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March 2, 2003
    Dad went to Ottawa last week, so I finally found a use for the left over bus tickets I discovered in my wallet when I got home to Regina last Fall.  He got back yesterday, but I went to the Royal Sask. Museum with a friend from Australia while I had the car to myself.

St. Victor
    I got a new computer, so my update routine for this webpage was interrupted.  I hope it gets back to normal now.  I have some new pictures to share even.  I only took video of the pool tournament I organized last night, but I have lots of pictures of the boxing match that took place down stairs.
Ira and Brett


    During my last astronomy lab, I took these photos through a 6" Newtonian telescope and without a tripod mount for my camera.  Pretty neat, huh?

March 28, 2003
    I woke up this morning 3 times.  Once at 7:15 for a fire alarm, and once to get the door, and once to get up for the day.  The fire alarm is of unknown origin, but toast is suspected.

Unknown Police man, in the cold like me.

    The Board meeting tonight was long, but there was free food from the Owl.  And the Gender Issues seat was needlessly removed from the Board, pending AGM approval, because it was seen by some to be double representation, and something the Exec and board is supposed to do anyway.  Well, I guess everyone will just have to step up to the plate now and field the extra pitches.
    I saw Bond - Die Another Day last night, and it was great at the Rainbow Cinema.  Best so far?  Maybe, certain parts were, and so were some puns.  The last Brosnan Bond?  We'll see.

    I saw David Suzuki a week back and here is a picture of me standing in front of him.
David Suzuki signing books

    I also saw Bowling For Columbine last night, a Michael Moore documentary about gun deaths in the States compared to Canada when we share common entertainment and fast food cultures.  Another A+ movie that should be taken with a grain of salt, a kleenex for the tears, and side support for the laughter.  The 'irony' should get you too.  I half expected me and Rob to be shot when walking around Regina later, just because it would have been such cool irony after hearing about how great Canada is.
    My history paper due next week has been given a two day extension to hand it in.  This makes no-never-mind to me, because I plan on finishing early this time.  Didn't happen for the other 2 papers, but I can make my last two go away sooner.  I am the king of last minute writing though.  The words begin to flow at the 11th hour, much as it is right now.  Good night. [note: Didn't finish too early, but I did manage to write 2600 decent-to-good words for a 2250 minimum word essay in just 24 hours with enough sleep to last me the next day.]

[April 3, 2003]
    CSSS AGM was today and it was a bigger success than the URSU, FASA, and Carillon AGMs, because it met quorum.  I nominated Peter for a position on the executive, and he wasn't even at the meeting, but I think he'll do a good job anyway.

April 5, 2003
    I went to the Regina Inn to look at Mazdak's fourth year engineering project that used ultrasound to locate someone in a room, and display a virtual view of the room from the perspective of the person identified.  Very expensive stuff, at about $3000 a room.
    I then went to the Northgate mall, bought some chips and came back on the bus.  Now I'm deciding whether to go to the URSU year end party at the Owl, or to a movie because Brien has a car here today.  Or I might do what my friends did last night and watch some movies on DVD in residence.  We saw "Insurrection" [awesome Star Trek IX], "Unbreakable" [great movie with Bruce Willis], and a movie that I wish I never started to watch: "The Fast and the Furious" with Vin Diesel.  This movie was almost as bad as "Dazed and Confused", but some people liked the cars in it.
    It has been decided that we are going to Blockbuster.  Bye.
    I'm back, and we got The Tuxedo starring Jackie Chan.  I don't know why it took us so long to pick it, since it really turned out to be a great movie, and proves you can't go wrong by choosing Jackie Chan.  To whoever rented the last "Big Trouble", I'm going to haunt your dreams tonight!
    My page that the Carillon newspaper just couldn't seem to print right this year when I tried advertising the link.  It was mispelled, left out, and edited so many times that it was only printed successfully about 7 times of 15 attempts.

April 9, 2003
    Vimy Ridge happened many years ago to this day.
    Today was my last day of classes in University... ever.  The class was a little bit interesting after I helped to fix the teacher's laptop to play the sound from the DVD on the classroom speakers.  It sure felt like it was a test; see who among a room of computer science students would crack first and go to help the prof.  I figured out how to work the volume control on a Sony Vaio and it isn't intuitive, let me tell you.
    After class, which was mercifully short for a night class, Rob and I stopped in at the Language Institute because I heard there was a party, but nothing was going on at the time, so we headed back home.  An hour later I was inspired to watch a movie, so me and others crowded into my room as we watched "Road to Perdition", an excellent movie.
     I'm joining the "unemployed" class now as I move from University and my URSU part time job, but unlike many students finishing their education phase, I'm not in debt.  I'll head home, read a few books, set up an obsolete computer museum, and generally enjoy my time off.
    My latest eBay'ed item sold for $1US to a nice person in Florida.  It is a foil stealth paper airplane.  Very effective when a rock is taped to the plane and it is sent on a suicide mission of rocky destruction.  Its size renders it invulnerable to radar detection.  Yes I know that sounds silly, that is the whole point.

April 12, 2003
    I went to the Owl last afternoon with some friends from my History 266 Medieval Europe class.  I wanted to play tennis, they both wanted a beer and nachos.  The majority won :-)
    My motion I introduced at the URSU meeting passed, so now coop students can be on 8 month work terms and still vote and run in elections.  Yay for democracy!  That was my last URSU meeting ever, since the year is quickly wrapping up.
    Today I biked over to Walmart with Rob in search of garage sales.  There were none, so we went shopping and I bought junk food for exam studying.  After, I played golf outside on the lawn with practice balls that don't fly more than a few dozen meters.  It was a very nice day out.

April 16, 2003
    I wrote my CS405 Graphics Final tonight.  It went all right, but not amazingly well.  I wrote History 264 Greeks/Romans on Tuesday, and that went fine.  I'm studying for CS420 tonight, and tomorrow morning before the test.  I'm hoping I don't need Artificial Intelligence to let me pass.
    It started snowing yesterday, and now everything is icky for a 3rd time this year.

April 19, 2003
    I played tennis for a few hours last afternoon, then biked over to Southland to watch a $10.50 movie "Bulletproof monk".  After that great movie, Rob, Brien and I biked over to see if there was anything at the Rainbow to see.  There wasn't, so we went to Dairy Queen and I had a mint Oreo Blizzard,  Brien had a Chocolate fudge dessert, and Rob had another Blizzard. Brien had to hmm and haw over which dessert to get, because he couldn't remember whether he didn't like the pecan one, or the chocolate.  He chose right, he said as he ate it.
    Today I went and mailed my camera.  Poor camera, I hope it comes back fixed.

April 23, 2003
    Today was a turning point day.  I think there will be more to come very soon.  Rob, Peter, and Denny all moved out of Luther today, and I will follow on Friday.
    I watched "The Core" with Brien, and last night watched "Phone Booth".  Both are good but not really great movies.  Both are very inventive and original, but not clever.  Kool-Aid now graces my carpet near the door, and I hope that the dark patch is just because of the water and not the pink dye they put in that sugar.
    I played tennis, and ordered pizza today too.  Lots of stuff happened.  People left.  I stayed.  I had an eBay deal turn south thanks to USPS or a greedy buyer.  We'll see how this all plays out,  Just like in the movies.

April 26, 2003
    I moved yesterday, and ate at the Mad Greek restaurant in Moose Jaw for supper last night.  It was really good food, at very reasonable prices.  I bought some old beer mugs today, and hope to sell one on eBay.

April 28, 2003
    I fought with another digital camera yesterday, and listed a beer mug I bought at a garage sale in Fir Mountain.  I also when to Lafleche today, and now am doing nothing but read and update my webpages and resume tonight.

May 2, 2003
    Watched Big Trouble again, and it was still funny.  I also helped Dad move a suburban to beside our house so we can fix the engine.  Oh, goody, more engine repair.  Sigh.
    In world news, the US has put another tariff on Canadian durum, the US ambassador wants us to support the futile Star Wars defense system, and whites in the South want to have a 'whites only' prom.  Isn't the world doing just great?
    See my Captain Insaino Man movie, you'll like it.  If you don't have DivX installed, download this first.Captain Insaino Man dummy

May 4, 2003
    There were only 7 people at church yesterday.  Not a great turnout, but there was birthday cake afterwards.  Today I slept in until nearly noon.  Now I'm just updating my websites, and thinking of how to conduct a little webpage building tutorial.

May 8, 2003
    Hauled a load of water today for Dad.  After 4 days of rain, the road was wet, but no treacherous.

May 12, 2003
    Planted anothe chokecherry sapling in the front yard today.  It is twice as big as the one I planted yesterday.  Hopefully they will both survive the move, and be giving berries in less than a decade.
    I watched CSI and CSI Miami tonight for the first time in a few months, and a new Law And Order CI.  Plenty of TV and barbecued hotdogs made for a good day.

May 15, 2003
    I went to Moose Jaw on Tuesday hoping to buy the latest Star Trek movie on DVD, but stupid Walmart misadvertised the release date and I have to wait until Tuesday next week.  I think I'll buy it "previously viewed" at Rogers or Blockbuster and Walmart will lose my business.
    There is an eclipse of the Moon tonight, but my camera is still in some room in Calgary getting "fixed".  There seems to be a huge influx of broken Canon products slowing the repair down?  Whatever it isn't I'm not too happy with the month wait time on warantee repair on an expensive camera that is only a year old.
    I watched two Enterprises last night and the West Wing finale.  Today I watched a Law and Order I taped last night.  Now I have to find something productive to do.

May 26, 2003
    I just got back from a vacation in Saskatoon.  Grandma and Dad went with me in the truck.  We were going to pick an engine up along the way back, but it wasn't ready, so we took the cramped truck for nothing.  I watched 5 movies, starting with Nemesis on my new, and first DVD.  I also watched Black Hawk Down[7/10], Shrek [10/10], and O Brother Where Art Thou[6/10]?  The other one was a TV movie about the 1950s and Hucksbury Proxy [5/10] or something.

May 27, 2003
    I planted flowers for my Grandma today.  It was hot out, but not unbearable.

[May 28, 2003]
    Went to Regina today.  Picked up both my Grandmas and Aunt Madeline, and ate out at Melrose Place where they have a deal for people with birthdays.  I saw a Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock movie called Two Weeks Notice [7/10].  It was pretty funny, and my group were the only people in the theatre, not counting one lady at the very back.  Luke did a cartwheel down the aisle at the end of the movie.

[May 29, 2003]
    Convocation was this afternoon.  It was about 2 hours long, and not unbearable.  It wasn't as nice as my highschool ceremony in some ways, but it was still fun and I saw my friends after at the reception.

June 2, 2003
    Today I watched About a Boy [6/10] with Hugh Grant; it was funny, but more of a chick flick that anything.  Yesterday I watched Signs [8/10] with Mel Gibson; it was fantastic and was a movie that made me think about aliens in a different sort of way.  On Saturday I watched The Bourne Identity [9/10] with Matt Damon.  Bourne is a great spy movie.
    I pulled grass out of the strawberries, I watched it rain shortly after, and watched Austin Powers II The Spy Who Shagged Me [7/10], in the evening.

June 5, 2003
    I went to Assiniboia today and tried a new restaurant.  It wasn't that great and the food wasn't cheap enough.  The search continues.
    I been burning backup CDs, and trying new things with the computer.  I'm looking for an ATI all-in-wonder just because I think that is the next logical upgrade to my super-duper computer.

June 10, 2003
    Hugh is visiting from Toronto.  He arrived yesterday, when Mom met him and Brian in Moose Jaw.  This means that I'm sleeping on the fold-out couch again, since we have two guests over.

Fire pit
    I've started biking a few miles a day, so that my legs are in good enough shape at the end of the month for walking around towns and cities.  Yesterday, I also fixed two computers, after not seeing a new one in the time that I've been here.  When it rains, it pours...
CFB Moose Jaw air base
June 12, 2003
    I was in Regina today with Mom, dropping off Hugh and applying for passports.  They moved the office to Albert Street, so we saved our parking space by walking the 6 blocks.  There is a great veiw of Taylor Field and Albert St. from the 5th floor of the tower the office was in.  I had poutine at Burger King for supper, and bought new shoes at Footlocker to replace my 3+ year old Nike Airs.
    There was a softball game in Limerick which we watched the end of.  I took a picture of the pitcher making a catch while the first base player collided with her.  Both of them forgot to call it, but neither were hurt and the pitcher made the catch.
June 14, 2003
    I bought a few things on eBay today in preparation of my trip across Canada. Have a look at my HTML tutorial.

June 18, 2003
    I won an auction for a new video card today for my old computer.  I also went biking again, and listed some items on eBay.

June 23, 2003
    I went to the States today, and picked up a few packages waiting there.  The nice road in Montana was torn up to be resurfaced.  It's funny because it was in better shape than all the road to the States from here.
    This morning I cut the grass and trees on the way to the Post Office.  It now requires less "ducking" and weaving to avoid branches hitting me in the head.

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