rose
Midnight Moonlight
Uncle Penn
Ring of Fire
Nellie Caine
Glemdale Train
Let's Get it On
Curley Headed Baby
Mountain Girls