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Travel, Vacations and Cruises

This travel section is not complete yet. I wasn't going to link it until I get it all finished. But since I only have 4 more trips to write about, I'll go ahead and do it now. Please understand that this is a work in process and I haven't proofread it or anything yet.

Trips I've Taken

Cable Beach Resort, Nassau the Bahamas

Cunard Countess 2 week Caribbean Cruises - Three times

Cancun Mexico - 2 weeks

Torremelinos, Costa Del Sol, Spain - Twice

RCL Crown Odyssey 2 week Caribbean Cruise

Commodore Enchanted Isle Mexican Riveria Cruise

Lake Tahoe, Nevada

We love to travel. We have taken a lot of cruises and seen dozens of countries. If you take a two week cruise you can expect to see about 9 different countries. Cruising is the only way to travel. Your airfare, meals, and entertainment are all included. It is really cheaper than staying in one place and paying for meals and entertainment seperately. We like to go on smaller ships of about 700 passengers. The big ones hold 2500 or more. Have you ever tried to feed 2500 people 6 meals a day? You know that quality and presentation are going to be sacrificed. If you go on a smaller ship you will find much friendlier staff and much more personal service. Also you don't have 2499 other people ahead of you in line for everything.

We have been to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Mexico, and New England on cruises. We want to go to Alaska or Hawaii next. Most of our crazy Meck Adventures happen on these trips. Some things are unbelievable but they really happened.

Do all these things happen to everyone, or is it just us?

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