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June 26, 2003
    I turned 50 on my eBay feedback today.  I have a new color of star to indicate to eBay users that I'm very experienced and trustworthy.  Well, I suppose some people with eBay stars aren't as trustworthy as I am, but it is still nice to be recognized by their computer as having achieved a meaningless arbitrary milestone.

Bolt of lightning
June 29, 2003
    It is a sunny day out.  Yesterday I delivered a fixed computer, and watched Nemesis again.  Today I'm wrapping up some planning of my trip out East.  I guess I'll have to start planning the trip out West again.  It shouldn't be too tricky, just expensive.

July 3 - August 18, 2003
    This is all about my lap around North America.  As far as a "lap" goes, I cheated and didn't go north of Edmonton, or south of Washington DC, but I still made it to two countries, two oceans, and all five Great Lakes. It has lots of pictures and lots of stories, so grab a snack, and dig in.

August 19, 2003
    Now I have downloaded my pictures from my camera, and have to weed out the good the bad and the ugly.  My emailing and eBaying isn't caught up at all, but I do have some money waiting to be deposited from things I sold before going away, and I have a new video card to try out so I can watch DVDs on TV.

August 22, 2003
    I went to Lafleche today.  I also tried Salt and Pepper chips; they weren't that great, just like salt and vinegar really.

August 31, 2003
    The Riders lost today despite having Henry Burris back in the 2nd Half.  I went to the Park for supper where there was Beef on a Bun for the Rodeo Ranch Museum.

September 12, 2003
    The Riders lost again despite playing the previously winnless Hamilton Tiger Cats.  Now the season looks bleak.
I went to Lafleche today, and brought back the computer there to be fixed so it can send email again.

September 13, 2003
    I read news about bootable Linux CDs like Knoppix and about hybrid cars.  Both are something I'd like to try.

September 20, 2003
    Went to Regina in the hopes that there would be an auction, but no luck.  Instead we did some errands, and picked up a computer to fix.  Ate at Jade Gardens in MJ, and the buffet was $10.25 and really good I thought.  I didn't take enough dessert.

September 27, 2003
    Went to the Killdeer Rummage Sale, and picked up a few items I might try to resell.  I also got a nice baseball wall portrait for the basement wall by the TV.  On the way back I picked up some fossils.  In the evening I watched a two part Deep Space Nine, which I've been saving the first part on my computer for over a year now, and taped the second part just the other night.  It was a pretty good show, like most of them are when time travel is involved.

[October 1, 2003]
    Tried the new Damn Small Linux distro, and was mostly impressed.  It offers a GUI and lots of programs, all crammed into the space of 50MB on a CD.  Very nice to be able to boot a computer with no need for a hard drive.

October 4, 2003
    I started the old 1973 LeSabre today, just to check that it still runs.  Drove it around town, and picked up a part that fell off the truck Dad's working on.  I'm practically drooling at the thought of the steaks I'm going to devouer eat with gusto.

Look at the famous Kitty Mitz
Mitz is such a control hog.  But stars are like that.
    I went to the States yesterday to mail a few things.  I sent a few CDs to people I met this Summer, and a box to North Dakota.  I also used a $1 worth of American pennies at the Post Office.  Then I went fossil picking, after waiting about 10 minutes to get back into Canada, and found some great teeth, one with part of the jaw still attached to the tooth.

October 12, 2003
    I went to Lafleche yesterday.  Relatives from England were there, and from around the province.  We had a great Chinese food dinner, and shared stories.
    Then it was on to Gravelbourg where I met with other people working on Loius Stringer's campaign.  I'm managing the campaign with my Dad's help.

October 16, 2003
    Went to Gravelbourg again today, this time for a nomination meeting.  Took some great photos of the Northern Lights again tonight, and yesterday eBay let me relist my Foil Hat auction, claiming they made a mistake by removing it.

October 17, 2003
    Went to Lafleche today, to deliver some business cards.  Then I worked on more campaign stuff.  Long day.

October 24, 2003
    eBay Free Listing Day was on Wednesday so I listed some new jokes like a Burp in a Bag, and Pet Foil Hat Technology Limited Edition with Peanut Butter Layer.  I'm headed to Winnipeg tomorrow.
    Yesterday David Karwacki was in Assiniboia and his handshaking went really well in the restaurants we stopped in on.

October 28, 2003
    I was in Assiniboia and St. Victor today helping Louis campaign.  Karwacki was on the leadership debate tonight and did a fine job.  He definitely showed that the Liberal party is the only party with fresh ideas that might actually work.  We've tried the rest, and now should try the best.

November 4, 2003
    The last day of campaigning, and it was snowy.  It is election day tomorrow, and we'll see.

Also there was a discussion about a girl in Florida who caused a stir with her condom covered costume.  This is in response to discussion about it.

Mitz - doing his exercisesNorthern Lights, 15 minutes south of Lafleche, SK

November 5, 2003
    Election Day in SK.  We'll see.  Right now the day is new.

    I went to Regina and picked up furniture.  Then I ate out with Dad at Joey's Only, and watched some volleyball in Mosbank on the way to Gravelbourg.  On the radio, Louis started off in the lead, and as the night wore on, he slipped to third and the Liberals had no seats, not even in Saskatoon.  It is a very disapoining time in the province, where the NDP effectively polarized the vote as either for the NDP or anti-Sask Party.  The Liberals were left out of the equation because so many of their traditional supporters backed the percieved stronger NDP to ensure the Sask Party wouldn't win.  30 to 28 to 0.  Not a good result at all.  Now all we can do is that the status quo will change the status quo.  Good luck.  We're all in this together.

November 6, 2003
    I had to haul 3 loads of water this afternoon, and missed out on really using the Free Listing Day in the UK.  I am selling all of the snow in my yard, and some spam email, but I don't think I'll have great luck with those. [Note: I almost sold the snow, and eBay removed my Printed Spam auction, the sillies.]

November 11, 2003
    It snowed today.  Alot.  And vandals in Ottawa spraypainted the War Memorial, but it was cleaned up before the service.  I cleaned up some old CDs lying around here, and put them together so they won't breed and make more junky CDs that I don't ever use.

November 13, 2003
    Last night I had no water for a few hours.  A huge series of lightning flashes outside the  house yesterday was not from a passing snow plow as I thought, but was a transformer arcing and fusing fuses.  Sparks rained down on the knee high snow, as bright flashes burst out at least 4 times.  SaskPower fixed it up today, and got power working last night.
    I dug snow most of the morning.  It was very deep, and we're trying to get the old tractor snow blower running for the first time in years.

November 29, 2003
12:52 am: I started a journal on to see what it is like.

I'm off to the Queen City tomorrow to attend an auction which should be fun. Dad and I have a blast at each one, especially if we spend less than $100 together. It is a bit like a trip to a casino that way, but you always get to take something home.

December 1, 2003
    I sorted my treasure from the Government Surplus Auction today.  I might have a laptop that works, just need to add an old hard drive.
December 1st, 2003
04:26 pm: Bought a lot of stuff
I picked up a lot of good stuff, and a bit of junk from the surplus auction on Saturday. Now I'll be sorting through it for a while, trying to pick out things that sell well on eBay to make my money back.

December 2, 2003
    I hauled 2 loads of water today for Sprinkle, and then listed 20 auctions on eBay.  Just one sale so far, but I have some new items like an Ethics Certificate, and vintage AOL floppies that people actually collect!
December 2nd, 2003
09:07 pm: eBay listings, OHHHH YEAH
Ethics Certificate; My newest creation.

And a redo:
Snow in my yard for sale.

Still working on listing, and there are ones to get ready for Thursday too.

December 5, 2003
    I didn't go outside at all today.  There was a wind warning, and it was -9, so it wasn't exactly appealing.  I watched a few DS9 episodes I had taped in the past weeks, and worked on my used laptop.  I'm looking to buy a hard drive for it right now.

December 6, 2003
    I went over to the school and found a $12 adapter I'd mistaken as a worthless computer mouse before.  And I chipped away ice when it was +5 out today.  The parents washed the vehicles.  I also set up a network for a family down the street.  My chocolate supply is starting to run low, but I haven't restocked it since my Liquidation World buying spree a month ago.

December 8th, 2003
10:19 pm: Bonfire
Today there was a community bonfire, where we had warmed juice with spices, marshmellows, and a good time.

December 13, 2003
    I went to Moose Jaw today, after being ousted from bed at 7:00.  I was told we weren't leaving until 8:00, so I hadn't planned on rising until 7:30, so I was a little miffed.  Sleeping in the car was mostly impossible until after Assiniboia because of the shock of the cold vehicle and loud CBC radio. I did some Christmas shopping and banking.
    Yesterday I went to the States and picked up some computer parts.  There are a lot of machines to fix around here at the moment.

December 15, 2003
    Saddam was captured yesterday morning, and the news hasn't stopped talking about it.  I'll say they will until Wednesday.  I also shipped an AC Adapter on Saturday, and it arrived today in BC!
    I've composed a little ditty to sing at the holidays.  In fine Internet fashion, I've attributed the lyrics to a famous person.

    In the spirit of the War on Terrorism, President Bush has declared some official changes to the classic song of the 12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
A cache full of WMD.

On the second day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
2 disposed dictators

On the third day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
3 weeks of bombing

On the Fourth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
4 more years in office

On the Fifth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
5 stolen rings, from museums

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
6 conquered cities

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
7 little white lies

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
8 turkey dinners

On the Ninth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
9 oil wells

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
10 photo opportunities

On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
11 construction contracts

On the Twelfth day of Christmas my true army gave to me:
12 X 5 willing countries

December 19, 2003
    I went to Lafleche today, installed a phone jack, and got some important and valuable banking done.

December 26, 2003
 Me and the family went to Winnipeg today in the van.  I was up to about 3:00am listing auctions on eBay since it was free today, and I didn't have another chance.  I couldn't start listing until 2:00am, because of the time difference between here and California.  On the trip I managed to sleep for about 5 hours of it so it wasn't so bad staying up the night before.
 By the time I arrived in Winnipeg, I had sold a laptop power adapter.  Not many bids though.  We watched "Oscar" the movie about Stalone being a gangster who is trying to reform [9/10].  After that we watched "Shanghai Knights" with Jackie Chan [7/10]. We also watched Adrianne's
whitewater rafting of the Nile, video.

December 27, 2003
 We went to see Mary and Robert, and took Nana back to her apartment.  The parents bought the wrong phone cords in Weyburn, so we couldn't hook up the fax as planned.  We went to the Polo Park Mall and wandered around for an hour without buying much.
 In the evening we watched "The Ring" which is a good horror movie about people dying 7 days after they watch a strange VHS tape with odd scenes [8/10].

December 28, 2003
 Sunday, we went back into Winnipeg and I set up the FAX machine finally, after months of waiting.  We picked up supper at Boston Pizza and Sobey's, roast chicken and pizzas.  Others watched tapes of "The Tick", while I checked on my auctions.  The auction that Brendan and I wrote had the most hits, at well over 200 already.  I got 2 emails about it too.

December 29, 2003
 I got up with plenty of time to get ready to head for home today.  More time than I counted on.  The roads were ice, and Dad and Brian put the chains [most of the way] on the van.  We limped out of Winnipeg headed west and had to stop to remove the chains later.  Not too far later in Elm Creek we stopped to check what was wrong with the alternator.  Only a few kms out of there, we helped to pull a little white car out of the ditch.  We proceeded to Souris at a snail's pace and had cheeseburgers there after stopping again to have the battery cable tightened.
 We're now headed to Regina and have just crossed the SK border at 2:45pm.  It is promising to be a LONG day.  I just passed Redvers, and they have a giant NWMP officer on horseback on the west side of town.

December 31, 2003
 It is hard to believe that 2003 is finished.  I finished University, traveled North America, had an auction on CNN HLN, didn't throw up all year, got a $10 laptop [which I am typing this on right now, and have added $25 worth of parts to], and ran an election campaign.

January 1, 2004
 Last night Cliff came and I fixed up our old IBM laptop for him and then Brendan, Dad and I went to the farm.  The two younger guys played PS-2 games, and the rest played Scum and Dominos.  I managed to lose both basically.
 I did some computer updates for them, and found a P2P virus that created a file winrun.exe, which was pretty obviously a virus.  Windows ME unfortunately was the OS, so I was a little unfamiliar with it.  I had to leave it infected, with just the removal instructions for my Uncle to work with, because it was quickly approaching 1:00am and I had to be ready to head to the Levy in the morning.
 We sent the first fax to Nana's fax machine yesterday, but she had help to get it, so I'll try one later so that she knows she can do it on her own too.

 I'm in Regina now after 1:00pm, waiting to go stand in line and wait.  Waiting is easier when you have a laptop.  It is no wonder that cell phones are so popular with their built in games.

 In the morning at Moose Jaw, we saw the smoke from a fire on Main St. and River St.  When we came back through at 6:00pm the fire had flared up again and smoke was billowing south west over main street.  At least one historic shop was totally leveled, and more are likely burning as I write this on my way home, west of Assiniboia.

January 4, 2004
    I fixed both of my laptops I got a few weeks ago.  The third I sold.  To bore you all with the details, there was a keyboard cable that was too loose.  The clip to wedge it tight was MISSING! [Darn Social Service of SK techies {but I would work there if they asked right now}].  Anyway, I just cut out a strip of plastic from a CPU box, and wedged it in there, and presto the keyboard worked.  And the act of moving the other keyboard out of the socket fixed the mouse on the one that wasn't working completely right.  Killed 2 birds with one stone.

January 7, 2004
    Listed some more free auctions, including some old hats.

An original fairy tale by computer_saskboy
Did you hear the one about the media that cried wolf? Killer Bees, and angry drug dealers they sold millions of papers.

Well one day there was a thousand scientists that were all very bright and they told the media about a coming disaster. But the media was too busy reporting about a wolf that chewed off a boy's face, and didn't want to listen to the scientists. Besides big business was paying them to listen to other scientists who were also paid off and mad at the other scientists who were brighter than them.

The world suffered. The end.

January 15, 2004
    Yesterday I was contacted by the National Post about doing an interview.  They are interested in showing my PFHT auction in the paper I think.  Now I got an email saying they are no longer interested.  I guess something more crazy and newsworthy bumped me.

January 30, 2004
    I was going to go to the States today to get some packages, but there is a blizzard out.  A good time to sell my snow.

February 2, 2004
    I went to Montana today, and picked up a bunch of eBay purchases.

February 3, 2004
    I installed a few new computer components, and now I can watch TV on my computer.  Neat. :-)

February 10, 2004
    Blizzard outside today. The sister couldn't make it home, so she's staying with a friend.  I'll have to tape Conan tonight, as the Toronto series starts this evening.
    I didn't manage to sell the Snow in my Yard on eBay, as planned, although I had lots of inquiries from people in California and Texas. I did sell a few other trinkets though, and made a few dollars.

February 18, 2004
    I went to the US yesterday and almost slid off the road things were so icy and windy.  About the worst road conditions I've ever driven in, yet just 15 km north of the border it was fine.
    Today I went to Regina, and fixed a computer, and taxied some family around town.

February 19, 2004
    Today I fixed a computer, and answered about a billion phone calls.  I still have some website stuff to do now. Maybe I'll update this page though because it has been a while.
Snow at home

February 24, 2004
    There was a pancake supper at the church tonight.  I watched the old movie "Some Like it Hot" with Marylin Monroe today [6/10].  It was pretty funny.

February 26, 2004
    Bob, Wood Mountain's 99 year old resident, finally moved to Assiniboia yesterday with Mom's help and several other people.  His health has been getting worse, and he's been living in self imposed squalor for years now, so I wish him the best of luck in his new home.

March 7, 2004
    Yesterday I watched "Chicago" [5/10] with Rene Z. and Catherine Zeta Jones.  It was too musical-like for me to really enjoy it, but the ending was OK and it had some interesting points.  I also watched "Fight Club" [8/10]  for the first time.  I'm considering watching it again, now that I know the ending, but I have to remember the first rule of Fight Club - Don't talk about Fight Club. ;-)  A few days ago I watched the "X-Men" movie again [7/10].  I had forgotten whole chunks of it, almost like I hadn't watched it before at all.
    Today I built some snow "things", and the wind kept blowing them over, so I went with less ambitious short ones. I also played cards with Mom and sis.
    I also changed toothbrushes today.  I had a new one sitting around, and it has been at least a few months since it was last changed, so I figured today was as good a time as any to make the switch.  Besides, I read an article where some doctors theorize that people who change their toothbrushes more often, are sick less often.  Any simple change to benefit my health is fine with me.

March 15, 2004
    Yesterday I watched "Tomb Raider II The Cradle of Life" [5/10] and "A Knights Tale" [8/10].  Tomb Raider was rather forgettable, and A Knights Tale while not historically accurate, was funny and had really impressive stunts considering the people were actually jousting with hollow balsa wood lances.
    Today is the Ides of March, so beware, or be square.  It is +5 out right now, and getting warmer I think.  The snow should be gone in about a week.

March 20, 2004
    I was at an Aunt's 80th Birthday Party tonight.  Played shuffleboard.  Was fun.  Good night.
    Oh, and I watched "Daddy Daycare" [8/10] with Eddie Murphy.  It was surprisingly good, with only a few uncomfortable scenes that were far too predictable.

March 24, 2004
    Today it was warm and sunny outside again.  It got to at least 10 degrees.  A few days ago I watched "Twister" [7/10].  The story was a little weak, but it had great special effects, and ironically the National Geographic that arrived yesterday had a story about tornado chasers, and the devices they used in that 5+ year old movie.  I also watched "X2 X-Men United" [9/10] the sequel to the X-Men movie.  It was better than the first I thought, much more entertaining.

March 26, 2004
    I made a short trip to Lafleche, and watched "Pushing Tin" [6/10] and then "The Scorpion King" [6/10].  Both were good enough to watch, but not really to watch again.

March 28, 2004
    I saw "Cold Creek Manor" [4/10] last night.  It wasn't awful, but for one scene with snakes which was supposed to be scary but it ended up being more funny than anything.  It was something that just isn't really worth watching again, and barely in the first place.
I saw "Slackers" [5/10] and "Training Day" [6/10] a few weeks ago, and forgot to mention and rate them.  I tried to watch "Next Friday" [1/10], but it was terrible and I gave up after a few minutes.

March 29, 2004
    I watched "Star Wars II Attack of the Clones" [9/10] and thought it was really fun and well done.  I think I enjoyed it much more than the first Episode movie, but wish I'd watched I and II closer together so I picked up more of the inside jokes/story line.

March 30, 2004
    Today was sunny and very windy.  It was almost +20 out!

April 4, 2004
    On Friday night I watched "Final Destination" [6/10], "A Beautiful Mind" [8/10], and "American Outlaws" [7/10].

April 14, 2004
    I am using Mozilla to edit this now, since my Netscape 4.7 has stopped working for some reason.  Won't load, just gave an error message that didn't tell me anything.  I went to Winnipeg last week, I'll try to add some pictures next update.  The weather was cool, but otherwise nice.  And I got some hard drives from the States last week, so now I have enough for all of the old laptops around here and I could start repairing them with a few more trivial parts.

April 19, 2004
Saw Terminator today [8/10].  Not much dialogue the the first hour, but still a good movie.  And then She's All That [7/10].  I thought it was OK.

April 25, 2004
    As usual, I've used up the basic Internet hours in our dialup package, so I've been taking it easy away from the Internet for a few days.  Today I watched... a movie that doesn't come to mind right now; I guess it wasn't very good.
    I went to a Pot Luck supper at the Hall.  There were more people there than the last few Community Hall dinners.  I bumped into Taylon, a guy I went to school with for 11 of my 12 grade school years.  In other conversations I also learned of some renovations done at the Historic Park, so I might try to get down there this Summer to check them out.  Maybe I'll bike, I used to bike to and from the Regional Park right next door to it, but I'll have to build up my stamina a bit first, it is over a 10km round trip, up some massive hills.
    I remembered the movie, and figured out why I couldn't remember about which one it was.  I'd seen it before, so I guess my brain still registered it as being watched from long ago, and not just today.  It was "Space Cowboys" [7/10], a comedy drama that is actually pretty good, and was worth re-watching, especially since I missed the beginning of it the first time I saw it.  I saw the last half of "Double Jeopardy" [8/10] tonight too, and it is certainly worth seeing if you haven't.  I've seen the whole movie another time; It is about a wife that is sent to jail for killing her husband, but she figures out he isn't really dead and framed her.
    Tomorrow is supposed to be less windy, so it is likely that I'll have to help finish switching the shingles on the garage roof to sheet metal.  I'm going to go to the States too sometime this week.  I'll just have to remember to get my travel insurance up to date before I go in June again, otherwise a simple trip could turn into a financial life ender should something medically bad happen.
East of town

April 27, 2004
     Last night I rewatched "The Sixth Sense" [10/10].  It is an incredible movie, and I recommend you watch it, but if you haven't seen it before, watch it with another friend who hasn't seen it before.  Don't tell anyone you know who has seen it, that you are going to watch it, because they might accidentally spoil it for you.  If you watch it alone, well, let's just say that isn't a good idea.  The roof is now half done too, there is just the shorter north side to re-cover.

April 30, 2004
    Today was tax day in Canada, but I filed days ago over the Internet.  I should get my whopping refund any day now.  All $8 and change, or whatever it worked out to.  It was kinda cool out today.  And we installed a new toilet upstairs, since the old one's tank wasn't acting right.  I think we'll set it on the lawn out front, and complete the hill billy look.  Just kidding, I don't know what we'll do with the old one.  Maybe rig up a self watering flower pot?  Ha Ha.

May 2, 2004
    I drove to Mankota and back, Dad wanted to attend an event there.  One of the stories he heard was of a priest who fixing up an old church in the Bronx, bought a table cloth at a rummage sale.  He put it up on the church wall, and a woman came in from the rain and said she recognized it as one she made in Germany before WWII.  She had to flee, and was arrested, and had been separated from her husband.  She didn't know what happened to him.  The priest drover her home that night.  Later that week after mass, a man came up to him and mentioned his wife had made a table cloth just like the one hanging on the wall, and he had lost her during WWII.  The priest drove him to the woman's home, and ended up reuniting the couple.

May 4, 2004
    Today I inquired about a job, but they aren't hiring there for another year the fellow guessed.  Oh well, I'll have to try elsewhere.  The weather was warm, but very windy.  Basbeball started today in Limerick.

May 5, 2004
    I'll predict 4 Gold 8 Silver 3 Bronze for Canada this Summer.

May 10, 2004
    I cleaned off the pool table today, and fixed a DOS computer from Glentworth.  Now I just have to get one more computer ready today, and I've accompished my goals for today.

Snowy blizzard in May

May 19, 2004
    Today, people are supposed to avoid buying gas, at least to the popularly circulated email.  I for one will not buy gas today.  But then, I don't drive.

    The pool table is again almost cluttered, but it is a simpler mess to move aside.  A projector for moving 8mm film to Tape, and some computer related papers and bills adorn the top of the green felt.
New Borden $100

May 20, 2004
    Enterprise the TV series is coming back next season.  It wasn't renewed until today, but next year could be the last, due to chronic low ratings
Today I went and patched up a computer south of town, and watered some plants around the yard.  It is looking like it will rain tonight though.

Pool Elevator sunset

May 24, 2004
    It is Victoria Day today, and we've got over 75mm of rain in the past week.  I'm going to deliver a computer tonight, and this afternoon I watched "Escape From L.A." [6/10] with Kurt Russel.  It wasn't very good, but I gave it a 6 instead of a 5 because it revolves around a doomsday plot.

May 30, 2004
    My 2nd oldest email account died peacefully yesterday, at the age of 7 years.  Rest in peace the world hardly knew ye [but the spammers sure did].  I went to bed early last night because something had given me the sniffles, but I think the sniffles are gone now.

June 7, 2004
    I was in Regina last weekend, after the sister's graduation, to see the brother's relay race that night.  I unfortunately ended up spending more time asleep in a car than I care for in an average week, but the weather wasn't too bad.  Saw "Shrek 2" [9/10] which was funny, although not really as fun as the first I thought.  And the Galaxy theatre almost keeps their sound too loud, like the Famous Players used to do in downtown Regina.

Legislature in Regina SK

June 14, 2004
    Still cleaning up the mini-flood from Saturday, where water leaked up through cracks in the cement, and soaked half of the carpet under the pool table.
I'm going to work at the Library tomorrow afternoon, and cleaned a virus from a computer this past afternoon.

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