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Special Thanks to Deelight for making

the beautiful background set.

Thanks so much to the Garden of Frienship Quilters Club for their lovely work and hearts!

My Main Quilt page is at  Storme Millennium Quilt

Site Index is at Storme Millennium Index.

Garden of Friendship Name Quilt

Garden of Friendship Quilters - Name Quilt 2

Millennium Friendship Garden Quilt features GOF Quilter's Club Members

squares also.

Birthday Quilt from the Garden of Friendship

The Garden graciously created 2003  Birthday and Anniversary pages for us.

Please visit my 2004  Birthday or Anniversary pages and see the beautiful work they do!

Anniversary 2005 and 2005 Quilt.

Birthday 2005

Birthday 2006


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Our quilt was refreshed on June 11, 2008.