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April 19, 2002
 I didn't do too bad a job this time [on my haircut].  The only thing is that I didn't cut any of the hair on the top, so it is still too long.  Now that I'm biking it would be better to have it short for the helmet wearing.
    I went to a documentary film about the American movie industry, with Denis tonight.  It was pretty funny, and informative.  I haven't decided if I'll go to the IMAXes tomorrow.  I might watch a movie at home or just go shopping at Walmart.  I have to stock up on video tape for all the new Star Trek comming up.  I have a friend who is counting on me to tape those, as they are not blessed with cable channels that rock.

April 20, 2002
    Well I woke up and looked at the eBay message board I've been posting to, and found a post about a man who survived the September 11th attacks by mere minutes.  He has let the event stir up a hatred for like-minded terrorists, but unfortunately also for innocent people only associated with the terrorists by proximity, and not by thought or action.
    Americans can be ignorant and cold to world issues and foreign suffering at the best of times, but grief only seems to magnify the problem.  I do believe that a war was required due to those tragic events, but advocating the death of innocents who get in the way, whether American or not is still wrong.  We are fortunate that our super-power to the south is well intentioned, but they move with the grace of a drunken elephant trying to help a mouse-sized-democracy safely across the street.  9 times out of 10 they will accidentally crush the mouse before they make it, and then try and cover up the damage with a puppet-mouse (or they simply rUN), before they stumble away back to their peanuts and beer.
    The only consolation I take from Sept. 11 is that it has led to the destruction of the Taliban, and accelerated the freedom of the innocents in Afghanistan.  I do not hold high hopes for the oppressed in Israel, however.  The American people (and the world in general) stand by while Palestinian refugees make charges of genocide against Israeli soldiers.  Although I doubt most of the killings went unprovoked, it is still tragic that the area was allowed to deteriorate as it has.  The latest crop of suicide bombers are about my age, and have grown up in the most politically confusing area in the world to me.  It is no wonder that only 13% of Canadians have taken a side, while the rest choose not to.  No one understands who is the instigator in the fight, and that is the problem.  The fight is so old and senseless that it doesn't matter who started it.  They act like red-necked Europeans who hate the people from the town down the road because their grand-pappy hated the town down the road.  The Yugoslavian war criminal on the run, R. Karadicz (spelling?) came from a town where most people are his relatives.  They are so inbred that they would make a Confederate town of the old South, queasy.  Why don't people "get out more"? Sheesh!
    Americans (and even many Canadians) are guilty of "pot calling the kettle black".  This is the story of the smoked hash teasing a kettle left in the fire.  The burnt hash was just as black, but it didn't see that it was just the same colour. [Actually that isn't the story, but what is a good political story these days without mentioning the debate on marijuana?]  Anyway, some Americans including the hateful one that incited this essay, don't notice that they blame civilians who sit on their butt while their leaders allow atrocities.  "What is the difference if some Afghans wind up dead?  They didn't try to stop the Taliban or Bin Laden!"  The problem with this thinking is that Americans (and even Canadians) sit on their behinds while their leaders make big mistakes too.  We don't even punish our bad leaders at the polls, so why should Afghans risk their death or torture to overthrow their tyrants?  The person holding the upper hand has to make sacrifices and call a situation even.  The person without the upper hand has nothing left to sacrifice, but their pride or life.  Suicide bombers have lost their pride, and take their life in a futile gesture to get their pride back.  If developed nations helped war torn countries gain the stability they need, then those bombers would have a reason to have pride in their nation, and have absolutely no twisted-excuse left to kill others.  Then terrorism would be more clear cut.

    Well that is all I really have to say on that for now.  It may be obvious that I'm not a fan of the death penalty either.  Maybe that should be my next rant...
    Hmm, it is after 12:00.  I guess I should go have lunch now. Then I have a whole afternoon to figure out what to do with my evening.
April 23, 2002
    It's a Tuesday, so it was Denis' sports night.  I went to the basketball court with him and two of his buddies, and we played 4 on 4 with another group that was already on "our" court.  By the end of the Summer it will be our court, anyway.  I'll have to get better shoes and socks for it though, since my feet now have small blisters on the bottom. Ouch!
    I am playing with my new digital camera.  I'll have pictures up soon, so stay in touch.  I don't worry about saying I have a new camera on the Internet where anyone can read it, since I have a guard dog in the house all day. Disney is his name, and barking at strangers and friends alike is his game.
    Now I have to do some bus route planning for tomorrow...

[April 24, 2002 inserted at a later date]
    Saw the Senators kick the Flyers around to a 3-0 win.  My camera got some much needed exercise.
Corel Center Me at the Corel.
Oates in the coner, and Salo 5 watching a penalty. Lonestar party
5 Salo tries to break up the fight, while 77 Adam Oates circles. My new job party at the Lonestar restaurant.

[May 4, 2002 inserted at a later date]
    Got back from Regina today.  Have a booligazilion pictures to put up, but that is for another day.  Saw Spiderman yesterday and it was quite good, 'cept for the 5 minutes of girly sappy stuff.
Looking North West from the bus on Elgin.
From Hull
From Hull, by the Museum of Civilization.
The big Guy works here. New $10 anyone?
Nice shot of the rear end of Parliament, huh?
Also on the holgramed $20The biggest Court in the land.

May 10, 2002
    I've been on eBay for a month now and I guess updating this page has kind of slipped to the back burner.  This is a post on the eBay board, in response to a gun lover who takes "right to bare arms" to the extreme:
    Hi, here goes my rant,
    Canada was a country born being concerned with the expansionist States pushing west quickly just south of our easily culturally divided areas.  While American citizens codified a right to beat the British away, Canadians were only worried about beating away the Americans.  A civil war (no doubt prolonged by rampant civilian gun ownership) had just divided Americans, and hence the Canadian government was created with a different federal structure to try and avoid this.  People here are allowed to own guns, and for your point to make sense that citizens with guns can defend themselves from authorities, then what does it matter if the government "knows" who has them?  Are guns going to be able to stop the government from encroaching on your property, or not?!  Trust me, if the government wanted to take your guns, there is nothing short of a prolonged hostage situation that would delay them.
    The government has always in any society been ultimately for protection from alien governments.  When the government turns bad, and elections fail, guns may be the first answer, but people-power not fire-power is the only solution.  If France's civilians had been better armed would Hitler have been able to last in France for years?  Of course.  The Nazis would have been wounded, but they would only come away with those weapons, after those trained soldiers dispatched the untrained French rebellion.  The occupation of Europe might not have happened if North Americans had stood up to racist people on the other side of the world BEFORE millions started to die.  Today, Canadians have the RIGHT to Peace, Order, and GOOD government.  You have the right to bear arms.  Well it is cold here in Canada, and trust me, bare arms get cold in the Winter, but peace never gets unpleasant ;-)
    I know it is baffling to know that some people don't want a gun in every home, and a wild west feel on the streets, but the NRA attitude isn't for everyone.  Heck, don't you think you could be a little more concerned with the REALLY messed up people in the world that feel they should kill hundreds of people and themselves to make the world a better place?
    Here's an idea.  Lets give the civilians of Afghanistan guns, so that if their government turns corrupt after the US pulls out (Never trust the "pull-out method" to be effective.) then they can take care of themselves. Hmmm. Think it will work?  Has it EVER worked?  Stability and security doesn't come from guns alone, it comes from stable and secure people, of whom North Americans are blessed with some of the best.
Well what do you think? Have some fun at and check it out.
    Ah, night has fallen, and tomorrow is a Saturday.  What to do what to do?

May 12, 2002
    I spent yesterday out on the town(s).  I went to Hull to see the IMAX movie "The Human Body".  It was good, but not great.  I'll see it again sometime just because my IMAX pass is still good for many months.  I have high hopes that the next movie batch released after June will contain one about the International Space Station.
    I got another memory card for my camera, so I took tons of pictures yesterday.  Now I just need to sort out the best ones, decrease the file sizes and post them on my web site for others to admire.
I can see my old house from here!

Hamilton. Mmmm, dirty!

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