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Fan Directory
If you would like to be added to the fan list, fill out your name, birthday, location, e-mail, aim screen name, hobbies, favorite bands, favorite 40 below song, and website (if you have one) and send it here.

Fan #1
Name: Kevin
Birthday: 4.23.85
Location: NJ
AIM: SSF40belowsummer
Hobbies: Going to shows...listening to music...promoting, interviewing and photographing bands.
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Deftones, Glassjaw, Poison The Well, From Autumn To Ashes, Thursday, Ill Nino, Chimaira, Spineshank, Nora, Diecast, Taproot, Vision Of Disorder, Eighteen Visions, Shai Hulud, Relative Ash
Favorite 40 Below Song: Faces and All About You

Fan #2
Name: Ryan Loudrox
Birthday: 4/7/88
Location: Depths of hell (Charleston, SC)
AIM: viiNoUseForAName
Hobbies: Sucking at pretty much everything
Favorite Bands: 40BS, 311, Deftones, Ill Nino
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope

Fan #3
Name: Naomi Johnson
Birthday: 18/5/84
Location: UK
AIM: mylifeisapain
Hobbies: music
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer and slipknot an mudvayne
Favorite 40 Below Song: little lover

Fan #4
Name: matt a.k.a. warp
Birthday: 6-28-84
Location: columbus, ohio
AIM: chimaira warp
Hobbies: movies and music and concerts
Favorite Bands: chimaira, deftones, 40 below summer, icp, twiztid, blaze, kottonmouth kings, nonpoint, system of a down, reveille, soulfly, poison the well, spineshank, mudvayne, slipknot, taproot, hatebreed, primer 55, ill nino, darwins waiting room, diecast, corporate avenger, dry kill logic, sevendust, factory 81, incubus, hoobastank,cold, pressure 4-5, endo, and nullset...if u wanna know more ohh well
Favorite 40 Below Song: Minus 1 and I'm So Ugly

Fan #5
Name: NOA S.
Birthday: 8.3.84
Location: wisconsin
AIM: noadoll
Hobbies: talking on the 40 below message board
Favorite Bands: 40 below, soad, key to arson, simon says, unloco, boy hits car, flaw, reveille, nonpoint, dwr, ill nino, chimaira, slipknot, mudvayne, disturbed, rob zombie, flybanger, primer 55, dope, stereomud, begin the end
Favorite 40 Below Song: i'm so ugly

Fan #6
Name: Jamie / a.k.a. Oxpocket
Birthday: 5/29/76
Location: Long Island
AIM: Oxpocket
Hobbies: Drumming, Photography, Sleeping
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Deftones, Chimaira, Vision Of Disorder, 311, Incubus, Rush ,TOOL, Faith No More, Candiria, Mr. Bungle, DMB, Helmet, Primus, Phish, Ideology of Kenobi, Know 1 - 2 Blame (props 9), Frank Zappa, Emmet Otter's Jug Band, and many many more......
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope

Fan #7
Name: Lee | Leethal
Birthday: 6/12/83
Location: Flint, Michigan
AIM: zLeethal
Hobbies: Guitar, Snowboarding, SEX ;)
Favorite Bands: 40bs, Nothingface, Pantera, Spineshank, Mudvayne, Deftones, [minus], Primer 55, Dry Kill Logic
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope

Fan #8
Name: Heather
Birthday: August 23, 1983
Location: Stillwater, MN
AIM: healars
Hobbies: Drinking, music
Favorite Bands: 40 below, American Head Charge, Dry Kill Logic, Kittie, Secretly Drowning, WITH., Black Flood Diesel, Downcast, Entropy, Quazar, Nuisance Crew, and Sublevel
Favorite 40 Below Song: All about you

Fan #9
Name: Dustin smith
Birthday: 5/18/86
Location: Rockford IL
Hobbies: music cars wrestling girls music
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer disturbed kittie system of a down
Favorite 40 Below Song: wither away

Fan #10
Name: Ricky
Birthday: 8.11.86
Location: FL
E-mail: X40 MuDvAyNe
AIM: X40 MuDvAyNe BSx
Hobbies: skateboarding, listening to music, goin to shows, hanging out with friends, playin with both of my bands....
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Ill Nino, Chimaira, Dry Kill Logic, Hatebreed, Taproot, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Kittie, Sevendust, System of a Down, Darwins Waiting Room, Crossbreed, Cold, American Head Charge, 36Crazyfists, Deadsy, Defauly, Earth Crisis, Hoobastank, Lifer, Drowning Pool, Adema, Machine Head, Misfits, Nickelback, No one, Nonpoint, Ozzy Osbourne, Primer 55, Rob Zombie, Spineshank, Fear Factory
Favorite 40 Below Song: We The People

Fan #11
Name: Nicole
Birthday: 11.5.81
Location: NJ
Aim: Galoipo
Hobbies: my site, pics/writing for lp's official fanclub, concerts, drawing, etc
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Linkin Park, Diecast, Flipzyde, Nonpoint, Sevendust, No Doubt, Korn, From Autumn to Ashes, No One, Minor Threat, AFI, (Hed) Pe, Mindless Self Indulgence, Slipknot, Skycamefalling, System of a Down, 54Vision, Adema, and TOO many more to list.
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope & Little Lover

Fan #12
Name: christine
Birthday: 12-4-79
Location: nj
AIM: i 40bs slave
Hobbies: sex, drugs and rock and roll
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer, korn, fear factory, dizneyfist, e town concrete
Favorite 40 Below Song: endorphines

Fan #13
Name: Seth Niimi
Birthday: 2/10/85
Location: The Big Island of Hawaii
AIM: yeeeper weeeman
Hobbies: listenin to music...
Favorite Bands: there are WAY too many to list so i'll list the two that move meeh the most..40 below summer and Linkin Park
Favorite 40 Below Song: Letter To God, Endorphines, Faces, Rope, Power Tool, Wither Away...i have so many right now

Fan #14
Name: aaron
Birthday: 8/85
Location: Ga
AIM: zerologic22
Hobbies: listening and playing music, graphic design, and all the normal stuff ppl do. Favorite Bands: 40bs, Chimaira, Flaw, Singe, Trustfall, Blank Theory, Shun, Peal, Ill Nino, Fear The Clown, headway, Spiritfall, trapt, ...modesty..., nothingface, and Logic34
Favorite 40 Below Song: 5lb bag and rope

Fan #15
Name: max's little lover
Birthday: 4-18-81
Location: hopeless fucking hole we call LA
Hobbies: everything. the love of my life ::MUSIC:: my worlds revolves around it in every way. oh uh ooohhh...hhmmm..
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Deftones, TOOL, SLipKnoT, incubus, SOAD, MudVaYne, big dumb face, taproot, (hed)pe, MrBungle, radiohead, bjork, at the drive in, lots and lots and lots and lots more........
Favorite 40 Below Song: cant ever answer that, thats like asking whats my favorite band or which is my favorite simpsons episode

Fan #16
Name: John
Birthday: 8-16-82
Location: Tulsa (ASLUT)
AIM: slipknotjohn19
Hobbies: Drinking, Listening to music, going to shows
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Fear Factory, Slayer, Pantera, Deftones, Glassjaw, Machine Head, Primer 55, Chimaira, Factory 81, Spineshank, Nothingface, No One, Nonpoint, Ill Nino, Darwin's Waiting Room, Kayotik, Dry Kill Logic, System Of A Down, Snot, Sevendust, Incubus, Hoobastank, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Adema, Killswitch Engage, Taproot, (hed)pe, Old Metallica
Favorite 40 Below Summer Song: Minus One, Rejection, Power Tool, Step Into The A Sideshow, We The People

Fan #17
Name: Joseph
Birthday: 5/88
Location: Tx
AIM: Mudvayne5454
Hobbies: Listening to music, anything that makes me feel good
Favorite Bands: Crossbreed, Nothingface, MuDvAyNe, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Slipknot, 40BelowSummer, SpineShank, Drowning PooL, NoNpoiNt...
Favorite 40 Below Song: Still Life

Fan #18
Name: Cam
Birthday: 4-27-85
Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
AIM: newbreedofh8tred and on 40 below's messageboard it's sideshowfrek
Hobbies: writing music for my band and for my brothers band and telling everyone about bands and promoting bands such as 40 below and mindless self indulgence
Favorite Bands: 40 below (of course), Mindless Self indulgence, Marilyn Manson, System of a down, Slipknot, Coal Chamber, Sevendust, POD, Static X, NIN, COld, Disturbed, Staind, radiohead and sooooooo many more
Favorite 40 Below Song: hmmmmm Little Lover, 2 fisted, Step into the sideshow, falling down, drown, and letters to god

Fan #19
Name: Jeremy - a.k.a. MyStillLife on the 40BS Board
Birthday: August 3, 1983
Location: Bentonville, AR
AIM: CamelToeHunter52
Hobbies: Spreading the plague of 40 Below Summer, and racing 4-wheelers.
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Sw1tched, Coal Chamber, Meek, Flaw, Ill Nino
Favorite 40 Below Song: Jonesin', Falling Down, Sideshow and Faces

Fan #20
Name: Dick
Birthday: 11.24.83
Location: Tx
AIM: munkdogg66
Hobbies: being bored, cisco, graphic design, gettin pizaid, the band (colera), following coal chamber and 40 below summer
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, coal chamber, black sabbath, american headcharge, pissing razors, children of bodom
Favorite 40 Below Song: Faces, rope, wither away

Fan #21
Name: Chris
Birthday: 8/18/87
Location: Reno Nevada
AIM: Regulator12
Hobbies: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Guitar, Music, Cars and Girls
Favorite Bands: ILL NINO, 40 BELOW SUMMER, Primer 55, REVEILLE, Deftones, DRY KILL LOGIC, OneSideZero, From Zero, Sevendust, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, [MINUS], Candira, CHIMAIRA, Slipknot, 311, Factory 81, NONPOINT, Fear Factory, Led Zepplin, some Offspring, Static X, Powerman 5000, RELATIVE ASH, TAPROOT, DARWIN'S WAITING ROOM, Simon Says, Drowning Pool, Glassjaw, System Of A Down, Pantera, Know 1 to Blame (K1-2B), 54 vision (Dizneyfist), Tool, DREDG, American Head Charge, DISTURBED, SW1TCHED, No One, (hed) PE, Lifer, Spineshank, Ozzy, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, Soulfly, Sepultura, Nickelback, A perfect circle, Sqaled (local band), December, 20 dead flower children, 6feetunder, machinehead, orange 9mm, NOTHINGFACE, Vision of Disorder, old incubus, Tencount, Sublime, BoyHitsCar, SNOT, and LINEA 77
Favorite 40 Below Song: 5 lb. bag and Sideshow

Fan #22
Name: Jamina
Birthday: 6-10-83
Location: OH
AIM: Jamina69
Hobbies: Going to concerts, listening to music, partying, and talking with my fellow 40bs lovers
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, Poison The Well, Chimaira, Primer 55, Taproot, Nonpoint, Mudvayne, Slipknot, Ill Nino, Sw1tched, Sevendust, Darwin's Waiting Room, Hatebreed, Flaw, Sevendust, System of a down, Lifer, and Scars of Life.
Favorite 40 Below Song: Falling Down

Fan #23
Name: Ryan Allen
Birthday: 11/03/85
Location: MN
AIM: outside waste
Hobbies: racing, talking on the internet, music
Favorite Bands: KoRn, Staind, SlipKnot, Spineshank, RATM, Incubus, Linkin Park, Orgy, Deftones, Sevendust, Coal Chamber, Taproot, System of a Down, Godsmack, Rob Zombie, Primer 55, Mudvayne, Slaves on Dope, Union Underground, Factory 81, Cold, Systematic, Adema, Fear Factory, Stabbing Westward, System Of A Down, Machine Head, Soil, Teenage Muse, 40 Below Summer
Favorite 40 Below Song: All About You, Falling Down, Power Tool, I'm so ugly

Fan #24

Name: Blaine (BBoY) Prickett
Birthday: 6-17-87
AIM: DefBizkiTones, SELFi5H1, KrazyKlown788
Hobbies: making jackass vids, listening to music, making sites, pimpin out my motorcycle, watchin jackass, making fun of ppl, talkin on the phone & aol, baseball, and wrestling.
Favorite Bands: Deftones, LimpBizkit, Korn, ADEMA, Staind, Linkin Park, 40BelowSummer, old Sublime, FROMZERO, Puddle of muDD, 311, Hoobastank, Incubus, P.O.D., PaPa RoAcH, and BLINK182
Favorite 40BS Songs: Rope, We The People
Websites: http://www.BlAiNe.B3.Nu

Fan# 25
Name: Heather
Birthday: 1984
Location: MI
Hobbies: MUSIC, going to concerts, promotion - that's my life in a nutshell
Favorite Bands: All the bands I've had the great privilege to get real with (and the ones to come)...even if I'm not remembered because they still make my life worthwhile...40 Below Summer, Flaw, Gravity Kills, Sevendust, Crossbreed, Primer 55, Cold, Staind, Soil, Dope, Stereomud, Adema, Onesidezero, Drowning Pool, Disturbed, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Korn, Fear The Clown, Nothingface, American Head Charge, Systematic, Deftones, Godsmack, Static-X, Union Underground, Stabbing Westward, From Zero, Puddle of Mudd, Godhead, Crazy Town, Skrape, Spineshank, Videodrone, Beautiful Creatures, Days of the New, Tantric
Favorite 40 Below Song: Way too hard to choose a favorite!

Fan #26

Name: Neil
Birthday: 6.01.84
Location: Pa
AIM: xtremenigg
Hobbies: Skateboarding, listening to music, playing guitar
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer, Flaw, lost prophets, taproot, sytem of a down, taproot, mudvayne,slipknot, mushroomhead,nonpoint, sevendust, disturbed, hatebreed, american head charge, ill nino, spineshank, 36 crazyfists, sw1tched, Lifer, chimaira, no one
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope, Wither Away

Fan #27
Name: Polly
Birthday: 5-12-81
Location: Kansas
AIM: Azerus81
Hobbies: mIRC,chatting,traveling,listening to music and meeting new people
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer,Flaw,Primer 55,Slipknot,Mudvayne,Trip Hop Children,Disturbed,Ill Nino,Hate Breed,taproot,NoOne,Spineshank,Nonpoint,Pure Rubish,Deftones,Drowning Pool,Slaves on Dope,godhead,Factory 81,Sevendust,Drowning Pool,Lit,Twiztid,Dope,mindless self indulgence,Kittie,Soulfly,NIN,Rage Against the Machine,O-P-M,303 Infinity,Powerman 5000,Static-X,KoRn,Lords Of Acid,Crystal Method,Cold,American Hi-Fi,Otep,Beautiful Creatures,American Head Charge,Corporate Avenger,Systematic,Pressure 4-5,P.O.D.,Orgy,System Of A Down
Favorite 40 Below Song: Little Lover...FUCK YES!

Fan #28
Name: Lenin Euceda
Birthday: 5/16/84
Location: Miami
AIM: pyrofreak11
Hobbies: sports, music, art
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer, chimaira, taproot, orgy, slipknot, mudvayne, american head charge, incubus, powerman 5000, SOAD,disturbed,static -x
Favorite 40 Below Song: drown and jonesin'

Fan #29
Name: Lary / "X"
Birthday: 8/18/83
Location: Leonard MI
Hobbies: music, and.... well thats about it
Favorite Bands: Factory81, KoRn, Deftones, Pennywise, Arizing, boyhitscar, RAGE, shit like that...
Favorite 40 Below Song: Sunburn, 2Fisted, 5lb bag, Rope, Im so Ugly.... i cant decide

Fan #30
Name: Mike
Birthday: june 25, 1984
Location: iowa
AIM: clean garbage or thrty6crazyfists
Hobbies: internet, mp3s, guitar
Favorite Bands: 40 below summer, deftones, taproot, factory 81, 36 crazyfists, soad, tool, 311, flaw, sevendust, incubus, and tons tons more....
Favorite 40 Below Song: ...all of them

Fan #31
Name: Lin
Birthday: 10/7/86
Location: Nyc
AIM: Gumarec
Hobbies: writing, drumming, painting,walking, thinking
Favorite Bands: 40 belowsummer, illnino, drykilllogic, boy sets fire, slipknot, converg, dieverse, staind, dope, slaves on dope, kittie, mudvayne, hatebreed, thursday, flaw,staic x, soulfly, diecast, taproot, no one, vic 20, neck, lamb of god, pod, machine head, nora, chimira, glassjaw, deftones, SOAD, fear factory, endo, unloco, cold, orgy, DWR, tool, Nothingface, Pantera, Spineshank, No Doubt, Korn, From Autumn to Ashes, 54Vision, dizneyfist, Fear The Clown, hed)pe, Old Metallica, Linkin park, nin, Coal Chamber
Favorite 40 Below Song: Wither Away

Fan #32
Name: Rob
Birthday: 8-10-85
Location: NJ
Hobbies: Concerts, drawing, camering, music, bass...
Favorite Bands: coal chamber, 40 below summer, chimaira, soil, soulfly, staic-x, onesidezero, slipknot, taproot, spineshank, nonpoint, flaw, simon says, lifer, ill nino, VOD, lowgear, reveille, primmer 55, cold, pressure 4-5, pissing razors, 7dust, factory 81, diecast, poison the well, keepsake, dry kill logic, american head charge, no1, downset, groovenics, etown concreate, staind, godsmack, disturbed, adema, lacuna coil, NMS04, slaves on dope, dope, kittie, SOAD, RATM, from zero, boiler room, skrape, deftones, pantera, endo, machine head..... and so on.
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope

Fan #33
Name: Mathieu Archuleta
Birthday: 1-7-86
Location: Commerce City, CO
AIM: No AIM Screen Name
Hobbies: Playing Music, watching cartoons, being a jackass, whatever
Favorite Bands: Korn, Systen of a Down, 40 Below Summer (obviously), Slipknot, 311, Tool, Factory 81, APC, Static-X, Incubus, Hoobastank, Cold, Disturbed, Videodrone, Fear Factory, Future Sound of London, Sick, Rocket Ajax, Mudvayne
Favorite 40 Below Song: Rope

Fan #34
Name: Savannah Hurley
Birthday: March 7th, 1986
Location: Grove, Oklahoma *yuck*
AIM: Rayvenn666 or SavvyIsAPunk007
Hobbies: Playing bass, Dj'ing, Singing/Screaming, Partying, Fighting, KickBoxing, Skateboarding, Managing My Skateboard Team, Raves, Shopping at stores like Hot Topic or Black Rose, Tokin'.
Favorite Bands: 40 Below Summer, DeFtOnEs, A Perfect Circle, Bush, Tool, Slipknot, Killshot, Cold, The Cult, The Crystal Method, Mushroom Head, Orgy, The Cure, too many more to name.
Favorite 40 Below Song: Wither Away