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The unofficial Homepage of

Thanks to , the premeire website for classic Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling "afficianados", for originally (I assume) making these great clips available on the internet.

To download the following clips, right-click on the link, then choose your browser's "Save As" function.(Please note that these files may be rather large in size!)

These 3 audio files feature one of The Masked Superstar & Boris Malenko's first interviews in the Mid-Atlantic area in 1976. Superstar not only offers to unmask upon being beaten, but Malenko offers $5000 to anyone who hands The Masked Superstar a loss.
Superstar & Malenko interview1.mp3 587kb
Superstar & Malenko interview2.mp3 446kb
Superstar & Malenko interview3.mp3 279kb

These 3 mpeg video files feature Les Thatcher interviewing The Masked Superstar and Boris Malenko regarding Superstar's grinding Malenko's "victory cigar" into The Mighty Igor's eyes,igniting one of Mid-Atlantic Wrestling's hottest feuds of 1977.
Masked Superstar-Boris Malenko1.mpeg 3.8MB
Masked Superstar-Boris Malenko2.mpeg 4.1MB
Masked Superstar-Boris Malenko3.mpeg 2.2MB

The following 4 audio files feature The Masked Superstar and announcer Bob Caudle discussing videotape of Superstar assaulting and cutting the hair of arch rival, "Number One", Paul Jones.
Masked Superstar-Paul Jones1.mp3 265kb
Masked Superstar-Paul Jones2.mp3 343kb
Masked Superstar-Paul Jones3.mp3 453kb
Masked Superstar-Paul Jones4.mp3 169kb

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