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Article written by David J. Smith From the Newswatch Magazine, December 15, 2001

The Supreme Court of the United States, packed with Freemasons, ruled to effectively take all phases of religion out of public life in 1962. America is a divided nation into two separate political camps, and increasingly a third. It is also divided into different religious camps - liberal and conservative. Norman Thomas, six times candidate for the presidency on the Socialist Party ticket, said that he could not get elected president as a socialist, but Franklin Delano Roosevelt could get elected president as a liberal and pass the entire socialist program into law. What about our schools today? Are the schools under attack from liberalism [socialism]? Is the free enterprise economic system and Biblical morals under attack?

The FBI Discovers

W. Cleon Skousen, assistant to J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI, discovered the 45-point plan for Socialists/Communists to destroy and capture America. Point #17 states: "Get control of the schools. Use them for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Get control of TEACHER'S ASSOCIATIONS." Now you can understand WHY the Federal Government is so against church related schools. They cannot capture your child's mind if they don't control WHAT he or she is being taught.

The above is WHY the Federal Government will not allow the professing Christian religion to have prominence in the schools any longer. The Communist Rules for Revolution was captured in Dusseldorf, Germany, in May 1919 by the Allied Forces. In part it states: "(A) Corrupt the young, get them away from religion. Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial, destroy their ruggedness." These Rules of Revolution were secured by Florida's Attorney General - George A. Brautigam - many years ago. He claimed this program is being worked in the United States today! Is he correct'?

Communist Goal

The ultimate goal of the Communists and their creator, the Illuminati, is to dissolve the American Republic. They were to destroy every nation and religion on earth, and crush the American dream so that we will be merged into a faceless numbering system for international control in a world government. To achieve their goal, they [liberals] have to attack our religious orthodoxy and American nationalism in the schoolrooms across America. If these statements are true, can they be PROVEN?


"Through the activities of our state organizations, the New Age Magazine, our clip service and News Bureau, we are stimulating the public interest and furnishing much valuable material to speakers and writers, and thereby can reasonably claim much credit for the growing interest in favor of compulsory education BY THE STATE."

Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Charleston, S.C., September24, 1924 (Scarlet and the Beast, John Daniel, Vol.1, p 235, JKI Pub.,Tyler, TX)

Let's investigate the background of this statement to understand our current plight in America. After the [Catholic] Jesuit suppression in 1773, Grand Orient Freemasonry replaced Jesuit academies of general education, very similar to our state-controlled primary and secondary schools of today. The Philanthropine were the first schools of Reform Judaism [a group of Cabalists who joined together for the purpose of destroying Judaism and Christianity - they were atheists]. Their founder was Grand Orient Freemason Sigmund Geisenheimer, head clerk in Meyer Rothschild's Frankfurt bank. According to Rabbi Marvin Antelman, the House of Rothschild financed these schools (Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman, To Eliminate the Opiate [New York: Zahavia LTD, 1974], p.126).

Although the Philanthropine were private schools [no state funded schools existed in Europe at that time], they were authorized by the illuminated Masonic rulers in the German principalities. The schools offered NO religious instruction whatever - God and prayer were intentionally left out. Professor John Robison [of England] documents that when the graduates became professionals, morals declined rapidly on a national scale (John Robison, Proofs of a Conspiracy, 1798, p.48-53).

Meanwhile, in France law: were passed forbidding Church schools. "Laicism" or the secularization of the schools was the new" order of the day. With public schools came a new breed of teachers called atheists (Dr. George Dillon, Grand Orient Unmasked, p.80).

Dr. George Dillon says that the decision to secularize public schools came out of the French Masonic Lodges, one of which was a Lodge named Rose of Perfect Silence. In one of their meetings, Dillon reports, it was asked: "Ought religious education to be suppressed?" The answer was predictable: "'Without any doubt the principle of supernatural authority. that is faith in God, takes from a man his dignity; is USELESS for the discipline of children; and there is also in it, the danger of the abandonment of all morality... The respect, specially due to the child, PROHIBITS the teaching to him doctrines. which disturb his reason"' (Ibid, p.80).

Does this SUPPRESSION of religion sound familiar? In 1885, Dr. Dillon already saw the consequences of the secularization of education in society, and he rightly asked, "How can we be surprised if the Universities of the Continent have become the hot-beds of vice, revolution, and Atheism?" (Ibid, p.83).

What Freemasonry initiated before and during the French Revolution has spread throughout the world via Masonic Lodges. The secularization of our educational Institutions today with the elimination of the Bible and prayer in our schools is a result of two centuries of secularized education, and the creation of modern Biblical criticism, which began in the Grand Orient Masonic Lodges on the Continent of Europe. According to Orthodox Rabbi Antelman, at the forefront of this Biblical criticism were Grand Orient Frankist Jews in their Philanthropine schools.

The Bund and Anti-Semitism

As we have seen, the aim of secular education was to destroy BOTH Christianity and Judaism. After 1848, Karl Marx, a 32nd degree Grand Orient Mason (Miller, Occult Theocracy, p.270, 726), carried on the Frankist Reform's subversive work. Marx was profoundly anti-religious and, in fact, e was against ALL religions. He is famous for having said, "Religion is 'the opiate of the people" (Antelman, 17). And in 1844 he remarked, "The criticism of religion is the beginning of all criticism" (Paul Fisher, Behind The Door [Washington, D.C.: Shield Publishing, 1988], p. 284). "It was Karl Marx," commented Antelman, "who was born Jewish and whose family converted to Christianity when he was six, who wrote a book, A World Without Jews. Karl Marx helped promote anti-Semitism..." (Antelman, p.21).

According to Antelman, Marx, the so-called father of Communism, "was paid for his services by the League of the Just which was known in its country of origin, Germany, as the Bundper Gerech ten" (Ibid, p.17). Antelman claims that the League of the Just is an extension of the Illuminati. Members in the League were all illuminated Grand Orient Masons. Actually, those who joined the League were the remnants of the old Jacob in Clubs who had fled to Germany after the Reign of Terror ending the French Revolution. The League of the Just, or "Bund" for short, he notes, "was later to become known as the International Communist Party" (ibid, p.17).

"It may be difficult to conceive of how a professed Jew or Catholic would seek to destroy his own religion," writes Rabbi Antelman. "However, one should consider that the Bund's inner circle consisted of a specific religion BY BIRTH ONLY, and super wealthy individuals whose boundless ambitions for power had caused them to become unscrupulous" (ibid, p.25).

One such reformer was Abraham Geiger [1810- 1874], a rabbi who had joined the Bundper Gerech ten, which operated within the illuminated Grand Orient Masonic Lodges (ibid, p. 42). Rabbi Antelman credits the Bund with conceiving of the ultimate plans for the secularization and destruction of 'Judaism ... Abraham Geiger was the man the Bund chose to be their primary personality to implement the Reform Movement... Due largely to Geiger, the Reform Movement BECAME by 1850 the dominant Jewish SCHISM in Germany," reported Antelman (Antelman, p.27-28).

Reform Judaism began to open Jewish schools in which the professors could implant the seeds of destruction against their own religion. "They conceived the idea of developing their own network of rabbinical seminaries to ordain their own FRAUDULENT rabbis," says Rabbi Antelman (Antelman, p.27). Antelman further confirms that the Bund in Grand Orient Freemasonry "had planned to build a seminary to be in Geiger's name which would educate and train more phony rabbis for the Reform movement (Antelman, p.41).

After 1870, when the anti-Semitic Jewish Reform was in its glory, Rabbi Antelman notes that the non-Reform religious Jews became known as the Orthodoxy: "The term Orthodoxy was to be used as a bigoted derogatory term in the same manner that a white bigot would employ the term nigger. This was in the best tradition of Marx and his Bund sponsors. It should be noted that Marx used the term nigger to indeed degrade all Jews when he published another one of his anti-Semitic diatribes entitled, The Jewish Nigger" (Antelman, p.30).

In his final condemnation of Karl Marx, Antelman remarks: "Marx's anti-Semitic outlook bore a relationship to Reform or Conservative movement leaders, [whose] profound hatred for Torah, true Judaism, the Talmud and the rabbis ... unfortunately, manifests itself to this very day among large segments of the leadership of the Conservative and Reform movements throughout the Diaspora" (Antelman, p.111). But where did Karl Marx get his financing?

Communist Goal