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Storme Millennium Quilt



Click on a square to visit another site's quilt.

If you'd like to exchange a square and link,

send your info through the email link below. 

We have just started our new quilt site and index here.

Continue on to Storme Millennium Quilt II

or Storme Millennium Quilt III.


If you'd like to exchange squares or wish to link to my site, you can use the square below

and link to this page

or our main page.

You can also exchange a square for the cat's site above too.

The cat has a Halloween one and one for her garden.

Please send squares 130 by 130.


I've been adding more squares, as I make them for other quilts.

Some are without names and if you want to copy them for

your quilt like the Birthday or Summer one, just let me know, thanks.


Below are squares without my name if you want to add yours

or another graphic to place on my quilt.


  Please visit My Quilt Exchange, where there are many quilt squares

made by me for your quilts or to exchange.


Remember to right click and save the graphic to your computer, cd or disk.


We'd love to share a quilt square with you.

Just send your info through the email link below along with your URL.


St. Patrick's is being celebrated at The Wearing of the Green Quilt.

and Wearin' of the Green Quilt 2

Celebrate Valentine's at our Storme Valentine Quilt

and Storme Valentine Quilt II

and Storme Valentine III Quilt - 2006


New Year's Quilt 2006

New Year's Quilt 2005

Holiday Quilt

Holiday Quilt 2

Christmas Santa Quilt -New 2005

Christmas Nativity Quilt - New 2005

Autumn Quilt

Celebrity Quilt

Halloween Quilt - New 2005


Garden of Friendship Name Quilt

Garden of Friendship Name Quilt 2


A Quilt with squares from Garden of Friendship Members is

at  Millennium Friendship Garden Quilt


Garden of Friendship 5th Birthday Celebration Quilt

Birthday Quilt 2003 from the Garden of Friendship

Birthday Quilt 2005 from the Garden of Friendship Quilter's Club.

Anniversary 2005 and 2005 Quilt.

Birthday 2005

Quilter's club Birthday 05 quilt

Birthday 2006


  If we are missing your link  to your quilt, please let us know,

so we can add your link.

Send your link to Mysty's Mail.

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I am a Proud Member of the Garden of Friendship Quilters Club.



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Our quilt was updated on June 11, 2008.

  Our quilt is at Angelfire.