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British Columbia
Back Country

Infiniti Qx4
Today is April 4,2000. We would love and appreciate people who have four wheel vehicles to join us in our future quests. Preferrably folks who are in the vacinity of the southwest region of British Columbia, Canada. If you could write to us as soon as possible--British Columbia Back Country--it would be greatly appreciated. It would be wise and nice if we could all find a place to meet and bring this agenda forward or I will e-mail all of you some of the ideas that we could put into fact. I hope that we will meet many new members and they too can bring along their expertice and suggestions. New members would be
Lincoln Navigator
more than welcome to plan some future trips and other programs that could be involved with our over all achievements. There is no cost to you to join. It is a social gathering of four wheel junkies like myself to get a way from the every day hastles of city of urban life. I am truly excited about the adventures that are in store for us and would love to share it with other people who maybe for the same reason would come along.
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Off Roading In British Columbia

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