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Takedown Recurve
Takedown Longbow
Bamboo Cane Quiver
Reverse Handle
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Kootenai Falls 5 miles from Kramer Archery
Kootenai Falls Only 5 Miles away from the Kramer Archery Shop

Longbows, Recurves &
Two-Piece Takedowns

Autumn Bow Line up
From Left to Right
Straight Handle Recurve, Takedown Recurve, Pistol Grip Handle Recurve, Reverse Handle Pistol Grip Long Bow, Takedown Longbow, Regular Handle Longbow

Kramer Archery Company nestled in at the north end of the beautiful Bull Lake Valley next to the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness in NW Montana. We are dedicated to building the finest shooting bows available for a reasonable price. Our ~Autumn~ longbows & recurves are designed with the hunter and the traditional archer in mind; they are stable to shoot and smooth to draw with little or no stacking; they shoot a heavy hunting arrow with ease assuring good penetration & accuracy.

For more information about our ~AUTUMN~ Bows contact:

Kramer Archery
PO Box 551 Troy Mt. 59935
Phone 406-295-5872

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