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The ~Autumn~ Longbow

Osage Limb & Tip Center Bamboo Limbs & Shedua Handle
Left Osage Limbs and Bubinga Handle, Right Bamboo and Bunginga Handle

The Straight Handle Traditional ~Autumn~ Longbow

The ~Autumn~ Straight Handle Longbow is a traditional bow in every sense; it has the sleek and graceful lines of a traditional bow with a slight backset and the look of polished wood.

The ~Autumn~ Longbow is fast and can handle a heavy hunting arrow with no trouble. It's not whipped tipped making it sensitive, nor does it have a stiff limb but a gentle flowing arc that makes the ~Autumn~ Longbow smooth and easy to draw and shoot.

It's a very dependable bow for hunting and recreational shooting, it is light in the hand so if you're looking for a truly traditional longbow this one is it!

The ~Autumn~ Longbow & Recurve can be ordered in Osage Orange, Bamboo, Red Elm, Yew, and Hard Rock Maple. A choice of clear, black, white or brown glass.

We use a very strong, durable epoxy finish on all our bows that won't check or peel, it is unaffected by most common solvents and resists abrasions. Our finish comes with a UV light inhibitor additive so it won't yellow much with age and protects the wood from sun damage.

Bow Length: Longbow, Takedown Longbow, Reverse Handle, Reverse Pistol Grip Handle can be ordered in 64" to 70" lengths; the Recurve, Takedown Recurve and the Pistol Grip recurve come in 66" or 62" length.

For more information about our ~AUTUMN~ Bows contact:

Kramer Archery
PO Box 551 Troy Mt. 59935
Phone 406-295-5872

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