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British Columbia Back Country

This is where you get to say what you think about our site, your offroading adventures and your future adventures!!!

Just email us British Columbia Back Country your quote and we will be glad to post it up on this page. Just remember to keep it clean and enjoy your 4x4ing experiences.

Readers Quotes

"sweet web page! Finally, you got the pictures up and running. Its getting better and better. I like all the new features you have like the tips and this reader corner section. Keep up the good work"

-Justin M

"I wanted to say that I think it is awesome. I lived in British Columbia, Canada all my life and 2 years ago joined the US Marine Corps, now I live in Virginia where the scenery sucks butt. It's nice to see pictures of home when I get home sick, and the ones you have are so amazing. They are also great braging rights, to my American friends here, to prove to them that Canada, especially B.C. is a beautiful place. Keep up the great work"

- Dawn

"Hi,my name is Dave Fawcett. I own a 97 Jeep TJ, it is red with a soft top, I Have done a few modifications to it...I have rear taillight grille type guards. And the transfer case is not stock it is a dana 60 with 4:10 gearing. Thats why my Jeep kicks ass so bad......I have a lot of experiance off roading, I have been at it for almost five years now since I first got my jeep, and I feel I would make a great contribution to the club. I have no fear with my jeep and will take it anywhere till she gets stuck then dig her out.I have many many many many many many many many many many many off roading stories to tell all the little children and would love to publish them on your web site so that one day they will all want to be a bad a** trailmaster like myself.Thank you for your time"
-David F

PT Cruiser

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