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Two-Piece Takedown Recurve

~Autumn~ Takedown Recurve

We designed the ~Autumn~ Two-piece Takedown Recurve with the same ideals in our longbows. The Autumn Takedown Recurve is stable, fast and not too heavy and bulky to carry in the woods. We combined the qualities of both the longbow and the recurve together to get a bow that can get the job done! The ~Autumn~ Recurve is a semi-recurve thereby making it very stable in the tips so it's not too sensitive to shoot. Itís modified limb style and handle design make it a smooth and fast bow.

The ~Autumn~ Recurve also comes in the straight longbow handle or in the pistol grip style handle as well. We use the same takedown steel sleeve handle design as in our other ~Autumn~ Bows and the same wood choices.

For more information about our ~AUTUMN~ Bows contact:

Kramer Archery
PO Box 551 Troy Mt. 59935
Phone 406-295-5872

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