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-The name 40 Below Summer, like the bands music, means opposites.
-Joey and Jordan played together in VBS (a band from Queens, NY) before joining 40 Below Summer. Joey played drums and Jordan played bass.
-Hector has played in Nonpoint as well as other various bands.
-"Power Tool" was one of the first songs that 40 Below wrote, but wasn't used until "Invitation to the Dance".
-Joey's dad, Carmine D'amico, is a professional studio guitarist.
-Max stared in the broadway musical, 'Roza', when he was 12 years old.
-Max also portrayed the little boy in the Talking Head's video, 'Burning Down The House'.
-Carlos moved to the US from Peru when he was 15 years old.
-Only 100 copies of the Rain ep were made.
-Before discovering music, Hector put all of his time into basketball.
-'Side Show Freaks' was a self-manufactored CD.
-The guy on the cover of 'Invitation to the Dance' played the old man in the 3 Doors Down video, 'Kryptonite'.
-Jordan has a love for Chevy's. He has a 69 Camaro.
-Hector had a pet rooster named Poppito when he was a boy in Puerto Rico.
-'Power Tool' was originally called 'Monica' but had to be changed because of legal matters. It's about Clinton and Lewinsky.
-Carlos has an awesome voice and can sing most of the bands songs.