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As you all know, "Masked Superstar" Bill Eadie now has his official website, , as well as his website through the Georgia Wrestling History website. As a result, updates here will be few and far between from this point forward. I highly suggest you refer to Mr. Eadie's official websites for information on his comings and goings, appearances, his upcoming WWE Classics action figures, his book, fundraising efforts, and so much more.

I sincerely apperciate the time you have all taken to check this site out, and took the time to send me your feedback, good and bad. Many thanks go out to Bill Eadie himself, who took the time to write me and express his appreciation for the site and his amazement that so many years later, he is still so admired and respected within the business. Thank you, Bill, for all the enjoyment and memories you have provided to your fans. You are truly a class act!

Now on to the show....

This site is dedicated to one of the greatest wrestlers to ever grace the squared circle, Bill Eadie. As The Masked Superstar, he wrote the book on how to be a true man of mystery. As Demolition Ax, he excelled at his craft in an orginization where size and marketibility reigned over actual wrestling skill. All the while, he proved himself to be one of wrestling's greatest masked competitors, half of one of the better tag teams of the 80's, and by far one of wrestling's most talented superstars.

If any information within seems inaccurate, or if there's something you would like to see included, please e-mail me. My contact info is at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for visiting!

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*This website was not prepared with Bill Eadie's consent, although he has seen it and really, really likes it. Most images shown were pulled from various sources on the internet. Please e-mail me if you own any images displayed, but would rather not have them used on this website.