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British Columbia Back Country

Members Tips
General Vehicle Tips

David Fawcett-Trailmaster...
Here are some of Daves general vehicle tips...Enjoy!


Set tire pressure for certain terrains...
It is always important to set the proper tire pressure so that you will not get a flat or get stuck in some mud when you dont have to.
Tire pressure (Lower) gives you more surface coverage than with fully inflated tires.

Tire Pressure (Terrain)

Mud Terrain
15-20 Psi
32-35 Psi
25-30 Psi
15-20 Psi


Suspension Linkage Breaks...You don't want these to happen to you in the bush!

Common breaks include sway bar links, contol arms, rocker pannels, steering linkage


Always have a trusted spotter to get out and watch the bad terrain that you are travelling over...P.S. Never have a spotter that you can not trust or doesn't know what they are looking for.



Always check the mountain conditions before heading up...The weather changes instantly whithout you even knowing it!
Check out the local WEATHER before heading up.
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Off Roading In British Columbia

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