This is a list of post COP music by various members that I know of.

Alex Mitchell - Pre COP Bands

Saint Mary's Children Of Salvation {with Ricky Beck Mahler}
Crucial Truth

I have a page dedicated to Crucial Truth Here.

Alex Mitchell - Post COP Bands

Absolutely Free
Uncle Max's Cosmic Band
Second Ring Of Power
Plastic Gator Machine
Fat Nancy
Captain Zapped

Available commercial recordings

Captain Zapped S/T

You can preview and purchase this cd Here.

Track Listing

1. Sugarbox 3:21
2. Touch the Sky 3:29
3. Closer to Sunday 3:40
4. Captain Zapped Goes Wild 4:33
5. Hot Rod Girl 3:24
6. Rag Town Rita 2:53
7. New America 3:37
8. Sweet Topanga Blues 3:29
9. Lost In Space 3:43
10. She Is My Everything

Uncle Max's Cosmic Band
Licking The Toad In The Black Church

You can buy this cd Here.

Track Listing

1. Sweet Teenage Fascination 2:30
2. Gasoline Rainbows 3:16
3. Magic Machine 4:56
4. Coltranes Lament 3:36
5. James Brown Band 4:01
6. Letters from the inside 3:34
7. Guilty by suspicion 3:36
8. Darkness of her room 3:50
9. Monster 3:16
10. Auntie Rays box of magic 3:51
11. Lady Belladonna 3:31
12. Booty Liberation Front 3:59
13. Good Times 4:06
14. Loud n'proud 4:32
15. 21st Century dinosaur man 4:41
16. Green River Death Boogie

Plastic Gator Machine
Rock n Soul Music

You can buy this cd Here.

1. She's a Hot Rod 2:31
2. Letters From the Inside 3:30
3. Death Valley Blues 4:50
4. Good Enough for Me 3:51
5. Half a Dozen Roses 5:24
6. Strangers in the Market 3:54
7. Am I Wrong 3:57
8. Sweet Christine 4:15
9. Crazy Jane 2:55
10. Whore With a Heart 4:12
11. In the Shadow of Your Love 4:42
12. Future Blue 4:27

Fat Nancy
Pure American Muscle Baby

Press Release from Perris Records

FAT NANCY featuring ALEX MITCHELL former vocalist of CIRCUS OF POWER.

Yes indeed. Here we have the grand return of former CIRCUS OF POWER vocalist Alex Mitchell aka Showbiz Al, coming to you live and loaded with his new hard and heavy rock and roll band FAT NANCY.

"Pure American Muscle, Baby" is a 12 song collection of raw, live and necessary rock and soul energy. Release date September 20th FAT NANCY is:

Alex Mitchell - Vocals
Tony Portillo - Drums
Jon Sharkey - Bass
Billy Tsounis - Guitar
Steg Von Heintz - Guitar

"Pure American Muscle, Baby" track listing:

1. Dance Little Suzy 2:31
2. Hot Lottie 3:42
3. Just Another Mother 4:04
4. Secret Love 4:49
5. Children of the Midnight Sun 3:51
6. 99 Pounds of Soul 4:09
7. Candy Cane Girl 5:58
8. American Monster 4:13
9. Lonely,fucked Up and Blue 4:23
10. Sweet Judy Brown 2:51
11. Man On the Hill 3:46
12. Train Song #69

Tribute Records

1.An Industrial Rock Tribute To Judas Priest

Alex Mitchell sings Steeler
{Click For Audio Sample}
2001 Deadline Music

2.Covered Dead Or Alive A Tribute To Bon Jovi

Alex Mitchell Sings Runaway
{Click For Audio Sample}
2001 Deadline Music

3. A Tribute To Journey

Alex Mitchell Sings Anyway You Want It
{Click For Audio Sample}
2002 Deadline Music

4. Bulletproof Forever A Tribute To Ted Nugent

Alex Mitchell sings Wang Dang Sweet Poontang
{Click For Audio Sample}
2001 Deadline Music

5. A Tribute To Styx

Alex Mitchell sings Blue Collar Man
{Click For Audio Sample}
2002 Deadline Music

Gary Sunshine - Pre COP Bands

Screaming Sneakers

Post COP Bands

The Silos

Selections From The Lucky Side {Self Produced Solo Record}

Wake Up Eleanor
In Front
The Lucky Side

The Silos-Heater {around 1997}

These are listed by song writing credits {co written with others}-I assume Gary plays on the record

Prison Song
Thanks A Million
Front Porch
Arms Of The Sea downloadable Here
Mom Out Dancing

Guns n Roses - Chinese Democracy

Gary plays on the song "Oh My God"

Gary Sunshine - Beer, Picks & Old Records

Buy this record Here

I'm sure there is a lot more Gary Sunshine Related material out there. I'll list it as I find it.

Ricky Beck Mahler - Pre COP Bands

Saint Mary's Children Of Salvation {with Alex Mitchell}.
U.S. Fury

Post COP Bands


Appears on

The Ballad and Call Of The Wild - L.A. Guns Waking The Dead {Guitar}
Son Of Sam - Songs From The Earth {Guitar and backing vocals}
Jesse Malin - The Heat
Gary Sunshine - Beer, Picks & Old Records

Has Played Live With

Gary Sunshine
Jesse Malin