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The unofficial Homepage of

One of the best, most comprehensive websites I've ever seen, dedicated to "classic" Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling. Features include messageboards, old newspaper articles, photo albums, theme music downloads, extensive title histories, month-by-month "almanacs" and much, much more. Highly recommended!

The official homepage of "The Russian Bear". Once one of wrestling's most hated men, Ivan now preaches the gospel and along with Ted DiBiase, "Mr. Wrestling" Tim Woods, and Nikita Koloff, is a driving force behind the Power Wrestling Alliance.

The most in-depth & reliable wrestling newsletter makes it's presence known on the web. Updated several times daily, The Wrestling Observer keeps you up to date with everything in the wrestling world.

The ultimate website for fans of wrestling "the way it used to be", main feature are the tons of vintage wrestling videos that are available for sale.

Power Wrestling Alliance Website - One of the few Christian-based wrestling promotions around, the PWA features such greats as Ivan Koloff, Nikita Koloff, and "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Most PWA shows feature wrestling as well as inspirational and religious sermons.

Jimmy Valiant Official Website -The official website of wrestling's "Boogie Woogie Man", this website chronicles Jimmy's decades-long career and heavily pushes "Boogies' Training Camp" wrestling school. This site features tons of wrestling t-shirts, replica belts, and action figures. Most notable for it's "Legends of Professional Wrestling" action figures (OK, there's an Ox Baker action figure, but no Masked Superstar?:). This site features the best of the worst. Some of the , well, crappiest gimmicks to ever see the light of day are featured on this website. Whether it's Oz, the Ding Dongs, Brother Love, The Black Scorpion, Doink the Clown, Big Bully Busick, the list is virtually endless , and they are all featured here.

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