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Interview with Max - 9/29/01
Me: OK firstoff, what does the new album sound like?
Max: Very heavy but very melodic.
Me: Does it sound anything like 'Rain' or 'Side Show Freaks'?
Max: Not really its got some elements, its just evolution.
Me: Some of the songs from "Invitation To The Dance" were taken from those two releases, which ones?
Max: 'Rejection' and 'Side Show' from 'Side Show Freaks' and 'Falling Down' and 'Jonesin'' from 'Rain'.
Me: I heard the new version of 'Side Show' on a sampler i got at one of your shows, its sick. 'We The People' was also on it. That's an awesome song too. Are those songs the band favorites?
Max: The label and management thought those would be the best tracks for a sampler we agreed so thats how it came about.
Me: Cool. Do you have any touring plans for after the release?
Max: We'll be touring just not sure with who yet.
Me: Is there anyone that you would like to hook up with?
Max: We just wanna play the possibilities of who are limitless so i cant really say.
Me: You've toured with big bands like Mudvayne. How did those shows go?
Max: Amazing, just incredible.
Me: Yeah, I saw Mudvayne play once. They are awesome live. Who are some of your favorite bands and influences?
Max: Tool, Mudvayne, Deftones, old Smashing Pumpkins, Portishead, Slipknot, Candiria, Soundgarden, Marijuana, ect.
Me: Do you have a favorite 40 Below song?
Max: Mine is 'Falling Down'.
Me: Thats the new single right?
Max: Maybe, not sure yet.
Me: 'All About You' is a bad ass song.
Max: Thank You.
Me: No problem, how do choose the songs for your set?
Max: We just try to switch it up every few shows.
Me: I've seen you play 3 times so far and you always step it up. Do you have a favorite show that you've played?
Max: Somtimes it depends on who we're playing with.
Me: OK, thanks for the interview.
Max: No problem, my pleasure.
Me: I hope you enjoyed the web site.
Max: Yes I did its phat as hell. gotta run its almost time to go back on the road.
Me: Thanks. Good luck with the shows. I'll see you at the Birch Hill show on the 12th.
Max: Tell everyone to come. Peace.