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[9/19/19] The related discography Related Discography page has been updated to include Gary's new album Beer, Picks & Old Records. Ricky Beck Mahler's appearance on the album was a pleasant surprise.........

[9/08/19] Gary Sunshines new cd BEER, PICKS & OLD RECORDS is available now. All the info can be found on his site.

[3/30/19] New Gary Sunshine site...…Here.

[2/16/19] Circus of Power fan special available for a $75 pledge at Gary's Kickstarter………

[2/13/19] Gary Sunshine launches Kickstarter...…..

Gary Sunshine has launched a Kickstater campaign for his album "Beer, Picks and Old Records". All the details are at this LINK

[12/31/18] Nice interview with Gary Sunshine. Some great Circus tid bits.... Click here

[01/11/16] New item added to the collection.


[01-01-16] New Twitter addy.

[12/29/15] I have added a new video to the Youtube channel. It is an audio only video of Motor taken from a 1989 High Voltage show. Enjoy!.

[12/29/15] I have decided to approach this site in a slightly different way. I will now be referring to as the "Classic CoP source" as to not confuse the fans/visitors as to what the purpose of this site has been and always will be, the nets premier source for Classic Circus of Power, ie The self titled through Magic & Madness era, by a fan for the fans. Thanks and "Keep The Faith".

[07/19/15] I finally came across the vid that shot for "Hot Lootie", a real ass kicker from Alex's old band Fat Nancy.

[06/12/15] Alex Mitchell to launch a talk show entitled "The Guest List" in September that will air on Youtube. From Alex's Facebook......

"ATTENTION! 'THE GUEST LIST' hosted by Showbiz Al will debut in September on Youtube. It will a variety show like Carson, Playboy After Dark, Rupert Pupkin and Joe Franklin. I will be in a tuxedo singing Sinatra-esque songs and hosting the show with skits, re-enactments and interviews. The look will be like Kramer's Merv Griffin set and I am looking for bands, writers and artists/characters of all kinds to be on the show. Street crazies too. If you are interested message me. We can have you on the show live or you can submit videos or even Skype. Hustle your wares! It will be fast and loose affair with a cheeseball Vegas vibe and the first show features an interview with Sammy Davis Jr, from heaven! And yes, I play Sammy..."

More info as I get it.......Bob

[4/21/15] Alex has written anew book, it is avalable here.

[3/29/15] High quality versions of Motor, Call of the Wild and Vices have just been added to the CoP Vevo page.
Click here.

[2/22/15] A fantastic audio recording of "Running With The Scarecrow" has just surfaced on YouTube. I never thought the song actually made it to a live set, goes to show what I know lol. Click Here to check it out.

[2/2/2015] I received an email from a person that works at Sony music to let me know that the self titled and Magic & Madness will be released on Spotify and iTunes on Feb. 10th. they are also working on hetting good copies of the videos added to the CoP Vevo. Hopefully we will get a high quality Motor, Call of the Wild and Vices to watch.

[12/29/2014] I just came across this video shot on 07/06/90 at the Ritz. Click here.

[08/30/14] I have launched a FB page for the site. Check it out and like it if you wish....

FB Page

[07/21/14] I was just sent this great page that documents CoP tour dates and Album release dates.

See it here

[05/26/14] New Book From Alex.........

This is the story of the last three years of my father's life who was suffering at the time from Alzheimer's/dementia. It is a wild ride with talking crows, magical wolves, wild women, fast cars, old brujos, Topanga Canyon, South Florida, santeria, machine guns, rattlesnakes, friendships and wackadoo cosmic debris.

Order Here

[12/02/13] Wang Dang Doodle added to the youtube page.

[10/16/13] Check Gary Sunshine's new acoustic version of COP's classic "Motor"

[06/21/12] Gary Sunshine "The Nerve Of Some People" record review

[06/02/12] Gary Sunshine has just made available a digital album download entitled "The Nerve Of Some People". It is available Here. The album is described as "Gritty sounds & colorful stories of America, equal parts Country, Punk, Blues & Pop, the long overdue debut album is here with 15 tunes about losers, lovers, thrillseekers & troublemakers." Good for you Gary, I have been anxiously awaiting an official release from you for quite some time - webmaster.

[05/07/12] New photos of Alex posted Here.

[05/07/12] has been keeping Swamp Boogie alive one click at a time for 10 is to 10 more.

Captain Zapped "Another Pretty Suicide".

Captain Zapped "Hot Rod Girl".