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Cunard Countess Caribbean Cruises

We took a 2 week cruise on The Cunard Countess. We flew to Puerto Rico and cruised directly to Venezula. It was December and we had extremely rough seas. We encountered some waves as high as 30 feet! Half of the passengers did not show up for dinner that night. The captain came around to all the tables and asked everyone to please go directly to their cabins after dinner that we were going to really hit some rough weather ahead. Our first cruise! Wow, it was a night to remember - I can tell you that. We survived the night without casualty. We saw some very nice places all over the Eastern and Western Caribbean. I'm not exactly sure but I think we visited, Antiqua, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Tortola, Guadeloupe, and Martinque on these trips.

The cruise director was a multi-talented performer and puppeteer. There were two other performers named Juan and Beverly on board and they were awfully nice.

We liked it so much we went back two more times. The last time Juan and Beverly were the cruise directors. Juan is a very funny man. Beverly sings beautifully. They a do spanish dance act. One day we happened to be on deck in the hot tub when Juan set up his microphone and began to organize pool games. Juan coaxed my sister into joining in.

He of course knew us pretty well by then. There was diving for spoons and various other games. My sister swims like a fish and had won 3 bottles of champagne. I just kept lining them up on the edge of the hot tub. All the excitement had drawn quite a crowd, a fact that my sister had not noticed. Juan took a huge net bag full of multi-colored, tennis size, vinyl balls and dumped them all in the pool. The surface was just about covered with floating balls. Then he explained that the one who got the most balls into their bathing suit won the final game. There were about 10 people playing.

He blew the whistle and the frenzy began. They started stuffing and stuffing. Balls were popping out as they stuffed new ones in. It was so funny. The crowd continued to build on the decks overlooking the pool. The players were oblivious. The family was cheering. Finally there were no more balls left floating. Juan began to call the players out one by one. They reached into their suits and pulled out the balls. The crowd counted them off.

The boys didn't really have a chance, 14 or 15 that's about it. Then the skinny woman with a bikini, no way. Next the women with one piece suits. They are reaching down, yanking out, twisting and manuvering to get these balls out. Juan is looking and making faces about where their pulling them out of. One woman had about 36. My sister kept trying to get out of the pool next but Juan kept saying no, you stay in there.

Then finally, she was the only one left in the pool and he said, "OK, NOW YOU." She got out of the pool and her suit was bulging in every direction. She was huge! She starting fishing out those balls and Juan kept counting and counting, 36, 37, 38, no end in sight. She just kept pulling them out. She had 52 balls in her bathing suit! Then she twitched, wiggled, made a face, Juan made a face and she pulled out another ball! 53 balls! There were hundreds of people lining the rails on 3 decks looking down at this spectacle. She of course won a forth bottle of champagne! From that point on, everybody on the ship recognized us in elevators, at dinner, on shore, everywhere! Everybody just loved it. They kept saying we were such great sports. That was so much fun.

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