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Guitar Lessons with Brita Rae Borough
Study guitar with one of the best guitarists and private teachers in Seattle - One on one private guitar lessons taught in both Bellevue and Seattle with Brita Rae Borough will improve your guitar playing. Stop struggling on your own.  If you are feeling in a rut Rae will help you take that next step... Click here for more...

Janie Worm & the Early Birds
Bass Player With Janie - Brita Rae Borough has been playing bass guitar in Janie Worms back-up band, the Early Birds, since 1999.      

Janie Worm and the Early Birds are a  Seattle based group playing alternative folk music. Janie has been compared to artists such as the Indigo Girls and Joni Mitchell. The group consists of Janie Worm (singer/songwriter, acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica), Erica Dorfman (congas, dumbeck, shakers, recorder) and Rae Borough (bass, harmony vocals.) The Early Birds have been playing with Janie since Spring of 1999.

Classical Guitar
Rae has been playing classical guitar for over 20 years.  She performs both as a soloist and in the guitar duo Four Hands Twelve Strings. Rae performs several weddings and partiesa yearas classical guitarist.

  Rae's songs are uplifting and enjoyable to listen to. Rae's beautiful singing voice is unmistakable. Along with her years of experience as a guitarist she is a remarkably talented singer-songwriter. She just recently began her solo career.  Rae performs her own original material and varied influences shine through. They are a mixture of jazz, progressive rock and pop music all skillfully blended together into a cohesive groove with hooks that will get you hooked.

Brita Rae Borough is member of
Musician's Local 76 of 493

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