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Music 125x125

Posted by Editor at 9:52 PM CST
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Topic: David Crawford

(Flutist, Arranger,Producer & Composer)

David Crawford was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from Centennial High School in Compton, California. David received a full scholarship to California Institute of the Arts and received a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music, with a Flute Major.

He began his professional career as an orchestrator/Arranger for such artist as Friends of Distinction, Blue Magic, Sylvers, Patti LaBelle, Freda Payne, Phyllis Hyman, Confunkshun, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, The Whispers, Shalamar, Rene & Angela, Bobby Womack and many others just to name a few.

As a flutist his professional career includes commercial recordings (Ahmad Jamal, Temptations & Vesta), TV commercials and Live performances with Stevie Wonder and Isaac Hayes . He has performed with the Santa Monica & Burbank Symphony Orchestras as well.

David Crawford is no stranger to jazzing up the music scene. He has composed, arranged, produced and performed on a Who’s Who list of recording artists from Stevie Wonder, The Whispers and Isaac Hayes to Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle and Mary J. Blidge. This distinguished flutist mesmerizes and captivates on SHANGRI-LA, his second solo release for Jazzer Inc., with a consistent smooth jam that conjures up white linen, turquoise waters, bleached sandy beaches, bright sunbrellas, tropical drinks and swaying palm trees. This is a musical excursion to the tropics with songs like the sophisticated “Caribbean Nights,” the evocative “Brazilian Sunrise,” and the chilled and loungey “ Caribbean Swing.” Plus there’s a lovely version of the J5 smash, “Never Can Say Goodbye.” We expect big things from this delightful summer release. Escape to David Crawford’s SHANGRI-LA and fall into a listening environment that takes you to a faraway haven of eternal groove.

Reviewer: Jackie Anderson - WJAB
The title itself speaks for this one - "Shangri-La"! When you listen, expect a smooth, enjoyable experience! Don't miss it.

An Easy Spoonful of Tasty Jazz
Reviewer: Capt. Christopher
Pan started something...David Crawford carries on the tradition. You'll be transported to a magical forest or sunny beaches by the soft & jazzy lilt of this accomplished flautist & his cohorts. Give Shangri-La a listen. it's a welcome change from more aggressive beats on the pop charts.

A Jazzy Fusion of Rhythmic Melody
Reviewer: Alicia
Very Smooth..the music flows from one sound to the next...I'll be sure to pick this one up soon!

Buy the CD

Posted by Editor at 6:53 PM CST
Updated: Friday, 8 February 2008 10:15 PM CST
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Topic: Alessandra Celletti

Location: Roma, Italy,
Description: New album from Alessandra Celletti, the virtuoso Italian composer/pianist whose previous CDs include brilliant performances of works by Gurdjieff, Satie, Joplin and Glass.

Alessandra Celletti - piano

Music composed and performed by Alessandra Celletti

"A precious album. Pure gold" - ROCKERILLA MAGAZINE

Alessandra Celletti, pianist, came to prominence within the Italian musical scene in 1994 with her self-produced album “Les sons et les parfums” (“The sounds and the scents”), featuring pages by Debussy, Ravel and Satie.Since then, her musical and artistic path has brought her to work on a number of projects, some of which marked sudden departures from classical music.

Closer to an expressive restraint than to virtuosity, Alessandra studied at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome and, after graduating, went on to specialize in French music between the XIX and the XX centuries. In 1997 her second publication, “Viaggio a Praga” (“Trip to Prague”), brought her to the capital of the Czech Republic to approach first-hand the piano music of Leos Janacek and its interpretation.

Back in Italy, she started a collaboration with the Kha record label, for which she recorded monographies dedicated to the music of Gurdjieff/De Hartmann, Erik Satie, Scott Joplin and Philip Glass.
Her “Esotérik Satie” collection was very well received by the French reviewers and was a commercial hit. Her rendition of the First Gnossienne was chosen by British director Guy Ritchie for the soundtrack of his movie “Revolver” (2006).

It was, however, only in 2006 that Alessandra Celletti finally published an album with her own compositions: “Chi mi darà le ali” (“Who will give me wings”) saw her in the roles of author, interpreter and producer.She was noticed by Joachim Roedelius, one of the foremost contemporary music composers, who invited her to play at the Lunz Festival in Austria in August 2007.

One year after her debut as author, Kha Records is proud to announce the publication, in November 2007, of “The Golden Fly”, sixteen inspired and intense compositions for piano. It is an original new flight on music’s own wings, free and nimble, that never tires of going higher to explore the most intimate colours of the soul and of the emotions. It is an album, on occasion, profoundly indebted to Alessandra Celletti’s favourite repertoire, with an affectionate homage to Erik Satie, to whom the track “Talking to Satie” is dedicated.

Press Release:


Kha Records:

Alessandra Celletti’s music is published by KHA.IT srl

For additional information on Alessandra Celletti, please visit the following websites: 


Posted by Editor at 9:19 PM CST
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Topic: Danny Queen
DANNY QUEEN: Color Me Poetry (Sountrak to a Dream)

Danny R. Queen is a rarity among us. His poetry soars with personal power and conviction. For more than ten years, Danny has been the host and producer of Color Me Poetry, a popular show which airs on BSU-TV, Bowie State University television station. Currently, the show is being broadcast to an estimated 300,000 viewers every Monday night. Since the show beginning, Danny has introduced his viewers to a wide variety of creative artists and poets. Notable among the list of guest have been authors Marita Golden, J. California Cooper,Eloise Greenfield,Omar Tyree, Nathan McCall and Sharon Bell Mathis. Other notable guest as Willie Jolley. His most recent project was the release of SOUNDTRAK TO A DREAM, his first CD. Performed with some of the finest musicians and vocalist in the Washington Metropolitan area, SOUNDTRAK TO A DREAM is a masterful blend of poetry and prose. This CD was produced with none other than world renown musical genius Robert Northern (Brother Ah) who has performed with the likes of John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Quincy Jones. Co-produced by Milton E. Russ II. Danny was featured in the Novemer 24, 1999 edition of the Washington Post in an article that highlighted some of the work he's done throughout the years and continues to do. Shortly before that, he was featured in the August 3, 1999 edition of the Prince George's Journal (Prince George's County, MD). Danny's work has earned him many awards, including the American Song Festival Certificate of Merit and the American Black Book Writers Association Award. Buy the CD

Posted by Editor at 6:45 PM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 29 January 2008 6:47 PM CST
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Blatt's second album...
Now Playing: Blatt's notes on Fibonacci...
Topic: Lawrence Blatt
During his life, Fibonacci traveled throughout the Mediterranean region and studied mathematics with several Arab scholars. By the age of 32, he published a book called “Liber Abaci” (Book of Calculation), and introduced Europeans to the use of Arabic numerals (the system we use today). In his book, Fibonacci explained the solution to the question of how fast a hypothetical population of rabbits could breed. The solution encompassed a derivation of a series of numbers that have far reaching implications to explain physical realities found throughout the universe. Assuming that there was one mating pair to start, Fibonacci calculated that each generation of rabbits would increase by the sum of the two preceding numbers of rabbits. Fibonacci derived a series of numbers using this formula. Much of musical theory follows Fibonacci mathematics. Musical scales are based on 8 notes and an Octave is separated by 12+ 1 tones (8 and 13 are Fibonacci numbers). The basic structure of a chord uses the Fibonacci sequence 1, 3 and 5. Many great composers from Mozart to Beethoven to Bob Dillon have either consciously or subconsciously applied Fibonacci mathematics to their music. With Fibonacci math in hand, I set out to compose this series of recordings. I have tried to lace Fibonacci numbers and ratios in each composition. To hear the Fibonacci influence, look for phrases that are repeated in a Fibonacci sequence of numbers, melodies that follow tonal intervals separated by Fibonacci numbers and verses increasing in length by the Golden Ratio. As with my first album, Out of the Woodwork please try to listen to this album, at least once, in its entirety as the compositions are carefully ordered to take you on a journey of my musical and mathematical world. I hope you enjoy my music…and the math.---Lawrence Blatt
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  • Posted by Editor at 1:57 PM CST
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    Topic: Paul Potts
    Paul Potts (born 13 October 1970 in Bristol, England), from Port Talbot in South Wales, is a British singer who became the winner of the first series of ITV's Britain's Got Talent, singing operatic arias and impressing the judges in all of his performances. Potts had previously worked in unpaid opera productions from 1999 to 2003. However, a series of illnesses combined with a bicycle accident in 2003 brought an end to his amateur opera career. At the time of his 2007 victory on Britain's Got Talent, he had been working in The Carphone Warehouse, but following his win, he has been signed by the show's judge Simon Cowell to record an album.


    Meet Paul Potts, tenor

    Posted by Editor at 9:39 AM CST
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    Another Day In Paradise
    Now Playing: on the stations
    Topic: Michael Stribling
    Another Day in Paradise is an offering of 11 instrumental compositions that celebrate the basic themes of a typical day in paradise: processions and celebration; morning, afternoon, and evening; the land, ocean, and sky; youth; spiritual/physical union; and dance. "Another Day In Paradise" is the second release from multi-instrumentalist Michael Stribling. This new CD is a soundtrack of sorts for a typical day in paradise, and literally picks up where "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light" left off. More electronic and ambient than acoustic or melodic, the music brings the listener an uplifting mood and a positive state of mind. Johnny Mathis' percussionist and a radio disc jockey for a number of years, Stribling combines those pop sensibilities with his advanced training in psychology and spiritual studies to present a unique musical point of view. Calling his label "Leelah," which means "divine play," Stribling's mission is "to help others in their journey toward wholeness through the gift of music, by creating works that inspire and uplift the human spirit." Stribling uses a variety of ethnic musical stylings to give his music a universal theme that can bridge a multitude of cultures. Unlike some of the other spirituality-themed recordings out there, Stribling does not present a world of all sweetness and light. His music has a strong positive feel to it, but does not ignore some of the darker moments or influences that come into everyone's lives.
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  • Posted by Editor at 10:00 PM CST
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    Great Holiday album returns....
    Now Playing: on stations
    Topic: Robin Spielberg
    ROBIN SPIELBERG writes us...She has re-releaed her Holiday album with a few changes: "In the Heart of Winter" contains familiar holiday songs from around the globe as well as 4 Robin Spielberg originals that celebrate the Winter season. Instrumentation: piano, cello, flute, percussion. Please note: this album is now being manufactured by playMountain Music with updated sequence, cover art and mastering.
    Song List: 1. In the Heart of Winter [4:51] 2. St. Basil's Hymn [4:11] 3.Amazing Grace/Silent Night [4:33] 4. What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) [4:04] 5. A Change of Season [4:12] 6. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen [4:30] 7. Solstice Celebration [5:28] 8. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing [3:45] 9. Jolly Old St. Nicholas {3:54} 10. First Night [3:25] 11. Away In A Manger [3:26] 12. Still Still Still [3:29]
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  • Posted by Editor at 12:18 PM CDT
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    Now Playing: on
    Topic: Ann Sweeten
    "Ann Sweeten possesses a remarkable talent. A musician whose extensive classical training is immediately apparent, she is also someone who writes from a great emotional depth. As her producer it is a joy to hear someone who exploits the entire potential of the piano, finding both dynamics and beauty in all 88 keys. Her pieces have a broad stylistic range and yet create a cohesive program of music very distinctively hers. This is a brilliant recording from start to finish." William Ackerman

    Her previous CD, A Place in the Sun, debuted at #2 in radio and was nominated for Best Instrumental Album - Piano at the NAR Lifestyle Music Awards 2006. With two earlier albums hitting #3 on the radio charts and airplay across the nation and worldwide, Ms. Sweeten is quickly becoming one of the most popular pianists around. In this, her 7th release in a decade, she attains yet a new level of performance and composition. Grey Sky and Bittersweet is produced by Grammy Winner and Windham Hill Records founder, Will Ackerman, at Imaginary Road Studios on Steinway Grand Piano, Model B.

    BUY Grey Sky and Bittersweet

    Posted by Editor at 3:12 PM CDT
    Updated: Wednesday, 26 September 2007 3:17 PM CDT
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    Topic: AmazonMP3
    Amazon MP3

    Posted by Editor at 7:07 AM CDT
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