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Happy Halloween!



May the fun and spirit of sharing during Halloween be with you throughout the year!




Our adoptions come from the Garden of Friendship's Halloween 2004 event.



Halloween Card Page to share

Our Main Quilt and Quilt Index is at Storme Millennium Quilt

 My Quilt Exchange has  quilt squares made by me are for your quilts or to exchange.


Autumn Quilt

Holiday Quilt --- Holiday Quilt 2

Storme Millennium Quilt II

Storme Millennium Quilt III

Celebrity Quilt

Wearin' of the Green Quilt

Storme Valentine Quilt   - Valentine Quilt II

New Year's Quilt

Birthday Quilt from the Garden of Friendship

Millennium Friendship Garden Quilt

Garden of Friendship 5th Birthday Quilt

GOF Quilter's Name Quilt  ---  Name Quilt 2

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Our quilt was restitched on November 1, 2005.